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Yoda - The force was with him

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Yoda - "anger, fear, aggression; the dark side of the force are they" speaker Yoda - "clone wars" general Yoda - "do or do not. there is no try" speaker Yoda - "judge me by my size, do you?" speaker Yoda - "powerful you have become, the dark side i sense in you" speaker Yoda - "ready are you? what know you of ready?" speaker Yoda - "return of the jedi" sage Yoda - "size matters not" jedi master Yoda - "star wars" character Yoda - "star wars" guru Yoda - "star wars" mystic Yoda - "star wars" philosophizer Yoda - "star wars" saga character who speaks in object-subject-verb format Yoda - "star wars" saga's sage Yoda - "star wars" sage Yoda - "star wars" savant Yoda - "star wars" series guru Yoda - "star wars" series mentor Yoda - "star wars" series sage Yoda - "star wars" series teacher Yoda - "the boy you trained, gone he is" speaker Yoda - "there is no try" utterer Yoda - "told you i did, reckless is he" speaker Yoda - 'always in motion is the future' speaker Yoda - 'fear is the path to the dark side' speaker Yoda - 'impossible to see the future is' speaker Yoda - 'size matters not' jedi master Yoda - 'size matters not' speaker Yoda - 'star wars' character Yoda - 'star wars' guru Yoda - 'star wars' jedi Yoda - 'star wars' sage Yoda - 'there is no try' utterer Yoda - Big-eared 'star wars' character Yoda - Character "like this who talks" Yoda - Character in five star wars films Yoda - Elfin jedi master Yoda - Film character who lives to be 877 Yoda - Film character who says 'adventure. excitement. a jedi craves not these things' Yoda - Film character who says 'do, or do not. there is no 'try" Yoda - Film character who says 'named must your fear be before banish it you can' Yoda - Film voice of frank oz Yoda - Force-ful teacher? Yoda - Frank oz character Yoda - Frank oz provides his voice Yoda - Geriatric jedi master Yoda - Grand master of the jedi order Yoda - Green 900-year-old teacher Yoda - Green jedi master Yoda - Green sage Yoda - Green sage of film Yoda - Green sage of films Yoda - Green-skinned mentor in 57-across Yoda - Guru famous for his grammar Yoda - He fought darth sidious Yoda - He said 'fear is the path to the dark side' Yoda - He was exiled to dagobah Yoda - His planet of exile is dagobah Yoda - In a weird al yankovic song, he 'looks like a muppet, but he's wrinkled and green' Yoda - Jedi council leader Yoda - Jedi council vip Yoda - Jedi guru Yoda - Jedi in 'star wars' Yoda - Jedi master Yoda - Jedi sage Yoda - Jedi teacher Yoda - Jedi with a big forehead Yoda - Little green guy of film Yoda - Little green man Yoda - Little green man of film Yoda - Lucas character Yoda - Lucas master Yoda - Luke skywalker's jedi teacher Yoda - Luke skywalker's mentor Yoda - Luke skywalker's teacher Yoda - Luke's mentor Yoda - Luke's mentor, in 'star wars' Yoda - Luke's teacher Yoda - Mentor for luke skywalker Yoda - Mentor of 36-down Yoda - Movie mentor with convoluted syntax Yoda - One of luke's teachers Yoda - Potent green sage Yoda - Robe-wearing trainer of cinema Yoda - Sage exiled on the planet dagobah Yoda - Sage of sci-fi film Yoda - Sage on the planet dagobah Yoda - Sage swamp-dweller of film Yoda - Sage voiced by frank oz Yoda - Sci-fi character voiced by frank oz Yoda - Sci-fi character voiced by frank oz Yoda - Sci-fi guru Yoda - Sci-fi mentor Yoda - Sci-fi sage Yoda - Short lightsaber combat master Yoda - Skywalker mentor Yoda - Skywalker's mentor Yoda - Skywalker's teacher Yoda - Skywalker’s teacher Yoda - Small film sage Yoda - Someone who speaks like the quote in 25-across Yoda - Space sage Yoda - Speak like this he does Yoda - Speaker of 'luke, when gone am i, the last of the jedi will you be' Yoda - Speaker of 23-across Yoda - Star of 'seagulls! (stop it now): a bad lip reading' Yoda - Star wars character who is 900 years old when he dies Yoda - Star wars character who uses strange syntax Yoda - Star wars character who uses unusual syntax Yoda - Star wars series mentor Yoda - Talks like this he does Yoda - Talks like this in 'star wars' films he does Yoda - The force was with him Yoda - Weird al's star wars parody of a kinks song Yoda - Weird when he was cgi instead of a puppet in the prequels, it was Yoda - Wise "star wars" character Yoda - Wizened "star wars" guru