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Darwin - Writer aboard the beagle

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Darwin - Writer aboard the beagle Darwin - 'the voyage of the beagle' writer Darwin - His theory was evolutionary? Darwin - Evolution theorist Darwin - *charles who had mutton chops before he got older and grew a long white beard Darwin - Natural selection theorist Darwin - British naturalist Darwin - City of northern australia Darwin - Evolution expert Darwin - Evolution proponent Darwin - 'origin of species' man Darwin - Capital of the northern territory Darwin - He initiated the theory of evolution Darwin - Natural scientist and australian city Darwin - Evolution scientist and city Darwin - I'd warn this natural scientist Darwin - Charles . . . . . . who formulated the theory of evolution Darwin - Charles . . . . . ., great scientist of evolution Darwin - Charles ...... originated the theory of evolution Darwin - He originated the theory of evolution Darwin - Charles . . . . . ., author of 'the origin of species' Darwin - Great naturalist who proposed evolution Darwin - He formulated the theory of evolution Darwin - Originator of the theory of evolution Darwin - Charles ... who put forward theory of evolution Darwin - He proposed the theory of evolution Darwin - Find the naturalist askey in ward 96) Darwin - Author of on the origin of species Darwin - He propounded the theory of evolution Darwin - "on the origin of species" author Darwin - Man with a controversial theory Darwin - Inward antipodean city Darwin - 'on the origin of species' author Darwin - Traveler on the beagle Darwin - Inward-turning scientist Darwin - Naturalist organised women involved in repair Darwin - Scientist, like newton, considered noteworthy? Darwin - English naturalist, charles (1809-82) Darwin - Naturalist with a theory on evolution Darwin - Australian city named after a naturalist Darwin - Blast engulfing caribbean islands capital Darwin - Draw in new capital Darwin - Naturalist has ladies' club in stitches Darwin - Naturalist and australian city Darwin - Galapagos islands visitor Darwin - Aus. n. territory capital Darwin - N. territory capital Darwin - Australia's northernmost state capital Darwin - Wind blowing round arabian port Darwin - English naturalist Darwin - Daughter with net restraining a king charles Darwin - Row about war-torn capital Darwin - Origin of species author Darwin - Australian port, capital of the northern territory Darwin - Evolution scientist Darwin - Naturalist in northern australia Darwin - Evolution pioneer Darwin - Most famous grandson of josiah wedgwood Darwin - Strangely inward antipodean city Darwin - Capital of northern territory of australia Darwin - Northern australia port Darwin - Scientist making lots of noise about nasty war Darwin - Evolutionary pioneer Darwin - Capital naturalist Darwin - Naturalist, author Darwin - Australian city Darwin - Scientist of note pictured with queen Darwin - Scientist who formulated the theory of evolution by natural selection Darwin - Euphemism about test side, initially, in australian city Darwin - Evolutionist�s prominent place in nt Darwin - Champion of 11-down Darwin - Capital of australia's northern territory Darwin - Scientist given challenge, shortly meeting with success Darwin - Beagle passenger Darwin - Author of the descent of man Darwin - Turn inward for the antipodean city Darwin - Developmental theorist's contract with backing of artist Darwin - Naturalist in ward for treatment Darwin - "the descent of man" author Darwin - Scrambled draw at home -- he analysed selection, naturally Darwin - Republican commercial about victory for believer in survival of the fittest Darwin - Scientist's lawyer has recipe for success Darwin - Champion of evolution Darwin - Man with a theory Darwin - Galapagos visitor of note Darwin - 'the descent of man' author Darwin - Evolutionist charles Darwin - ___ awards (honors for extreme stupidity)