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Walnut - Reddish brown

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Walnut - A hardwood Walnut - A wood stain Walnut - Bit in a brownie, perhaps Walnut - Brown cask of beer, standard, turned over Walnut - Brown shade Walnut - Brownie additive Walnut - Brownie ingredient Walnut - Brownie mix-in Walnut - Cabinet wood Walnut - Decorative wood, but likely to be cracked Walnut - Fruit tree with valuable wood Walnut - Fruit with a wrinkled shell Walnut - Furniture wood Walnut - Gunstock wood Walnut - Hard seed with a wrinkled shell Walnut - Hard seed with furrowed shell Walnut - Hard seed with wrinkled shell Walnut - Heavy, durable furniture wood Walnut - Large, wrinkled edible seed Walnut - Looking back, large cask to act as type of furniture Walnut - Looking back, measurement of legislation for feeding squirrels Walnut - Maple --- ice cream Walnut - Material for some tables Walnut - Most of the fortification and half of 28 down has a reddish-brown colour Walnut - Munchie in a brownie, perhaps Walnut - Party snack mix component Walnut - Popular wood for furniture Walnut - Protein source from california Walnut - Reddish brown Walnut - Squirrel's treat Walnut - St. ______ ? saskatchewan Walnut - Sundae topping item Walnut - Tree legislation turns head Walnut - Tree providing decorative wood Walnut - Tree with fine wood Walnut - Tree with valuable wood Walnut - Tree with wood used for fine furniture Walnut - Tree yielding good wood for furniture Walnut - Tree, valuable ornamental wood Walnut - Valuable furniture wood Walnut - Waldorf salad bit Walnut - Waldorf salad ingredient Walnut - Waldorf salad morsel Walnut - Waldorf-salad ingredient Walnut - Was perhaps shelly mad enough to get legal matters the wrong way up? Walnut - Wood used for furniture Walnut - Wrinkled tree-fruit with a hard shell Walnut - Wrinkled tree-fruit with hard shell Walnut - You need a cracker to eat it