Sub - Hero

Word by letter:
  • Sub - Letter on S
  • 1 - st. word S
  • 2 - st. word U
  • 3 - st. word B

All questions by word:
Sub - Hero Sub - Torpedo Sub - Second-stringer Sub - Stand in Sub - Long sandwich Sub - Fill-in Sub - Undersea prowler Sub - He'll give a starter a rest Sub - Red october, for one Sub - Grinder Sub - K-19, for one Sub - Deli choice Sub - Navy prowler Sub - Sizable sandwich Sub - Benchwarmer Sub - The nautilus, for one Sub - Ready replacement Sub - Junior high temp Sub - Stand-in Sub - Verne's lunch? Sub - "red october," for one Sub - Diving craft Sub - One may be needed after an injury Sub - Not a starter Sub - Stand-in, for short Sub - Footlong, e.g Sub - Fill in Sub - Deli order Sub - Six-inch or footlong Sub - Teaching temp Sub - One rotated in Sub - Elongated sandwich Sub - Deli offering Sub - Pinch hitter Sub - 40-down, e.g Sub - U-boat, e.g Sub - Standard opening? Sub - Long lunch? Sub - One may be needed after a sports injury Sub - Non-starter Sub - Player off the pine Sub - Sonar user Sub - Temp Sub - Underwater vessel, briefly Sub - Basketball's "sixth man" Sub - Hero sandwich Sub - Classroom replacement Sub - Underwater craft Sub - Undersea craft Sub - Guy on the bench Sub - Backup Sub - Grinder's kin Sub - Deli buy Sub - Long lunch Sub - Navy vessel Sub - Replacement Sub - U-boat Sub - Hoagie Sub - Big sandwich, for short Sub - 104-across, for one Sub - Nemo's ship Sub - Fill in (for) Sub - Watership down? Sub - Captain nemo's workplace Sub - Prefix denoting under Sub - Prefix meaning under or lower Sub - Prefix for under Sub - When transport overturns, this may have one under it Sub - Prefix meaning under or inferior Sub - Prefix meaning under or below Sub - Prefix meaning below Sub - Prefix meaning beneath Sub - Beneath on bus Sub - ___ pop records Sub - Briefly, membership fee or stand-in Sub - Shortly pay this under the overturned vehicle Sub - The vehicle has overturned under here Sub - Under the overturned omnibus Sub - Undersea prowler, briefly Sub - Stand in (for) Sub - Sit in (for) Sub - Torpedo, or its launcher Sub - Large lunch sandwich, for short Sub - Hefty sandwich Sub - Undersea craft (abbr.) Sub - Undersea vessel Sub - Voyager to the bottom of the sea Sub - Underwater craft, briefly Sub - Deputy on bench in test Sub - Ocean traveler Sub - Deli delight Sub - Cousteau craft Sub - Prefix for the answers to starred clues, and word needed for those clues to make sense Sub - The red october, e.g Sub - Prefix for way or marine Sub - Easily pranked teacher, maybe Sub - Pinch-hitter Sub - U-boat, for one Sub - Nautilus, e.g Sub - Red october or the nautilus Sub - An advance against income Sub - Contribution; a boat Sub - Underwater player? Sub - Warship Sub - Young wolves player in the cullis days Sub - Briefly, the player on the bench Sub - Sort of fielder who ran out ponting Sub - Underwater vessel Sub - Vehicle in water knocks that on land over Sub - Underwater boat Sub - Replacement for boat Sub - Vessel or vehicle that's been given a going over Sub - Junior editor Sub - Membership fee Sub - Advance payment Sub - Large sandwich, for short Sub - Teacher for the day Sub - Classroom fill-in Sub - U-boat, for example Sub - Fill-in, for short Sub - Underwater vessel, for short Sub - Contribution to boat Sub - Under Sub - Loan Sub - Warship; membership fee Sub - Deli hero Sub - One coming off the bench Sub - Foot-long lunch Sub - Understudy, e.g Sub - Reserve (abbr) Sub - Deli meal Sub - See 56-down Sub - Deli creation Sub - Clancy's red october, e.g Sub - Classroom stand-in Sub - Two transportation systems going in separate directions? Sub - Swap (out) Sub - Teacher who may get no respect, informally Sub - Type of woofers Sub - Seattle label ___ pop Sub - Nirvana label ___ pop Sub - Soundgarden label ___ pop Sub - Hero in a deli Sub - Second-stringer in the game Sub - Easily pranked teacher, perhaps Sub - Classroom temp Sub - Go in (for) Sub - Pinch hitter, e.g Sub - Down in front? Sub - Any benchwarmer Sub - Due to take bus back Sub - Nonstarter Sub - Temp worker Sub - Bench rider Sub - Hero by another name Sub - Under goer? Sub - Bench player Sub - "sixth man" in basketball Sub - Hero of the deli Sub - Type of sandwich Sub - Normal or arctic preceder
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Hero (***) 3 letter. - what is this?

*** - hero. word on "S". 1 - st. letter S. 2 - st. letter U. 3 - st. letter B.

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