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Chef - One whose work causes a stir?

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Chef - One whose work causes a stir? Chef - Worker with an apron Chef - Child, for one Chef - One who takes orders Chef - High-hatter? Chef - White hat wearer Chef - Person in a puffy white hat Chef - Emeril, for one Chef - One wearing the apron strings Chef - Kitchen bigwig Chef - Culinary expert Chef - Career for jack tripper Chef - King in the kitchen Chef - Child, for example Chef - Pan handler? Chef - Bake-off figure Chef - Toque sporter Chef - One in a white hat Chef - Emeril, e.g Chef - One receiving orders Chef - Panhandler? Chef - Lagasse, for one Chef - Dish designer Chef - Puck, e.g Chef - Cook Chef - Special creator? Chef - Tall hat sporter Chef - Person who's often sent compliments Chef - Pan handler Chef - White-hat wearer Chef - Caterer's associate Chef - Kitchen leader Chef - Child, famously Chef - ___ de cuisine Chef - Gourmet cook Chef - Culinary artist Chef - Tall-hat wearer Chef - Gourmet-meal preparer Chef - Puck's occupation Chef - Food network personality Chef - Cuisine creator Chef - Culinary artiste Chef - One whose work can be stirring Chef - Bobby flay, for one Chef - Bistro vip Chef - Cook-off figure Chef - "top ___" (bravo reality series) Chef - One who wants you to put away everything he sets out Chef - Culinary institute grad Chef - Order preparer Chef - Contestant on a bravo reality show Chef - Wolfgang puck, for one Chef - Food network figure Chef - Kitchen guru Chef - Julia child, for one Chef - Toque wearer Chef - Person with a puffy white hat Chef - Menu planner Chef - Anthony bourdain, for one Chef - Kitchen vip Chef - Frequent taster Chef - See 28 across Chef - Cia graduate Chef - One who stirs the pot Chef - Whisk wielder Chef - Pot user Chef - Food processor? Chef - One taking orders Chef - Restaurant vip Chef - 'south park' character Chef - Isaac hayes' 'south park' role Chef - Restaurant staffer Chef - Restaurant employee Chef - Swedish muppet Chef - Jamie oliver, e.g Chef - Gordon ramsay, e.g Chef - 'top ___' (bravo reality series) Chef - A professional cook Chef - Professional cook Chef - Head cook in a restaurant Chef - One doing course work Chef - Chief cook Chef - Chief male cook in restaurant Chef - Boss in the kitchen Chef - He is in the top of the kitchen Chef - Cook in a fancy restaurant Chef - Coo! king is tops Chef - Person with a big white hat Chef - Head cook Chef - Revolutionary and loud one working on orders Chef - Cooker turns iron hot and cold Chef - Heartless head cook Chef - A cordon bleu, perhaps - the man without compare! Chef - Quiche failure largely down to head of kitchen Chef - I leave head cook in charge Chef - One may produce a portion of quiche, for example Chef - Revolutionary food introduced by blumenthal, say? Chef - Principal cook Chef - Course preparer Chef - Restaurant menu planner Chef - Meal planner Chef - Restaurant figure Chef - Many a food network host Chef - Ray or flay Chef - Menu maker Chef - Restaurant star Chef - Menu guru Chef - Cook red beef, not an insect Chef - Restaurant draw, sometimes Chef - Culinary institute graduate Chef - Leading captain and upstanding fellow, eh? must be cook Chef - Saucier's boss Chef - Food network v.i.p Chef - Originator of courses, one dismissed by principal Chef - One dismissed by head cook Chef - Revolutionary female cook Chef - Boss dismissing one member of kitchen staff Chef - A cook Chef - Cook some quiche, french-style Chef - Not the current head cook Chef - Principal cook helping to make lunch effortlessly Chef - One who prepares courses in music he favours Chef - Revolutionary female who has a set of knives? Chef - Cook ide's head, taken from the main Chef - Hotel cook Chef - In cooking field, primarily a male Chef - He prepares courses, using revolutionary formula at first Chef - He's employed in café regularly Chef - Saucier boss is heartless Chef - Fellow involved in cooking food for starters Chef - Kitchen head Chef - One who cooks a quiche for you to sample Chef - "hell's kitchen" contestant Chef - Member of the kitchen staff Chef - Almost any food network host Chef - "cutthroat kitchen" competitor Chef - French master responsible for courses Chef - Head cook, especially in a restaurant or hotel Chef - - - d'oeuvre, a masterpiece Chef - Leader leaving island - oliver? Chef - The main, but not the one, caterer Chef - I leave the head cook in charge Chef - Principal disheartened fellow devising courses Chef - Starters in classy hotel elegantly fashioned - by him? Chef - Centre-forward, he included one in the restaurant Chef - Some earache from gordon ramsay perhaps Chef - Person in charge getting rid of one cook Chef - I must leave outstanding cook Chef - Man brought in to compare with kitchener? Chef - Revolutionary food originally provided by one in the kitchen Chef - Revolutionary food starter from heston blumenthal? Chef - Revolutionary female worker in the kitchen Chef - Earache for sandwiches one prepares for restaurant Chef - Master cook Chef - Makes 36 across for heartless boss Chef - Cooker? Chef - Top cook Chef - Pot holder Chef - Kitchen professional Chef - One with a lot of coursework? Chef - Culinary luminary Chef - Key kitchen worker Chef - Pot user? Chef - Restaurant cook Chef - Roux, for example, essential to quiche? fact! Chef - Hayes' "south park" character Chef - Child in the kitchen Chef - Course creator Chef - Course designer Chef - Master of whipping, beating and stuffing Chef - Culinary guru Chef - Restaurant opener Chef - Heartless boss from the restaurant Chef - Course pro? Chef - Patron Chef - Mario batali, for one Chef - French word for "boss" Chef - Course pro Chef - Wearer of a white hat Chef - Recipe expert: he is beset by celsius and fahrenheit Chef - Boss axing one restaurant worker Chef - One wearing an apron and a puffy white hat Chef - Someone who might cook meatballs for you [s] Chef - Tv's 'top ___' Chef - Meneur Chef - Rachael ray or emeril Chef - Cook-off contestant Chef - Rebel following master in preparation of courses