Idealist - Visionary

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  • Idealist - Letter on I
  • 1 - st. word I
  • 2 - st. word D
  • 3 - st. word E
  • 4 - st. word A
  • 5 - st. word L
  • 6 - st. word I
  • 7 - st. word S
  • 8 - st. word T

All questions by word:
Idealist - Vista worker, perhaps Idealist - Utopian Idealist - Visionary Idealist - Don quixote, e.g Idealist - Dreamer Idealist - Seeker of perfection; innovator's agenda? Idealist - Romantic Idealist - Schopenhauer or hegel Idealist - Visionary one Idealist - One with lofty goals Idealist - Believer in perfection Idealist - Imprac-tical one Idealist - A catalogue of notions for one who wants them perfect? Idealist - One hopes for the best with such a catalogue of notions, perhaps Idealist - He dreams of having a perfect catalogue of notions Idealist - Does one wish to make one's catalogue of notions perfect? Idealist - One wants the best with a catalogue of notions Idealist - Person with high and unselfish standards Idealist - One sees things as they should be rather than how they are Idealist - One who aspires to a perfect world Idealist - Detail is about person with aspirations toward perfection (8) Idealist - Person who acts from the highest motivations Idealist - Details i accumulated about person with best intentions Idealist - Person who seeks the best in everything Idealist - One who aims for perfection, may be unrealistic Idealist - Person with noble aspirations, perhaps unrealistic Idealist - An optimist or romantic Idealist - Person with lofty and unselfish aspirations Idealist - One who aspires to perfect standards Idealist - One wants to have a perfect catalogue of notions Idealist - Catalogue of notions for one who wants only the best Idealist - One wants one's catalogue of notions to be perfect Idealist - Tabulated thoughts for a dreamer of sorts Idealist - Unpractical person laying scheme on table Idealist - Thought table to be one of no practical use Idealist - He may not be practical in laying the notion on the table Idealist - Boxer that is outwardly a dreamer Idealist - Visionary inventor's notes? Idealist - Romantic details i made up Idealist - Visionary gives thought to the catalogue Idealist - Dreamer sailed about in it Idealist - Romantic fancy brought to heel Idealist - In theory he wants the best Idealist - Impractical person who rigged sail in rough tide? Idealist - Person with noble goals Idealist - The greatest in 23 - he's not concerned with what's 21 Idealist - Walter mitty concept comes to novice first Idealist - Romantic visionary Idealist - Impractical person Idealist - Visionary thought brought to heel Idealist - Hopeful type with the thought and the inclination Idealist - Thought heel to be a man of principle Idealist - Romantic bit of business is contained in it Idealist - One pursuing perfection Idealist - Seeker after perfection Idealist - Hint/tip given by kant, as philosopher Idealist - One seeking perfection Idealist - One has high hopes having sorted contents of suggestions box? Idealist - One who pursues the perfect Idealist - Dreamer at sea sailed in it Idealist - Perfectionist Idealist - No practical person wants a fancy table Idealist - Romantic notion precedes tip Idealist - No practical individual thought to enter Idealist - One wood first used by castle-builder? Idealist - Table of suggestions produced by someone impractical Idealist - Visionary keeps record of suggestions Idealist - Sail tide (anag.) Idealist - Visionary offers detailed suggestions Idealist - Business arrangement is sealed by italian who won't compromise? Idealist - Impractical person is absorbed by silly detail Idealist - He�s high-minded and that�s perfect at first Idealist - I hand one stone to dreamer Idealist - Tilt after vision, like don quixote? Idealist - Walter mitty gets concept from liszt on the radio Idealist - A drug-taking artist: one revered as a visionary Idealist - Visionary concept placed on record Idealist - Pursuer of noble goals Idealist - Impractical dreamer Idealist - Sounds like principal from primary is a bit of a walter mitty Idealist - Best possible result from university for visionary
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