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Yale - The clintons' alma mater

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Yale - "boola boola" school Yale - "boola boola" university Yale - "lux et veritas" school Yale - 'boola boola' campus Yale - 'boola boola' home Yale - 'boola boola' school Yale - 'boola boola' territory Yale - 'boola boola' venue Yale - 'lux et veritas' school Yale - A learner in the old us university Yale - A us university Yale - Alma mater for bush 41 and bush 43 Yale - Alma mater for five u.s. presidents Yale - Alma mater of bill and hillary clinton Yale - Alma mater of both presidents bush Yale - Alma mater of bush 41 and 43 Yale - Alma mater of five presidents Yale - Alma mater of five u.s. presidents Yale - Alma mater of lewis black and ben stein Yale - Alma mater of presidents #41, 42 and 43 Yale - Alma mater of tony shalhoub Yale - America's third-oldest university Yale - American university Yale - American university or kind of lock Yale - American university turning english non-specialist back Yale - Amy chua's university Yale - An ivy Yale - Anderson cooper alma mater Yale - Beinecke library setting Yale - Beinecke library site Yale - Beinecke rare book & manuscript library setting Yale - Benjamin spock's alma mater Yale - Big lock maker Yale - Big name in locks Yale - Bill and hillary's alma mater Yale - Bitter, perhaps, after year in university Yale - Bowl site Yale - Brown alternative Yale - Brown competitor Yale - Brown foe Yale - Brown opponent Yale - Brown rival Yale - Bulldog's campus Yale - Bulldog's home Yale - Bulldog's school Yale - Bulldogs' alma mater Yale - Bulldogs' home Yale - Bulldogs' school Yale - Bulldogs' university Yale - Bulldogs' venue Yale - Bulldogs’ school Yale - Bush alma mater Yale - Bush and clinton have it in common Yale - Bush's alma mater Yale - Calvin trillin's alma mater Yale - Certain ivy league school Yale - Clinton's alma mater Yale - Cole porter alma mater Yale - Cole porter's alma mater Yale - College founded in 1701 Yale - College key Yale - College porter going after the fourth of july Yale - College porter on the fourth of july? Yale - College since 1701 Yale - College where an athlete might wear a 'y' Yale - Columbia rival Yale - Common ground for bush and kerry Yale - Connecticut campus Yale - Connecticut college Yale - Connecticut ivy Yale - Connecticut ivy league school Yale - Connecticut ivy school Yale - Connecticut school Yale - Connecticut university Yale - Connecticut's ivy school Yale - Connecticut's oldest university Yale - Cornell rival Yale - Cylinder-lock inventor Yale - Dubya's school Yale - Education's no 1 place to the west? Yale - Educational institution's security device Yale - Eero saarinen alma mater Yale - Eli's alma mater Yale - Eli's campus Yale - Eli's place Yale - Eli's school Yale - Elihu for whom an ivy is named Yale - Elihu's college Yale - Elis' alma mater Yale - Elis' campus Yale - Elis' school Yale - Elm city school Yale - Famous american university in connecticut Yale - Finally buy beer in university Yale - Finally buy beer in university Yale - Fraser canyon town Yale - Fraser river town Yale - Fraser valley town Yale - George w. bush's alma mater Yale - Goddess conceals a prohibition of latin dance Yale - Harkness tower locale Yale - Harvard alternative Yale - Harvard foe Yale - Harvard rival Yale - Harvard's archrival Yale - Harvard's rival Yale - Have a drink after end of study in university Yale - Heraldic animal Yale - Home of the beinecke library Yale - Home of the ivy league's bulldogs Yale - Home of the peabody museum of natural history Yale - Institution founded in 1701 Yale - Institution since 1701 Yale - It's a lock Yale - Its crest bears a book with hebrew text Yale - Its latin motto translates to 'light and truth' Yale - Its mascot is a dog named handsome dan Yale - Its motto is 'lux et veritas' Yale - Ivy growing for 300+ years Yale - Ivy in new haven Yale - Ivy league campus Yale - Ivy league home of the bulldogs Yale - Ivy league institution Yale - Ivy league member Yale - Ivy league school Yale - Ivy league school in new haven Yale - Ivy league school with its own golf course Yale - Ivy league university Yale - Ivy with deep roots Yale - Jodie foster alma mater Yale - Jodie foster's alma mater Yale - Justice sotomayor's alma mater Yale - Kind of lock Yale - Last ivy league school alphabetically Yale - Lewis black's alma mater Yale - Like some locks Yale - Lock - university Yale - Lock banned at harvard? Yale - Lock brand Yale - Lock giant Yale - Lock inventor linus Yale - Lock maker Yale - Lock name Yale - Lock producer Yale - Lockmaker of note Yale - Locksmith linus Yale - Losing day, postpone returning from college Yale - Many a lecture is sampled here Yale - Mass. university Yale - Master of locks Yale - Member of the 11 - type of lock Yale - Memorial quadrangle setting Yale - Meryl streep alma mater Yale - N.f.l. hall-of-famer ___ lary Yale - Nathan hale alma mater Yale - Nathan hale's alma mater Yale - New england campus Yale - New england law school Yale - New haven campus Yale - New haven college Yale - New haven institution Yale - New haven ivy Yale - New haven school Yale - New haven team Yale - New haven university Yale - New haven's biggest employer Yale - Nick carraway alma mater Yale - Noah webster alma mater Yale - Noah webster went there Yale - Noah webster's alma mater Yale - Oldest university in connecticut Yale - One of the ivies Yale - Part of the ivy league Yale - Paul newman's school Yale - Position taken up with eastern university Yale - President taft alma mater Yale - President taft's alma mater Yale - Prestigious law school Yale - Prestigious new england law school Yale - Race starting late upset member of college league Yale - Regatta team since 1852 Yale - Rival of harvard Yale - Safe-lock inventor Yale - Schlage rival Yale - School back in 54-across Yale - School claire danes and dick cheney dropped out of Yale - School for 64-across Yale - School for rory gilmore of 'gilmore girls' Yale - School founded in 1701 Yale - School in new haven Yale - School named for a welsh merchant Yale - School since 1701 Yale - School where the clintons met Yale - School whose a cappella group is the whiffenpoofs Yale - School with the motto "lux et veritas" Yale - See 32-across Yale - See 37-across Yale - See 44-down Yale - See 59-across Yale - Setting for many episodes of tv's 'gilmore girls' Yale - Site of beinecke library Yale - Site of hewitt quad Yale - Skull & bones school Yale - Skull and bones school Yale - Skull and bones school Yale - Skull and bones site Yale - Taft's alma mater Yale - The clintons' alma mater Yale - The key for getting in to a great university Yale - The key to a us university education? Yale - The key to higher education? Yale - They are locked into rowing Yale - Thief might gain entrance after picking this university Yale - Third oldest american university Yale - Third-oldest u.s. university Yale - Thornton wilder alma mater Yale - Ubiquitous lock Yale - Uni running team, heading off to the west Yale - University - lock Yale - University at new haven, connecticut Yale - University bringing back race right away Yale - University emma watson turned down in favor of brown Yale - University founded in 1701 Yale - University in connecticut Yale - University in new haven, connecticut Yale - University in usa Yale - University lock Yale - University locksmith Yale - University man in royal engineers Yale - University on its last drink Yale - University since 1701 Yale - University that might be picked by expert Yale - University that went coed in 1969 Yale - University's mythical animal Yale - University's stern with booze -- this one? Yale - University; lock type Yale - University? you must allow entrance to a learner Yale - Us college porter on the fourth of july? Yale - Us ivy league college Yale - Us ivy league university Yale - Us university Yale - Us university in new haven, connecticut Yale - Us university; lock Yale - Where 'boola boola' is sung Yale - Where anderson cooper went to school Yale - Where bill and hillary clinton met Yale - Where bill and hillary met Yale - Where bill met hillary Yale - Where bob woodward went Yale - Where elis are educated Yale - Where elis matriculate Yale - Where the clintons got law degrees Yale - Where the clintons met Yale - Where the whiffenpoofs sing Yale - Whiffenpoof school Yale - Whiffenpoof's school Yale - Whiffenpoofs' school Yale - William howard taft's alma mater Yale - Winner of a 1925 intercollegiate crossword championship Yale - Yard and drink associated with it in university? Yale - Yl (fraser valley town) Yale - ___ bowl