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Noel - Christmas carol

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Noel - Name that's a name backward Noel - Liam gallagher's brother Noel - Advent number Noel - Word repeated before "born is the king of israel" Noel - December ditty Noel - Christmasy name Noel - Time for icicle lights Noel - Song sung around christmas Noel - Caroling word Noel - Doorstep rendition Noel - "away in a manger," for one Noel - Yule song Noel - "silent night" or "the little drummer boy" Noel - Coward with a pen Noel - Caroler's offering Noel - "silent night," notably Noel - When to display une crèche Noel - Yuletide song Noel - 'joyeux' time Noel - Caroling time Noel - "joyeux __!" Noel - House-to-house number Noel - Writer coward Noel - Chilly air? Noel - Holiday carol Noel - Holiday time Noel - 'silent night' or 'away in a manger' Noel - Caroler's number Noel - Year-end refrain Noel - Good name for someone born on dec. 25 Noel - Song of the season Noel - “adeste fideles,” for one Noel - He's a coward Noel - "the first ___" (christmas tune) Noel - 'mad dogs and englishmen' author coward Noel - "away in a manger," e.g Noel - Coward of comedy Noel - Yuletide refrain Noel - Christmas rendition Noel - Yule refrain Noel - Yule Noel - Christmas refrain Noel - Yuletide melody Noel - Yuletide rendition Noel - 48-down refrain Noel - Caroling tune Noel - Caroling song Noel - "the first ___" (holiday tune) Noel - Air that circulates annually Noel - An elbow with this may yet bend from the waist Noel - And that's all he makes of the eland Noel - He is back in spain for christmas Noel - We'll have him for christmas Noel - It's christmas in france Noel - Christmas time Noel - A french christmas Noel - In carols, it's christmas Noel - A lone christmas in france Noel - House-to-house offering, at times Noel - A lone french christmas Noel - A lone sort of christmas Noel - Christmas in carols Noel - The eleven might make it even for him Noel - Sounds as if there's not an l in xmas Noel - Yuletide season Noel - Lone male name Noel - Seasonal song ... or a phonetic hint to 18-, 23-, 37-, 52- and 59-across Noel - December season Noel - Seasonal number Noel - "the first ___" (year-end air) Noel - 'frosty' air? Noel - Present time for heartless book Noel - A man for one season Noel - Japanese play the spanish in season Noel - Season with dash of rocambole once turned over Noel - Rail travel impossible for boy like 21? Noel - Boy would make cold fish Noel - Trotsky came back for the festival Noel - Girl - boy - christmas Noel - Xmas Noel - Coward - christmas Noel - Festive season Noel - Coward who wrote and acted, d. 1973 Noel - Boy's name Noel - Time of christmas Noel - "jingle bells," e.g Noel - Rex harrison's singer/actor son Noel - 'mad dogs and englishmen' writer coward Noel - Year-end season Noel - "mad dogs and englishmen" writer coward Noel - 'joy to the world,' for one Noel - 'angels from the realms of glory,' e.g Noel - Time to stuff stockings Noel - 'o come, all ye faithful,' e.g Noel - Refusal for the spanish at christmas Noel - Present time? Noel - Liam's brother in oasis Noel - December tune Noel - Knighted coward Noel - "blithe spirit" author coward Noel - "joy to the world," e.g Noel - "adeste fideles," e.g Noel - Décembre event Noel - 'hay fever' author coward Noel - Gallagher who didn't smash melons Noel - Sleigh ride song Noel - 'christians awake,' e.g Noel - "silent night," for one Noel - Wassailer's tune Noel - Coward from england Noel - Songwriter coward Noel - 'we three kings of orient are,' e.g Noel - Trotsky comes back for christmas Noel - Book with verse given away for christmas Noel - Christmas, esp. in carols; boy's name Noel - Festival doctor in the suicide club Noel - Christmas, in cards Noel - Gallagher or redding maybe Noel - Christmas verse taken from book Noel - Cantwell, who collected the fa cup Noel - Prize giver losing heart at the present time Noel - Christmas; name Noel - Boy eighteen's lack of identification around east? Noel - Coward for one left taking a long time to retreat Noel - Small number, one third of twelve, namely 4 Noel - Christmas verse not seen in work of fiction Noel - Book not very suitable for the festive season Noel - Christmas; man's name Noel - Christmas alone, strange without a present Noel - Religious festival identified by absence of the spanish? Noel - Festivity? when hotel has it the result is hot Noel - Christmas deficiency getting new driver into trouble, say? Noel - Lone new version of carol Noel - Ground-breaking volume given away: it's christmas Noel - New house put up for christmas Noel - It's christmas for streatfeild Noel - Yuetide, might you say? Noel - Coward who said 'i love criticism just so long as it's unqualified praise' Noel - Christmas prize giver, gutted Noel - "deck the halls," e.g Noel - - - coward, playwright Noel - Word for christmas used in carols Noel - Word often used in carols for christmas Noel - Festival when french emperor's not half upset Noel - Sir - - coward Noel - Xmas refrain Noel - He introduces japanese drama to the spanish Noel - Leo north came up at the present time Noel - One was worried and left for christmas Noel - One turned left at present time Noel - Name often on cards for christmas Noel - 2004 christmas-themed film starring susan sarandon Noel - Left a long time back -- christmas maybe Noel - One switching back to channel 8 Noel - Boy heading west in 28 Noel - Fellow who�s drunk 1 litre Noel - Christmas verse taken from a christmas carol, say Noel - Christmas 'caro' with this, did you say? Noel - Middle torn from book, this time? Noel - Prize-giver losing heart for the present time Noel - "o holy night," for one Noel - December number Noel - Choral rendition Noel - Cold-season air Noel - Christmas delivery Noel - Holiday-time song Noel - Festive piece Noel - The season to be jolly Noel - Coward who was knighted Noel - Man's name that reverses to another man's name Noel - Yuletide air Noel - "the first ___" (december ditty) Noel - Word that's supposed to rhyme with 'israel' in a christmas carol Noel - House name put up for christmas Noel - Christmas beano elaborately concealed Noel - Another word for 7 across Noel - Chap is unfamiliar, but not very Noel - Seasonal refrain Noel - Coward of entertainment Noel - Men seen going west and east for winter festival Noel - Coward's celebration? Noel - "bring a torch, jeannette, isabella," e.g Noel - 'angels we have heard on high,' e.g Noel - Time for a creche Noel - Edmonds perhaps presents show at this time Noel - Coward knighted by queen elizabeth Noel - Christmas, in cannes Noel - Word sung four times before 'born is the king of israel' Noel - Christmas, in carols Noel - Winter music Noel - Rhyme for 'israel,' in a carol Noel - Time to carol Noel - Fellow's age over fifty Noel - Caroler's tune Noel - Haitian holiday Noel - Eggnog time Noel - Holiday refrain Noel - Fête de la naissance du christ Noel - 'tis the season Noel - Fête de famille Noel - Gallagher of oasis Noel - Carolers' song Noel - See 7 across Noel - Son arbre n'a pas de feuilles Noel - Holiday air Noel - "père __" (france's santa) Noel - Une occasion de décorer la maison Noel - __ fielding, comedian Noel - The christmas season Noel - Coward often quoted Noel - Period around dec. 25 Noel - Celebration that could make hotel hot Noel - __ fielding or edmonds, television personalities Noel - Carol, over time, reaches fifty Noel - Christmas, or a christmas carol Noel - London's ___ coward theater Noel - L'occasion de festoyer Noel - Word in carol’s original verse is missing Noel - 'joyeux' holiday Noel - Coward who told stories Noel - Coward of theater Noel - 'joyeux ___' Noel - Time for some wrap parties? Noel - The present time? Noel - Une occasion de se réunir Noel - Christmas prize giver, heartless Noel - Coward who wrote "blithe spirit" Noel - Coward who wrote "blithe spirit"