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Eatout - Patronize restaurants

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Eatout - Patronize restaurants Eatout - Not cook, say Eatout - Restaurateurs' urging Eatout - Use a counter Eatout - Give the cook the day off Eatout - Avoid cooking, in a way Eatout - Eschew home cooking Eatout - One way to give the cook a break Eatout - Dine at a diner Eatout - Not cook Eatout - Avoid dishes, in a way Eatout - Enjoy restaurant service Eatout - Eschew the leftovers Eatout - Visit the restaurant Eatout - Patronize a pizzeria, perhaps Eatout - Have dinner in a restaurant Eatout - Stop for a bite Eatout - Dine at a restaurant Eatout - Grab a bite somewhere Eatout - Drop into a diner Eatout - Try a new place, say Eatout - Visit a restaurant Eatout - Take the family to a restaurant Eatout - Choose not to cook, say Eatout - Go to a restaurant Eatout - Celebrate a promotion, maybe Eatout - Enjoy a bistro Eatout - Dine in a restaurant Eatout - Visit a diner Eatout - 'don't dine at home (3,3)' Eatout - Don't dine at home Eatout - Dine in restaurant - not at home Eatout - Go to restaurant for meal, don't dine at home Eatout - Dine in restaurant rather than home Eatout - Not to be fed up at home Eatout - Take a break from cooking Eatout - Celebrate, in a way Eatout - Tea? go to cafe, say Eatout - Go to restaurant Eatout - Give the cook a day off, perhaps Eatout - Enjoy red lobster, say Eatout - Go for a pizza Eatout - Enjoy olive garden, say Eatout - Go to a diner Eatout - Frequent a restaurant Eatout - Etch Eatout - Go to a restaurant for tea Eatout - Use a restaurant Eatout - Dine away from home Eatout - Have a picnic -- or go to a restaurant Eatout - Enjoy the bistro Eatout - Lunch in pub? Eatout - Try a taqueria, e.g Eatout - Dine in public Eatout - Forgo a home-cooked meal Eatout - Take a break from cooking, say Eatout - Expense account opens for ticket-seller to take someone to a restaurant Eatout - Go to a steakhouse, say