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Carb - Pasta or potato, to an athlete

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Carb - Sugar or starch, in slang Carb - Energy provider, in slang Carb - Pasta or potato, to an athlete Carb - Engine part, for short Carb - Energy-supplying food, for short Carb - Bit of starch Carb - Low-___ diet Carb - Energy-supplying compound, for short Carb - Food component to avoid in 2004 Carb - Atkins no-no Carb - Atkins no-no, briefly Carb - Low-___ Carb - Something counted by dieters Carb - Atkins diet concern Carb - Engine part, briefly Carb - Atkins' concern, briefly Carb - Energy source, briefly Carb - Sugar or starch, to a marathoner Carb - Dietary component, for short Carb - Low-__ diet Carb - Load (up), as energy food Carb - Pasta, e.g., slangily Carb - Dietary element, for short Carb - Loser's unit Carb - ___ loading Carb - Atkins anathema Carb - Atkins diet no-no Carb - Atkins diet no-no, briefly Carb - Dietary starch, for short Carb - Pasta, for example, briefly Carb - Starch, for short Carb - Dual-___ engine Carb - Pasta or potato, for short Carb - Pasta, to an athlete Carb - See 43-across Carb - Pasta or potatoes, to an athlete Carb - Prepare for a marathon, say, with 'up' Carb - Atkins diet taboo Carb - Diet no-no, perhaps Carb - No-no in some diets Carb - Diet no-no, for some Carb - Sugar or starch, for short Carb - Food starch, for short Carb - Low- -- diet Carb - Low- -- (like the atkins diet) Carb - Low (like some diets)- -- Carb - Certain dieter's concern Carb - Pasta or potato, e.g Carb - Atkins diet word Carb - Dual-___ Carb - Pasta nutrient, for short Carb - Rice, e.g., informally Carb - Pasta, e.g., informally Carb - __-loading: endurance strategy Carb - Bit of pasta, for short Carb - Such as sugar or starch Carb - Substance such as sugar or starch in foods Carb - Atkins diet restriction Carb - Marathoner's gorge, briefly Carb - Prep for a marathon, with "up" Carb - Carburettor (abbrev.) Carb - In short, engine part�s source of energy Carb - Nutrition unit in pasta, informally Carb - Paleo diet no-no Carb - Bagel or baked potato, to a dieter Carb - Potato or pasta, informally Carb - Concern for some losers Carb - Diet no-no,for some Carb - Dieter's no-no, briefly Carb - Pasta or potato, to a marathoner Carb - Prepare for a marathon, with 'up' Carb - ___-loading (pre-marathon diet regimen) Carb - Low- -- meal Carb - ___ up (have a pre-marathon meal) Carb - Energy food component Carb - Bread component Carb - Bit of pasta, informally Carb - Pasta nutrient