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Alit - Settled, in a way

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  • Alit - Letter on A
  • 1 - st. word A
  • 2 - st. word L
  • 3 - st. word I
  • 4 - st. word T

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Alit - Settled, in a way Alit - Settled, as on a perch Alit - Dismounted Alit - Settled Alit - Touched the tarmac Alit - Got down Alit - Made it to the ground Alit - Came down to earth Alit - Set down Alit - Touched down Alit - De-bused, e.g Alit - Reached terra firma Alit - Landed (on) Alit - Settled down Alit - Settled (on) Alit - Came down Alit - Deplaned Alit - Hit the helipad Alit - Came to a perch Alit - Detrained, e.g Alit - Got off Alit - Came to rest Alit - Stepped down Alit - Detrained Alit - Disembarked Alit - Landed Alit - Returned to earth Alit - Got off a horse Alit - Landed after flying Alit - Reached ground Alit - Came to earth Alit - Reached dulles successfully Alit - Hit the ground Alit - Touched ground Alit - Parted company with a horse Alit - Settled onto a branch Alit - Used the jetway Alit - Landed lightly Alit - Came to roost Alit - Came in for a landing Alit - Returned to the perch Alit - Hit the roof? Alit - Hit terra firma Alit - Did a dismount Alit - Ended a flight Alit - Reached dulles, e.g Alit - Hit the runway softly Alit - Came down from one’s high horse? Alit - Came to rest on a wire, e.g Alit - Hit the deck, maybe Alit - Reached the tarmac Alit - Finished a sky dive Alit - Got off a horse, e.g Alit - Landed, in a way Alit - Came down, as on a perch Alit - Descended Alit - Deplaned, e.g Alit - Settled upon the earth Alit - Quit flying, e.g Alit - Perched Alit - Got off the bus Alit - Hopped off Alit - Settled onto a branch, e.g Alit - Stopped flying Alit - Made a landing Alit - Stepped off Alit - Made a touchdown Alit - Reached the runway Alit - Settled down? Alit - Settled on the ground Alit - Got off a broomstick Alit - Found a perch Alit - Came down and settled Alit - Flew to earth Alit - Reached dulles Alit - Debused, e.g Alit - Came back to earth Alit - Completed hang gliding Alit - Came down (on) Alit - Finished parasailing, e.g Alit - Put down Alit - Finished hang gliding Alit - Debused Alit - Came to the ground Alit - Touched the ground Alit - Settled on a branch, as a bird Alit - Touched the ground, as a plane landing Alit - Got back on the ground Alit - Settled on a branch Alit - Made it to the ground safely Alit - Settled on a branch, say Alit - Hopped off the train Alit - Landed on a leaf, e.g Alit - Reached the nest Alit - Came to land Alit - Landed on a perch Alit - Got off one's high horse? Alit - Came down, as onto a perch Alit - Came down tail first Alit - Landed, as on a branch Alit - Dismounted, as a horse Alit - Got down the catalogue of those coming first, not second Alit - Came down from one's high horse? Alit - Finished parasailing Alit - Found the ground Alit - Hit the tarmac, e.g Alit - Detrained, say Alit - Finished a gymnastics routine Alit - Settled down on a branch, as a bird Alit - Past-tense verb that is the same as its present-tense form minus the fourth and fifth letters Alit - Came down on a branch, say Alit - Finished a skydive Alit - Finished hang-gliding Alit - Ended a descent Alit - Came down to the ground Alit - Finished a flight Alit - Came back down Alit - Landed in central italy Alit - Having reduced height, one's come in and landed Alit - Settled area initially lacking appeal Alit - Landed on the runway Alit - Rested from flight Alit - Got off the bus, e.g Alit - Landed, as a bird Alit - Touched town Alit - Got off the horse Alit - Went from saddle to street Alit - Left the saddle Alit - Got off the plane, e.g Alit - Reached a perch Alit - Stepped onto the tarmac, say Alit - Cheered after activists' leader got off Alit - Got down to earth Alit - Stopped winging it? Alit - Ended a skydive Alit - Finished flitting around, say Alit - Landed on a branch Alit - Settled on the tarmac Alit - Landed, as a falcon Alit - Reached the ground safely Alit - Touched terra firma Alit - Dismounted from a horse Alit - Settled on a rail Alit - Arrived at a heliport, say Alit - Got off a train, e.g Alit - Hit the dirt? Alit - Got out of the sleigh, say Alit - Arrived, in a way Alit - Landed on a branch, say