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Agitato - Hurried, musically

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Agitato - Restless, to rachmaninoff Agitato - Hurried, musically Agitato - Kin of vivace Agitato - Excitedly, in music Agitato - Like the last movement of beethoven's 'moonlight sonata' Agitato - Hurried, to haydn Agitato - Excitedly, in the orchestra pit Agitato - Hurried, on a score Agitato - Opposite of dolce Agitato - Like some allegros Agitato - Musical direction that means "in a disturbed way" Agitato - Fast and exciting, musically Agitato - Excitedly, to a maestro Agitato - Excitedly, in scoring Agitato - Energetically, in music Agitato - Hurriedly, in music Agitato - Restless, in music Agitato - One in the american forces, thanks to being 22 across, by the sound of it Agitato - Excitedly taking notes Agitato - A gait adapted to stirring music Agitato - ... stirring a subordinate to get fruit order cancelled Agitato - Restless and wild Agitato - Restless, in scores Agitato - Hurriedly, in scores Agitato - With great energy, in music Agitato - Excited, a soldier volunteers in the usual position Agitato - A fighter, thanks to stirring music Agitato - Musically, to be performed vigorously Agitato - Duse his muse Agitato - Troubled, nervous (music) Agitato - Restless, wild (musical term) Agitato - French actor turned up in past, excitedly Agitato - With excitement have a go at it, flying around Agitato - Trash stolen by devious iago in troubled way Agitato - During a shot film director gets up in tense manner Agitato - Restless, wild (in music) Agitato - Army to take on a soldier that's performed excitedly Agitato - A fool at oval scored frenziedly Agitato - Excitedly making an attempt to keep french filmmaker back Agitato - Disturbed playing tag? it at once shows Agitato - Restless and wild (music) Agitato - A soldier volunteers, almost excessively stirred up Agitato - A good time at oval after one frenetically scored Agitato - Restless, wild (music) Agitato - Restlessly, in music Agitato - Musical term meaning excitedly Agitato - Unrestful sort of playing Agitato - One who stirs up public interest no end - excitedly referring to notes Agitato - Notedly stirring? Agitato - Restlessly (mus.) Agitato - Restless, wild (mus.) Agitato - Excitedly (music) Agitato - I got at a cocktail getting restless Agitato - In an excited way when dealing with notes Agitato - Excited when dealing with notes Agitato - Modelled a toga -- it is done in a ruffled style Agitato - Excitedly, for an orchestra Agitato - Restlessly (music) Agitato - A giddy goat, it may be musically excited Agitato - Musical indication; a go at it (anagram)