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Tyrant - Autocrat

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Tyrant - 'the only ___ i accept in this world is the still small voice within me': gandhi Tyrant - 54-down, e.g Tyrant - A tough guy in the city ran things his way Tyrant - Absolute ruler Tyrant - An oppressive ruler Tyrant - Arbitrary ruler Tyrant - Autocrat Tyrant - Autocrat - bully Tyrant - Autocrat or despot Tyrant - Autocrat, despot Tyrant - Boss you'd like to toss Tyrant - Bully Tyrant - Bully fled in toyota, ejecting regular occupants Tyrant - Bully in the city ran things well Tyrant - Bully on wagon has not caught up Tyrant - Bully thankfully ends by crying Tyrant - Bully's empty attempt to harangue Tyrant - Bully's outwardly touchy tirade Tyrant - Bully-off in natty shade of red? Tyrant - Bullying type in authority ran things Tyrant - Caligula, e.g Tyrant - Coup target Tyrant - Coup target, perhaps Tyrant - Cruel and oppressive dictator Tyrant - Cruel dictator Tyrant - Cruel ruler Tyrant - Despot Tyrant - Despot, autocrat Tyrant - Despot, dictator Tyrant - Despotic one Tyrant - Despotic ruler Tyrant - Dictator Tyrant - Dictator producing extremely testy diatribe Tyrant - Dictator typically ends by shouting Tyrant - Dictator typically ends on harangue Tyrant - Dictator's extremely testy diatribe Tyrant - Dictator... Tyrant - Dictatorial boss Tyrant - Dictatorial boss Tyrant - Fist-pounding boss, say Tyrant - Fist-pounding sort Tyrant - Hard taskmaster thereby disheartened with harangue Tyrant - Harsh and absolute ruler Tyrant - Hitler starts to tremble and yells one of his speeches? Tyrant - Hold forth against extremely touchy taskmaster Tyrant - How one might try to be oppressive over and insect Tyrant - Iron-fisted boss Tyrant - Iron-fisted ruler Tyrant - Just try to get the insect over for the oppressive ruler Tyrant - Just try to get the insect to do the dictating Tyrant - Martinet Tyrant - Monocrat Tyrant - Ogre at the office Tyrant - One does the dictating and try to get over the insect Tyrant - One who hardly rules? Tyrant - Oppressive and cruel ruler Tyrant - Oppressive boss Tyrant - Oppressive leader Tyrant - Oppressive ruler Tyrant - Oppressive sort Tyrant - Oppressor Tyrant - Overthrow target Tyrant - Person dictating a couple of letters for typist with bombast Tyrant - Play truant without paul and uncle joe Tyrant - Rough ruler Tyrant - Ruler who's crueler Tyrant - Ruthless ruler Tyrant - Simon legree Tyrant - Slave-driver to name ratty characters for punishment Tyrant - Soldier, perhaps, under war god and despot Tyrant - Stern ruler of 20 gutted by intemperate speech Tyrant - Supreme warrior seen by worker as big bully Tyrant - Taskmaster Tyrant - The beam from the harbour is a red one Tyrant - The one that's dictating may try to get over the insect Tyrant - Tough boss Tyrant - Tough boss to work for Tyrant - Try moving a six-footer like stalin, say Tyrant - Try to be oppressive over the insect Tyrant - Try to get over the six-footer - bully for him! Tyrant - Try to get the insect to oppress one Tyrant - Try to get to the insect and oppress it Tyrant - Try to have the first of nine across at last in a bullying manner Tyrant - Try twisting worker, as terrible boss? Tyrant - Uncompromising sort Tyrant - When he leaves, they talk long and loud?