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Regiment - Organize rigidly

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Regiment - Organize rigidly Regiment - Army unit Regiment - Infantry unit Regiment - More than a battalion Regiment - Tim green belongs to a ___ Regiment - Given a little tea, that diet will do for the army Regiment - I am in there in the army with the ruler for the time being around Regiment - There's a diet with a little tea in the army Regiment - Unit of the army Regiment - Military unit Regiment - Troop group Regiment - Group of battalions Regiment - Force under colonel Regiment - Organise; army unit Regiment - Army grouping Regiment - Army group Regiment - Organise this person to follow soldier into chasm Regiment - Large army unit Regiment - Military group Regiment - I am retained by administrator to supply soldiers Regiment - Monarch arranged meeting with military body Regiment - Rector arranged meeting with military unit Regiment - I'm captured by temporary ruler and a lot of soldiers Regiment - Being a american soldier myself, let out to accommodate troops Regiment - Metering (anag.) Regiment - Ferocious creature turning up to gather soldiers in military unit Regiment - Army unit run by heartless ear-bashing before troops stop it Regiment - Prince possibly taking on core of 'time' band Regiment - Unit of an army Regiment - Closely control, metering supply Regiment - Diet, terrible at first for army unit Regiment - Compiler's consumed by queen, perhaps band Regiment - Brigade Regiment - Large number in bar, e.g., i�m entertaining Regiment - Government books supplying lot of soldiers Regiment - I am restricted by someone acting for another group of soldiers Regiment - Part of an army Regiment - Metering (anag) - army unit Regiment - Section of an army