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Stared - Rubbernecked

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Stared - Acted rudely, in a way Stared - Blast! flipping miliband gave me the eye! Stared - Couldn't turn away, say Stared - Defeated in a face-off, with 'down' Stared - Didn't blink Stared - Didn't blink, perhaps Stared - Didn't just peek Stared - Didn’t blink Stared - Fixed one's eyes? Stared - Gaped Stared - Gawked Stared - Gazed Stared - Gazed at in steady or prolonged way Stared - Gazed at performer Stared - Gazed back at old bob, looking angry Stared - Gazed intently Stared - Gazed intently at Stared - Gazed rudely Stared - Gazed steadily and impolitely Stared - Goggled Stared - Goggled (at) Stared - Held consistent views? Stared - If you looked you might find the saint was a revolutionary Stared - It looked hard for the famous one to get to the editor Stared - It looked hard for the saint to be so revolutionary Stared - It looked the hard way to get the rats up to the editor Stared - It's hard to have looked like that Stared - Kept on looking Stared - Look fixedly at Stared - Looked a lot like this Stared - Looked at a light to the east. day was here Stared - Looked at fixedly Stared - Looked at long and fixedly Stared - Looked fixedly Stared - Looked fixedly (at something) Stared - Looked hard and fixedly Stared - Looked hard for leading journalist Stared - Looked hard, the way one trades with this Stared - Looked impolitely Stared - Looked long and hard at Stared - Looked steadily Stared - Looked terribly dear after the last 50 per cent reduction Stared - Looked unblinkingly Stared - Looked with a fixed gaze Stared - Looked wrong, dear, at half mast Stared - Observer did this with big-name journalist? Stared - Regarded fixedly Stared - Rubbernecked Stared - Second last to pot, a snooker ball looked hard Stared - Showed fascination Stared - Sounds as if i did this and did it the hard way Stared - Subjected to prolonged gaze Stared - Sun journalist looked without blinking Stared - This was hard, by the look of it Stared - Took a hard look at various trades Stared - Treads (anag) Stared - Was gaping Stared - Was googly-eyed Stared - Was impolite, in a way Stared - Was rude, in a way Stared - Was wide-eyed Stared - What fanatic did from audience