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Cato - Subject of one of plutarch's 'lives'

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Cato - Subject of one of plutarch's 'lives' Cato - Roman called 'the elder' Cato - Either of two roman statesmen Cato - Plutarch biographical subject Cato - Roman philosopher Cato - 'elder' or 'younger' roman Cato - Censor of 51-down Cato - 'lydia' poet Cato - ___ institute (libertarian think tank) Cato - 'praecepta' author Cato - 'carthage must be destroyed!' proclaimer Cato - Roman statesman Cato - 'carthage must be destroyed' speaker Cato - Roman called 'the censor' Cato - "the elder" of history Cato - Roman statesman and moralist Cato - "the elder" of rome Cato - 'origines' author Cato - Ancient roman censor Cato - Roman statesman called "the censor" Cato - "lydia" poet Cato - Denouncer of caesar, 63 b.c Cato - Roman orator Cato - ___ the elder (roman statesman) Cato - Roman called "the elder" Cato - "the elder" roman statesman Cato - Enemy of carthage Cato - Roman statesman and writer Cato - Opponent of caesar Cato - Foe of caesar Cato - Censor of ancient rome Cato - Famed roman censor Cato - Roman censor Cato - Stoic philosopher Cato - The censor of rome Cato - "the censor" of rome Cato - 'the censor' of ancient rome Cato - "elder" statesman of rome Cato - Roman statesman ___ the elder Cato - Stoic statesman who opposed caesar Cato - “the censor” of rome Cato - Roman called the elder Cato - "carthage must be destroyed" roman Cato - Ancient roman statesman Cato - Roman who declared 'carthage must be destroyed' Cato - Caesar rival Cato - Julius caesar opponent Cato - Orator of old rome Cato - "elder" or "younger" roman statesman Cato - Statesman who sought carthage's destruction Cato - 'the censor' of rome Cato - "the censor" of old rome Cato - "origines" author Cato - Tenacious roman senator Cato - Proponent of carthage's destruction Cato - ___ institute (charles koch's think tank) Cato - Roman writer Cato - 'elder' or 'younger' roman statesman Cato - Brutus' uncle Cato - Roman historian Cato - Censor of old rome Cato - 'the elder' of rome Cato - Roman 'censor' Cato - 'censor' of rome Cato - The beast that gets nothing from a stern old roman Cato - Seems there was nothing feline about that severe old roman Cato - He opposed caesar Cato - Historic "elder" statesman Cato - Ancient roman turncoat Cato - Whip old roman statesman Cato - Censor part of tosca, repeatedly Cato - Censor of rome Cato - Koch think tank name Cato - Julius caesar antagonist Cato - Vocal critic of caesar Cato - 'carthago delenda est' speaker Cato - '___, a tragedy' (joseph addison play set in ancient rome) Cato - Tom loves second roman writer Cato - Turn-coat old statesman Cato - Whip given to old statesman Cato - Marcus porcius - , roman politician, censor Cato - Whip-round for classical writer Cato - Foremost of censors and top orators? Cato - Turncoat roman censor Cato - Queen's love for roman statesman? Cato - A brief time in company of addison's noble roman Cato - Roman statesman a turncoat Cato - Punic war agitator Cato - Marcus porcius -- , opponent of caesar Cato - A roman censor caught at love-making! Cato - Turncoat old roman Cato - Turncoat censor Cato - Whip-round for an old roman Cato - Roman statesman gives tom nothing Cato - Roman statesman, known as the censor Cato - -- the elder or -- the censor, roman statesman, orator and writer 234-149bc Cato - Whip-round for famous orator Cato - Caesar opponent Cato - Marcus porcius --, opponent of caesar Cato - ___ institute (d.c. think tank) Cato - Roman statesman called 'the censor' Cato - 'elder' roman Cato - Understood Cato - Roman statesman known as 'the censor' Cato - Tenacious foe of julius caesar Cato - Conservative senator of antiquity Cato - Censor and tenacious orator originally Cato - Who wrote 'wise men learn more from fools than fools from the wise' Cato - Reformer of ancient rome Cato - Julius caesar foe Cato - 'elder' roman statesman Cato - 'carthage must be destroyed' proclaimer Cato - Stoic politician of ancient rome Cato - Stoic politician of ancient rome