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Dot - E, in morse code

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  • Dot - Letter on D
  • 1 - st. word D
  • 2 - st. word O
  • 3 - st. word T

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Dot - E, in morse code Dot - 'i' piece Dot - Complete an 'i' Dot - Speck Dot - 'j' topper Dot - It precedes 'com' Dot - 'i' lid Dot - Half a colon Dot - Decimal point Dot - Part of an e-mail address Dot - Initial follower Dot - Part of e-mail addresses Dot - Precise moment Dot - Morse code component Dot - Bit of braille Dot - Web address part Dot - 'i' completer Dot - E-mail address element Dot - Semi-colon? Dot - Part of a web address Dot - 'i' finisher Dot - Staccato indicator Dot - Morse e Dot - Com front-runner Dot - Morse 'e' Dot - With 40-down, a modern company Dot - Part of a url Dot - Url part Dot - Point Dot - Common "point" of j and i Dot - One of three in fiji Dot - E-mail address part Dot - Pointillist's stroke Dot - Part of a semicolon Dot - Polka ending? Dot - Ellipsis component Dot - On the --- (precisely) Dot - Period Dot - The i's have it! Dot - Web address feature Dot - Pinpoint Dot - Multiplication symbol Dot - Part of all web addresses? Dot - Music symbol Dot - Web address element Dot - The i's have it Dot - Letter finisher, of sorts Dot - Telegraphic signal Dot - Part of some letters Dot - Ellipsis part Dot - On the ___ Dot - Flyspeck Dot - Hi and lois' kid Dot - “i” piece? Dot - Dash alternative Dot - Point of 'view' Dot - Morse bit Dot - Dash's counterpart Dot - 64-across preceder Dot - Com frontrunner Dot - Ellipsis unit Dot - Braille bit Dot - Part of an internet address Dot - E-mail address component Dot - Point to be made? Dot - When said three times, finale suggesting uncertainty Dot - Freckle Dot - I lid? Dot - Url punctuator Dot - It precedes any of the five circled "words" Dot - Polka finale? Dot - Small speck Dot - Point to be made in a sentence? Dot - Freckle, e.g Dot - With 61-down, a common e-mail address ending Dot - Final touch on a letter? Dot - 'i' topper Dot - Partner of dash Dot - Prompt arrival time? Dot - Part of an ellipsis Dot - Small circle Dot - Preceder of com or org Dot - What precedes 93-across Dot - Multiplication sign Dot - Com preceder Dot - __-matrix printer Dot - On the ___ (precisely) Dot - One eye in ;-) Dot - Modern address part Dot - Pixel Dot - Url bit Dot - Url punctuation Dot - Code unit Dot - Symbol for a city or town Dot - "i" piece? Dot - I feature Dot - Polka partner Dot - I piece Dot - Tiny circle Dot - Ellipsis constituent Dot - See 63-across Dot - Prompt thing to arrive on? Dot - "hi and lois" daughter Dot - __-com bubble Dot - Smallest part of this? Dot - Decimal point, e.g Dot - Little circle Dot - Computer-screen pixel Dot - Hi and lois's older daughter Dot - Half an umlaut Dot - I finisher Dot - Bullet, for one Dot - "com" preceder Dot - Pointillism unit Dot - Half of a colon Dot - Aptly named mistress in 'sunday in the park with george' Dot - Internet address punctuation Dot - Morse code e Dot - Web-address punctuation Dot - Period, e.g Dot - Morse "e" Dot - Complete an i Dot - Little dorothy Dot - 'i' lid? Dot - I piece? Dot - Web-address divider Dot - Bespeckle Dot - Top of an "i" Dot - One of many painted by seurat Dot - Part of a j Dot - Part of any url address Dot - "i" lid? Dot - Interrobang part Dot - Internet address component Dot - I topper Dot - Dot - Url component Dot - Finish a 'j' Dot - Morse symbol Dot - Morse unit Dot - Braille unit Dot - Finish a j Dot - Dash's partner Dot - Tittle Dot - Morse morsel Dot - Minutia for seurat Dot - Web address bit Dot - Web-site address part Dot - 4-across counterpart Dot - Web address component Dot - It precedes 5-down Dot - 'e' in morse code Dot - Braille component Dot - Top of an 'i' Dot - She comes to a full stop Dot - If it's full, stop her Dot - 2 down is not one of 8 down Dot - She is at the end of her sentence Dot - She gets to the point Dot - Dorothy e. morse Dot - That's all she is - stet Dot - Will she come to the point at the end of her sentence? Dot - She makes the stop full Dot - The point is that that's a girl Dot - She might get full and then stop Dot - They won't make a dash for her in code Dot - On this she is not the late one Dot - Morsee? Dot - She makes one stop that's full Dot - The point is that it's a girl Dot - Full stop, point Dot - A signal used in morse code Dot - Small round spot Dot - Signal used in morse code Dot - Small round mark Dot - 'spot, tiny mark (3)' Dot - That tongue is worth a pound a can Dot - The point is that this will bring her to a full stop Dot - So she comes to the end of her sentence Dot - What you get at the end of your sentence Dot - A point, small round mark Dot - One of the signals in morse code Dot - Shorter of the two signals used in morse code Dot - Point, small round mark Dot - Full stop, period or tittle Dot - Point or full stop Dot - Speck or period Dot - Very small circular shape Dot - One signal used in morse code Dot - Small spot Dot - A small round mark or point Dot - Morse code "e" Dot - Dorothy has reached the end of her sentence Dot - She comes to a stop when full Dot - She comes to a stop that's full Dot - Dorothy comes to a stop when full Dot - She comes to the end of her sentence Dot - She makes a full stop Dot - The point is that the girl comes to a full stop Dot - She comes with a full stop Dot - Part of two letters Dot - Ellipsis element Dot - Semicolon part Dot - Part of a pointillist painting Dot - Exact hour Dot - Umlaut part Dot - 'hi and lois' daughter Dot - "i" topper Dot - Separator of syllables in many dictionaries Dot - The point of a dowry Dot - Stop that girl! Dot - I will need it, when small Dot - Colon half Dot - Part of email addresses Dot - Modern address feature Dot - A signal in morse code Dot - "i" piece Dot - On the ___ (exactly) Dot - Website address part Dot - "i" lid Dot - Party for team leader goes over head of first person when small Dot - Part of the ninth or tenth letter Dot - Part of an email address Dot - One of three in an ellipsis Dot - Small specimen Dot - "j" topper Dot - Period, for one Dot - Party for team leader goes over first person when small Dot - Specklike mark Dot - Part of an i Dot - Pointillist's unit Dot - Tellegraphic signal Dot - Morse vowel Dot - Spot of tea after party Dot - That's the point Dot - Spot, tiny mark Dot - Hi and lois's daughter Dot - 'j' finisher Dot - Long-ago year? Dot - Common thing to i and j Dot - Point of view? Dot - Morse-code character Dot - Half of a semicolon Dot - Alternative to 'x,' in math Dot - Symbol before 'com' Dot - Common internet symbol Dot - Part of a modern address Dot - Umlaut half Dot - What's the point? Dot - Mark has to serve time Dot - I should have this for completeness in another case Dot - Girl's dowry Dot - Absolutely punctual, on it Dot - Mark's an old fool? not half! Dot - A nothing ball in the scorebook Dot - Almost excessively be fond of girl Dot - A nothing ball for the scorer Dot - Dorothy bowls a nothing ball! Dot - Rare ball in a odi match? Dot - Spot the idiot left out Dot - A rare ball in this ashes series! Dot - What's the point of a code? Dot - Spot the ball that costs nothing! Dot - Ball spotted by scorers Dot - What's the point of morse? Dot - Time to go after party scatter Dot - Little girl's dowry Dot - Woman's dowry Dot - Party time for little girl Dot - Point i, in other case, must get over Dot - Full stop Dot - Serve time? one's coming to end of sentence Dot - What i must have when small but not you? Dot - Short performance raised a small amount Dot - Cotton, say, needs the same temperature Dot - Girl shortly comes to a full stop Dot - One of six on a standard keyboard Dot - Small mark Dot - Half of an umlaut Dot - Tiny speck Dot - Colon part Dot - Speckle Dot - Period - the earliest year remembered? Dot - Morse code symbol Dot - On the __: precisely Dot - 'hi and lois' twin Dot - One kind of period Dot - Make time for little girl Dot - Internet punctuation mark Dot - Spot Dot - Speck; dowry Dot - Marriage portion; spot Dot - Morse code for party time? Dot - Point; speck Dot - Kid's connectible Dot - Finish, as a letter, perhaps Dot - Stippler's unit Dot - Stipple Dot - Spot, speck Dot - Small point Dot - Part of an 'i' or 'j' Dot - Multiplication sign, in math class Dot - Stud Dot - Email punctuation Dot - 'sunday in the park with george' woman Dot - Last letter in morse? Dot - Last letter in 'morse code' Dot - Semicolon? Dot - Part of every email address Dot - Third of an ellipsis Dot - Mars from the vantage point of earth, e.g Dot - Minute portion Dot - Finish a sentence Dot - One of two in pompeii Dot - Web address punctuation Dot - Fleck Dot - One of an umlaut's two Dot - Ellipsis bit Dot - Word before .com and .net Dot - Org preceder Dot - It's just a small point Dot - Ellipsis third Dot - I may have one day by ruth or daniel's place Dot - It's the whole point Dot - Pointillist's point Dot - Apportée par la mariée Dot - Semi colon? Dot - "i should've known, __ ..." (aimee mann) Dot - Standards tour bus must meet (abbr.) Dot - Repeated word in wiz khalifa title Dot - Paul mccartney's first love rhone Dot - Part of band's website name Dot - Musical symbol Dot - Jamie foxx "on the ___" Dot - Symbol that increases a musical note's duration Dot - Pixel, e.g Dot - J topper Dot - What's the point of covering up torpedo tubes? Dot - A tiny part of this? Dot - Pac-man maze marker Dot - The faa is part of it Dot - Email address feature Dot - Signal in morse code Dot - 'i' or 'j' top Dot - Part of some matrices Dot - Dorothy, familiarly Dot - Part of a domain name Dot - Topper on an "i" Dot - Feature of only two letters Dot - Flyspeck: period in a web address Dot - Semicolon half Dot - Oz heroine briefly making a point Dot - Part of the cabinet that oversees hwys Dot - Point that's adroit, not at all odd Dot - Half of a 23 down Dot - Girl e morse represents Dot - One of four in mississippi Dot - Part of a lowercase "j" Dot - Little mark Dot - Bit of morse code Dot - Feature of two lowercase letters Dot - Colon portion Dot - Dash counterpart Dot - Small girl’s point Dot - Biens qu'apporte une femme en se mariant