Alien - 1979 sci-fi classic

Word by letter:
  • Alien - Letter on A
  • 1 - st. word A
  • 2 - st. word L
  • 3 - st. word I
  • 4 - st. word E
  • 5 - st. word N

All questions by word:
Alien - Extraterrestrial Alien - 'v' villain Alien - Out of this world Alien - Weekly world news cover photo, maybe Alien - Non-earthling Alien - 'men in black' menace Alien - Completely foreign Alien - One who's out of this world? Alien - From mars, say Alien - Nonnational Alien - Klingon or vulcan Alien - Quite dissimilar Alien - 1979 sci-fi classic Alien - Foreign Alien - Strange Alien - Flying saucer flier Alien - Xenophobe's dread Alien - Outsider Alien - Unearthly Alien - Extrinsic Alien - Xenophile's friend Alien - Sci-fi visitor Alien - Foreigner Alien - Not from earth Alien - Not terrestrial, perhaps Alien - Sci-fi film extra Alien - An american in paris, e.g Alien - Not terrestrial Alien - Xenophobe's fear Alien - With 27-down, sci-fi phenomena that help explain this puzzle's theme Alien - Border crosser Alien - 1979 sci-fi thriller Alien - Nonnative Alien - From another planet Alien - One with a big head? Alien - Out of this world? Alien - Ufo occupant Alien - Immigrant Alien - Worf or troi, e.g Alien - Weaver's work Alien - Ufologist's study Alien - Ufo passenger Alien - Klingon, e.g Alien - Sci-fi villain Alien - Noncitizen Alien - 42-across, for one Alien - Visitor from afar Alien - Man from mars Alien - Lacking citizenship Alien - "men in black" menace Alien - Tabloid abductor Alien - Little green guy Alien - Earth invader Alien - Unfamiliar Alien - Sci-fi character Alien - Green card holder Alien - Sci-fi staple Alien - Otherworldly Alien - 1979 sigourney weaver film Alien - Completely unfamiliar Alien - Roswell crash victim, supposedly Alien - Sigourney weaver sci-fi classic Alien - Venusian, e.g Alien - Faraway Alien - Native's opposite Alien - Being from beyond earth Alien - Not natural Alien - Venusian, for one Alien - Martian or venusian Alien - Roswell visitor Alien - Saucer pilot Alien - Not of this world Alien - Not native Alien - Concern of 23-across Alien - ___ being Alien - "star trek" extra Alien - Not from here Alien - Spaceship passenger Alien - Sigourney weaver film Alien - Film with a pluralized sequel Alien - Many a slimy movie monster Alien - Sci-fi stranger Alien - Otherworldly visitor Alien - Green-card holder Alien - Xenophobe's bugaboo Alien - Film that happens aboard the nostromo Alien - Not of this earth Alien - Sigourney weaver classic Alien - Visitor from another planet Alien - Tabloid photo subject Alien - Visitor from the stars Alien - Ufo pilot? Alien - U.f.o. pilot Alien - It's out of this world Alien - Visitor to earth Alien - Hallowe'en extraterrestrial Alien - Feature of many sci-fi films Alien - Ufo crewman Alien - Alf, for one Alien - Superman, for one Alien - Film set aboard the nostromo Alien - Higher-up individual? Alien - "starman" hero, e.g Alien - Xenophobe's focus Alien - Like some landscapes Alien - Ridley scott film Alien - It led to sequels for sigourney Alien - "x-files" character Alien - Many a 'star trek' character Alien - Sci-fi being Alien - Completely strange Alien - Non-national Alien - Stranger from a strange land? Alien - Sci-fi film with a gut-busting scene? Alien - Stranger from a strange land Alien - Intergalactic traveler Alien - 1979 film parodied in 'spaceballs' Alien - Little green man Alien - Weekly world news newsmaker Alien - Not at all familiar Alien - Visa applicant Alien - Subject for an x-file Alien - Martian, e.g Alien - Martian, say Alien - Ridley scott classic Alien - Visitor from far away Alien - E.t. or alf Alien - Spaceship inhabitant Alien - Very unfamiliar Alien - More than just unfamiliar Alien - Green-card carrier Alien - "___ nation" (1988 sci-fi movie) Alien - Sigourney weaver sci-fi film Alien - "men in black" character Alien - Visitor in 'district 9' Alien - Tabloid creature Alien - Visitor from beyond the solar system Alien - Visitor from far, far away Alien - Sigourney weaver thriller Alien - Visitor from afar? Alien - Ripley adversary Alien - E.t., e.g Alien - You, to e.t Alien - Flying-saucer pilot Alien - Visitor space Alien - Art bell topic Alien - 1979 sci-fi blockbuster Alien - Many a day laborer Alien - Galactic visitor Alien - 'the x-files' subject Alien - Xenophobe's nightmare Alien - E.t., for one Alien - Saturnian, e.g Alien - Figure often depicted in green Alien - "men in black" creature Alien - Not from around here Alien - One that seti hopes to hear from Alien - Being not from 41-down Alien - Mindy, to mork? Alien - Little green man? Alien - Ufo operator Alien - Deportation victim Alien - Hardly local Alien - Sci-fi film with a hatching egg on its poster Alien - Out-of-this-world type Alien - Flying-saucer passenger Alien - Adverse (to) Alien - Sigourney weaver sci-fi thriller Alien - 'star trek' extra Alien - Saucer occupant Alien - Ufo flier Alien - Visitor from space Alien - Saucer flier Alien - Ufo pilot Alien - Saucer user Alien - Critter from mars Alien - Flying-saucer occupant Alien - Saucer flyer Alien - Ufo flyer Alien - Space visitor Alien - Extrater-restrial Alien - Otherwordly Alien - Not a national right, perhaps Alien - Perhaps it's right for one who is not a native Alien - That's a right sort of a foreigner Alien - Perhaps it's all right not to be a local Alien - Not a native, so that's all right Alien - A right sort of a foreigner Alien - That's a right sort of an outsider Alien - Foreign, very strange Alien - Foreigner, outsider Alien - Creature from another planet Alien - Being from another world Alien - Foreign, right Alien - That's the right sort of a foreigner Alien - That's a right class of a foreigner Alien - One is a right sort of a foreigner Alien - One has a right not to be native Alien - It's right to be a foreigner Alien - A right not to be a native Alien - Totally unfamiliar Alien - Visitor from outer space Alien - Exceedingly unfamiliar Alien - Sci-fi film with an android named ash Alien - Salient feature of et Alien - Repugnant article about romance Alien - Foreign article contains a whopper! Alien - Possible description of one in mali, englishman? Alien - A story with point for the non-british Alien - Being possibly two-faced, four-eyed, spotty and legless makes a boy upset Alien - A line replaced from elsewhere Alien - Misleading statement in article describing immigrant Alien - 6 across remark in article that's different Alien - Foreign article contains inaccuracy Alien - A man comes back a stranger Alien - Article involving misrepresentation of foreigner Alien - Foreign (from outer space?) Alien - Stranger Alien - Foreign(er) Alien - Little green man, perhaps Alien - Not from this world Alien - Otherworldly type Alien - A debtor's concern that's not natural Alien - Someone from outer space? Alien - 1979 film with the tagline 'in space no one can hear you scream' Alien - Visitor from beyond our solar system Alien - Many a comic-con costume Alien - It¿s not true to name green man Alien - Utterly unfamiliar Alien - "district 9" visitor Alien - Message sender seti hopes to detect Alien - Film set on the spaceship nostromo Alien - Alf or et Alien - Xenophobe's aversion Alien - "close encounters of the third kind" visitor Alien - A story on the nostromo, initially? Alien - "in space no one can hear you scream" film Alien - Sci-fi invader Alien - Foreign - film directed by ridley scott Alien - Not from earth, say Alien - A right to be different from others Alien - Bizarre Alien - Crop circle creator Alien - Visitor from venus? Alien - Visitor from another world Alien - With 6-across, subject of an eerie rural legend ... illustrated by connecting nine identically filled squares in this puzzle with a closed line Alien - Visitor from venus Alien - One who's not from around here Alien - Flying saucer occupant Alien - Foreigner given a right of possession Alien - Outlandish Alien - Strange article about golfer's position Alien - Strange, like michael moorcock's heart Alien - A right to keep property of foreigners Alien - A property right may be repugnant Alien - Stranger removing edges from part of defence work Alien - Fib in an exciting film based in space Alien - Ant farm or sex fiend possibly Alien - Foreign; film Alien - The problem posed by eva figes Alien - Strange position taken in article Alien - A right expressed by martian, say Alien - Strange couple at end of 12, for example Alien - Offensive and misleading statement in article Alien - A new invention held to be extraneous Alien - A right to keep property coming from overseas Alien - Unfamiliar; foreign Alien - Strange article defending madeup story Alien - Foreigner's a legal right to property Alien - Margaret mahy recorded more than one in the family Alien - No native has a right to a lawyer Alien - Extra-terrestrial Alien - Strange article describing invention Alien - Stranger has a right to hold on to property Alien - Foreigner has a right to a lawyer Alien - Sci-fi classic of 1979 Alien - Of another world Alien - Sci-fi regular Alien - Ewok or klingon Alien - Sci-fi subject Alien - Leaders almost lost it in the middle of vienna with one of the foreigners Alien - He's out of this world Alien - Fictitious tale in article by foreigner Alien - Untruth included by an outsider Alien - Stranger has a right to retain property Alien - Strange tale swallowed by a number Alien - Strange, foreign Alien - Immigrant has a right to property Alien - Lounge appropriated by an outsider Alien - Strange article about a deliberately misleading story Alien - Foreigner's absolute legal right Alien - Stranger to a legal entitlement Alien - Stranger with a name for concealing falsehood Alien - An untruth included by foreigner Alien - Stranger in bali endeavours to fit in Alien - Deceit admitted by a new immigrant Alien - A right to property from abroad Alien - 1979 film directed by ridley scott Alien - Unfamiliar tale contained in a novel's beginning Alien - 1979 science fiction horror film directed by ridley scott Alien - Offensive fabrication in article Alien - Foreign film Alien - Foreigner having a right to property Alien - Pork pie eaten by an extraterrestrial Alien - Pork pie consumed by a northern outsider Alien - Foreign article admitting fabrication Alien - Strange invention covered by article Alien - Tall story accepted by an outsider Alien - Strange story included in article Alien - Unfamiliar story in article Alien - A pork pie, new, from abroad Alien - Many a 'doctor who' character Alien - "the war of the worlds" character Alien - Repugnant article contains fabrication Alien - Companion of buzz a. returning from space? Alien - Et Alien - Spock's father, but not his mother Alien - A nile swim appears strange to others Alien - Sci-fi figure Alien - Extraterrestrial article includes factual misrepresentation Alien - See 5-down Alien - From mars Alien - Very strange Alien - Bearer of a green card or a green body Alien - Spaceship flier Alien - 1979 movie set on the spaceship nostromo Alien - 1979 film set aboard the nostromo Alien - Belonging to a foreign country Alien - Extra-terrestrial an astronaut brought back (not yuri g!) Alien - Movie whose sequel is its title's plural Alien - Stranger story embedded within article Alien - What was beyond washington - supposedly new and unfamiliar Alien - Strange article defending made-up story Alien - Reputed ufo pilot Alien - Roswell visitor, supposedly Alien - Ferengi, e.g Alien - From another world Alien - 'the x-files' extra Alien - Many a 'guardians of the galaxy' character Alien - Crop circle creator, supposedly Alien - Ewok or klingon, e.g Alien - 1979 sigourney weaver sci-fi film Alien - E.t. or mork Alien - "little green man" Alien - Extra in 'guardians of the galaxy' or 'galaxy quest' Alien - Foreign; extraterrestrial Alien - Strange story featured in a newspaper's leader Alien - Strange story told in article Alien - One facing deportation, maybe Alien - "independence day" invader Alien - ___ ant farm Alien - Spacehog "resident" Alien - Radiohead "subterranean homesick ___" Alien - Spacehog debut "resident ___" Alien - Spacehog's debut "resident ___" Alien - Joe satriani "surfing with the ___" Alien - Spacehog's 1st "resident ___" Alien - 1979 movie that took place aboard the spacecraft nostromo Alien - Sigourney weaver sci-fi film of 1979 Alien - Superman or mork Alien - Roswell crash victim, some believe Alien - Superman, essentially Alien - Pennywise song about ufo visitor? Alien - Disturbingly different Alien - Sci-fi saucer steerer Alien - Foreign article contains false statement Alien - Distant and then some Alien - Vulcan, e.g Alien - Out-of-this-world creature Alien - Quite unfamiliar Alien - Unfamiliar (to) Alien - Abductor in tabloid stories Alien - A right outsider Alien - Many a "star trek" character Alien - Creature from outer space Alien - Venusian or jovian Alien - First of a series of sci-fi movies starring sigourney weaver Alien - Saucer traveler Alien - From mars, perhaps Alien - Being from a distant world Alien - Creature from space Alien - Strange article about piece of fiction Alien - Area 51 corpse, some believe Alien - Martian, for example Alien - Disturbingly unfamiliar Alien - "the x-files" subject Alien - Weaver sci-fi classic Alien - Saucer-steering creature Alien - Any "star wars" person Alien - Visitor from beyond earth Alien - Strange name following an untruth Alien - Otherworldly creature Alien - "independence day" attacker Alien - Visitor to roswell, supposedly Alien - The 'a' in tv's alf Alien - The 'a' in tv's alf Alien - Genesis sang about an "illegal" one Alien - Kind of "resident," to spacehog Alien - Kind of "resident," to spacehog Alien - James cameron's sci-fi franchise
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1979 sci-fi classic (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - 1979 sci-fi classic. word on "A". 1 - st. letter A. 2 - st. letter L. 3 - st. letter I. 4 - st. letter E. 5 - st. letter N.

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