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Monopoly - With 58-across, 35-across

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Monopoly - An engrossing game Monopoly - Board game or exclusive business possession Monopoly - Board game or sole control as of business Monopoly - Board game with property dealing Monopoly - Broadway and park place venue Monopoly - Classic board game whose spaces include the starts of 16-, 23-, 38-, and 50-across Monopoly - College once chasing old record for game Monopoly - Cornered market for magic herb bearing no flower Monopoly - Dr no has cunning ploy to establish dominance Monopoly - Exclusive (trade) control Monopoly - Exclusive command of the game Monopoly - Exclusive control Monopoly - Exclusive control (of commodity) Monopoly - Exclusive control - board game Monopoly - Exclusive control or possession of something Monopoly - Exclusive possession Monopoly - Game in which one aspires to be the 1% Monopoly - Game making you love college at start of the week Monopoly - Game of which day old parrot spoke Monopoly - Game patented december 31, 1935 Monopoly - Game that's not competitive Monopoly - Game with a jail Monopoly - Game with tiny hotels Monopoly - Game's second leg upset old college Monopoly - It's typically played indoors Monopoly - Kind of record set ahead of college game Monopoly - Market in which there are many buyers but only one seller Monopoly - Nobody else's business? Monopoly - Parlor game Monopoly - Popular board game Monopoly - Position of having no competitors Monopoly - Real estate game Monopoly - See 17-across Monopoly - Single technical college achieving dominance Monopoly - Single-source supply Monopoly - Situation of one company's dominance in a particular market Monopoly - Sole control is the name of the game Monopoly - Sole seller Monopoly - Starts to order one my little pony grooming game Monopoly - The only outlet for this game? Monopoly - Where illinois and vermont are Monopoly - With 58-across, 35-across