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Elects - Appoints by ballot Elects - Appoints democratically Elects - Appoints through ballot Elects - Appoints through voting system Elects - Appoints to office through ballot Elects - Appoints to position in ballot Elects - Appoints via he ballot box Elects - Chews as one does, by the sound of it Elects - Chews the sound of it for returns Elects - Chews this is what one does, by the sound of it Elects - Chooses Elects - Chooses (to) Elects - Chooses about a hundred bits of steel Elects - Chooses by ballot Elects - Chooses by vote Elects - Chooses by voting Elects - Chooses for office Elects - Chooses nellie's cat as regularly as possible Elects - Chooses to put up with son, changing sides Elects - Chooses wiring without leads to run in conduits Elects - Decides Elects - Gets into a seat Elects - Gives the most votes Elects - Goes for Elects - How one chooses to put one hundred in steel Elects - How one has the choice of about fifty bits of steel Elects - Not the 23 down sort of returns that one chooses Elects - One does this for 6 down Elects - One gets steel about a hundred by choice Elects - Opts for Elects - Picks Elects - Picks out Elects - Picks via ballot Elects - Provides a seat for Elects - Provides with an office Elects - Puts in Elects - Puts in office Elects - Puts in office by ballot Elects - Puts in, in a way Elects - Puts into office Elects - Puts into position, in a way Elects - Puts into power Elects - Puts on a board Elects - Returns select order Elects - Returns to select ground Elects - Returns with about a hundred bits of steel Elects - Select fluid for what 22 across does Elects - Selects by a vote Elects - Selects by ballot Elects - Sends mr. smith to washington? Elects - Sends to congress Elects - Sends to the hill Elects - Sends to washington Elects - Settles on, in a way Elects - So one chooses to put a hundred into steel Elects - Sound as if what one does is chews it Elects - Successfully picks as president Elects - Takes Elects - The spanish, etc., confused by society returns Elects - Votes for Elects - Votes in Elects - Votes into office