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Greece - Pindar's country

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Greece - "the guns of navarone" setting Greece - 'the cradle of civilisation' Greece - 'the magus' setting Greece - 2004 olympics locale Greece - Acropolis setting Greece - Ain't leaving great-niece in the mediterranean Greece - Arianna huffington's birthplace Greece - Athens its capital Greece - Athens site Greece - Athens' country Greece - Athens' land Greece - Athens' land Greece - Attic locale Greece - Church stands against endless avarice in country Greece - Country Greece - Country bordering three seas Greece - Country church by the common, unfinished Greece - Country church on common, unfinished Greece - Country divided in 27-across Greece - Country in europe Greece - Country in smear articulated Greece - Country of aristotle and plato Greece - Country of hellenes Greece - Country of sophocles and aristotle Greece - Country of sophocles and plato Greece - Country of southeast europe Greece - Country of southern europe Greece - Country ozzy's gus g is from Greece - Country where oil discussed Greece - Country with a musical sound Greece - Country with more than 2,000 islands Greece - Country's endless rapacity leads to currency emergency Greece - Country's musical sound Greece - Country's oil reported Greece - Country/rock and roll musical sound Greece - Crete locale Greece - Crete's country Greece - Endlessly flourishing church in the country Greece - Eu body coming in to make deal, cutting capital for indebted country Greece - Eu country Greece - Eu member Greece - Euboea's locale Greece - European country Greece - European state Greece - Eurozone member Greece - Fat chance of getting the sound of that place Greece - Fat reported to have come from the country Greece - Fat, it is said, of the land Greece - Get at hen's fat, by the sound of it, there Greece - Get at hens there that sound fat Greece - Get at hens there with fat, by the sound of it Greece - Get at hens where there's fat, by the sound of it Greece - Grand city always rejected the country Greece - Hellas Greece - Hellas is its ancient and modern name Greece - Hellenic republic Greece - Hellenic state Greece - Home to orthodox church, not entirely new church Greece - Homer's home Greece - In general people agree certain changes are needed in this country Greece - In some degree, celts make a nation Greece - Ionian sea country Greece - Its anthem graces olympics closing ceremonies Greece - Its one-euro coins depict an owl Greece - Latvians leave travel agencies for place synonymous with 14 and 18 across Greece - Lesbos's land Greece - Marathon's land Greece - Mediterranean country Greece - Mediterranean republic Greece - Musical heard in the country Greece - Musical sounds the origin of incomprehensible lingo? Greece - Nation aided by the truman doctrine Greece - Nation makes musical sound Greece - Neighbor of turkey Greece - One get at hens there that sound fat Greece - Perhaps one gets at hens there that sound fat Greece - Pindar's country Greece - Pindus mountains site Greece - Place the fat here, by the sound of it Greece - Place this by the sound of 3 down Greece - Plato's country Greece - Prince philip's birthplace Greece - Republic on southern part of balkan peninsula Greece - See 12-down Greece - Site of the first olympics Greece - Sounds as if it's fatty there Greece - Sounds as if one might get fat at hens there Greece - Sounds as if with the help of this place there'd not be a squeak out of it Greece - Sounds like oil for the country Greece - Sounds like the fat of europe Greece - Southern european country Greece - State pedigree: 'certified to deliver' Greece - That's the place to make one fat, by the sound of it Greece - The country sounds slippery Greece - The fat of the land, by the sound of it Greece - Turkey neighbor Greece - Uefa euro 2004 champion Greece - Where athenians live Greece - Where bouzoukis are played Greece - Where euboea is Greece - Where h and z rhyme Greece - Where olympus rises Greece - Where pericles lived Greece - Where the olympics originated Greece - Where there's oil, by the sound of it Greece - Where zeus was worshiped Greece - Zorba's land Greece - Zorba's place