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Wed - Married

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Wed - Married Wed - Get spliced Wed - Amalgamate Wed - Have an 'altar-cation'? Wed - Exchange i do's Wed - Fuse Wed - United Wed - Tie the knot Wed - Together Wed - Ringed? Wed - Take the plunge, so to speak Wed - '___ rather go naked than wear fur' (slogan) Wed - Espoused Wed - Bring together Wed - Get hitched Wed - United, in a way Wed - Become altared? Wed - Have yourself "altared" Wed - Hitched, so to speak Wed - The middle of next wk Wed - Get a wife Wed - Have an "altar-cation"? Wed - Form a union Wed - Not separate Wed - Take the plunge Wed - Joined Wed - Join in holy matrimony Wed - What benedicts are Wed - Take 'for better or for worse' Wed - Make one Wed - Came together Wed - Unite Wed - Join forces, in a way Wed - Hitched Wed - Undergo a merger Wed - Couple Wed - Join Wed - Make marry Wed - Made one Wed - Tied the knot Wed - Trade rings Wed - Got hitched Wed - Marry Wed - Get hitched, so to speak Wed - Tied together Wed - Tied together, in a way Wed - Make two become one Wed - Said 'i do' together Wed - Join together Wed - Get hitched to Wed - Tues. follower Wed - Get married Wed - Middle of next wk Wed - Got married Wed - Joined a union Wed - Acquired in-laws Wed - Take seriously? Wed - Bonded Wed - Bound Wed - Engage in matrimony Wed - Word following "i thee" Wed - Take to vegas, maybe Wed - Word with "i thee" Wed - Commit matrimony Wed - Make a miss a mrs Wed - Like many couples Wed - Come together Wed - Become one Wed - Thu. preceder Wed - Join in marriage Wed - Single no more Wed - Get together Wed - Become the other half of Wed - Bond Wed - Leave the single life Wed - Say "i do" Wed - Performed nuptials Wed - Tue. follower Wed - Hitch up with Wed - Exchange vows Wed - Say 7 down Wed - Make an honest man of, so to speak Wed - Paired up, in a way Wed - Night that 'dynasty' aired for most of its run: abbr Wed - Brought together Wed - Say 'i do' Wed - Say 9-across Wed - Take a mate Wed - Take a spouse Wed - Join in union Wed - Took the plunge Wed - At the age of this, in short, one gets back to the old cuppa Wed - Not a single day can be so short Wed - What the 6 down has not got Wed - In short, the day one ceased to be single Wed - One day this could turn wet Wed - Not a single day, in short Wed - Not a single day like this, in short Wed - Not a single thing to be done about it Wed - Not longer a single day, in short Wed - What 35 across get Wed - How you and i might be 3 down Wed - Went to the altar, but not at the weekend Wed - There's no single way to get the drops back Wed - A day of matrimony, in short Wed - Chews the sound of what you and i would have before this Wed - In short, you and i should no longer be single Wed - So one might get seedy, perhaps, after marriage (3) Wed - No longer miss what you and i had by day Wed - No longer a single for one short day Wed - Marriage day, in short Wed - Been one of the grooms for a day Wed - There's not a single thing you can do to get it Wed - The day begins with one not being 28 across Wed - Made as one beginning of the day Wed - We would be married without an apostrophe Wed - No longer a single, short day Wed - Take in marriage Wed - Joined in the dew Wed - Take, and be taken by, someone with whom you're taken Wed - You and i would be single no more after this day, in short Wed - The day when you and i would get married Wed - You and i would be as one for the day Wed - No longer a single day, in short Wed - After this day, you and i would not be single Wed - The short day of our marriage Wed - You and i would be having got married (3) Wed - You and i would be as one this day, in short Wed - Not a single thing to get Wed - You and i had become one of 9 down that day, in short Wed - No longer 25 down, but surely not for only one day Wed - We would be as one - both of us Wed - By the sound of it, always choose before getting as one then Wed - The day, in short, you and i'd get married Wed - In short, the day of our marriage Wed - That's not a single thing to get Wed - Become the spouse of Wed - Make it legal Wed - Joined a union? Wed - Hump day: abbr Wed - Do the rite thing? Wed - Not single Wed - Eloped, say Wed - Be single no more Wed - United in holy matrimony Wed - Lent's start, e.g.: abbr Wed - Jump the broom, so to speak Wed - See 23 Wed - Merge legally Wed - Make a couple of Wed - Take for life? Wed - Word repeated before 'away' Wed - Follower of 21 across: abbr Wed - Single no longer Wed - Go to the altar Wed - Say 'i do' to Wed - United amazed after arsenal's lead was cut Wed - Join drops of moisture up Wed - Scattered, not so united Wed - Leave bachelorhood behind Wed - Tied (to) Wed - Take the plunge for starters with english diver Wed - Become man and wife Wed - Day to get married Wed - Espouse Wed - Abandon bachelorhood Wed - Take for better or for worse, say Wed - Eligible for some deductions Wed - Say "i do" to Wed - Take as one's spouse Wed - Exchange "i dos" Wed - Unite closely Wed - Exchange rings with Wed - Take the plunge midweek Wed - Cease to be a free agent, in a way Wed - "with this ring, i thee ___" Wed - One of the 63-across: abbr Wed - Forgo bachelorhood Wed - Combine Wed - Put together Wed - Wife english duke married Wed - What to do in the "chapel of love" Wed - What chrissie hynde and jim kerr did Wed - Pete seeger "never ___ an old man" Wed - What garth brooks and trisha yearwood did Wed - "hump day" (abbr.) Wed - Ran away from warden to take the plunge Wed - Become an ex-bachelor Wed - Exchange rings Wed - Enter an altared state? Wed - See 18-down Wed - Say 12-down Wed - Take for one's spouse Wed - Merge Wed - Give up the single life Wed - Take the plunge, in a way Wed - What mick and bianca did Wed - Say 10 across Wed - Took in marriage Wed - Leave bachelorhood Wed - Eloped, e.g Wed - Get married in sweden Wed - Unionize, in a way