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Esperanto - Lingua franca, for some

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Esperanto - Lingua franca, for some Esperanto - Language in which plurals are formed by adding -oj Esperanto - Zamenhof's language Esperanto - International language Esperanto - Zamenhof's creation Esperanto - The 1965 william shatner film 'incubus' is in it Esperanto - 'i love you' is 'mi amas vin' in it Esperanto - Parse note in the artificial language Esperanto - The confused peers get the insect round for tongue Esperanto - That's international, in a manner of spekaing Esperanto - Artificial language Esperanto - An artificial language Esperanto - Personate in artificial language Esperanto - It has just 16 rules of grammar Esperanto - An artificial language Esperanto - Language that provides neat prose Esperanto - Language that's generated for hurling at openers Esperanto - Telepathy time? not when it's twisting the tongue Esperanto - Unearthly power given to muse to take name of language Esperanto - Artificial means of communicating a spiritual talent by muse without name Esperanto - Language of neat prose composition Esperanto - International artificial language Esperanto - Artificial international language Esperanto - Artificial language Esperanto - Dr zamenhof's language Esperanto - Language invented by dr zamenhof Esperanto - Pert nose with a cheeky tongue Esperanto - No repeats in an artificial language Esperanto - Special powers aren't deciphering old language Esperanto - You'll find it in 180,000+ wikipedia articles Esperanto - Tongue rarely used to preen, as rough Esperanto - See discomfited person eat his words, set up artificially? Esperanto - A language; neat prose (anag.) Esperanto - In agitation, present a ring, making special speech Esperanto - One's pater is distressed by common language Esperanto - English person at assembly using common language Esperanto - Unnaturally neat prose? Esperanto - Parse note translated into zamenhof's language Esperanto - Extraordinary ability with english was sufficient for contrived language Esperanto - With unusual awareness, muse about new tongue Esperanto - Eastern travellers brought back a not unusual language Esperanto - Noun operates unusually in contrived speech Esperanto - Lingua franca raised by lazarus Esperanto - English prose tricky for worker to get into? this is trickier! Esperanto - Artificial speech-form making poets near desperate Esperanto - Parent so confused having to follow english language Esperanto - Tongue poor person ate Esperanto - Was enough for augmenting particularly english language Esperanto - Person ate horrible artificial tongue Esperanto - Repeats no sort of lingua franca Esperanto - Linguistic invention in points leading lady introduced to show Esperanto - Language of opera sent for translation Esperanto - Intuitive awareness not unusual after a time, but no native uses it Esperanto - Language devised in 1887 Esperanto - Language operates unintelligibly without noun Esperanto - Artificial language invented for international use Esperanto - Not one's mother tongue but could be pater's one Esperanto - Unusually neat prose that nobody speaks, naturally Esperanto - With sixth sense, managed to assimilate english language Esperanto - Neat prose translated into another language Esperanto - English parts one translated into a different language Esperanto - Personate (anag.) Esperanto - Poet earns abuse for contrived language Esperanto - Language repeats on broadcast Esperanto - Ape tenors (anag.) Esperanto - Unusually neat prose nobody speaks, naturally Esperanto - Ten operas translated into universal language Esperanto - Language that may get english parent so confused Esperanto - Modern language Esperanto - Language translatable into neat prose Esperanto - One's part is ruined by english language Esperanto - Artificial language invented in 1887 by l.l. zamenhof Esperanto - Unusually neat prose naturally spoken by no children Esperanto - Universal language Esperanto - Person at end of line misconstrued language Esperanto - Compose neat prose in synthetic language Esperanto - Language of home counties sent up by queen in christmas show Esperanto - No repeats of this artificial language, strangely Esperanto - Mental power and time to take in new language Esperanto - No repeats of the artificial language Esperanto - Language invented for international use Esperanto - International language first published in 1887 Esperanto - Artificial language providing neat prose Esperanto - Language with no irregular verbs Esperanto - Language earns poet fans Esperanto - Ten operas rewritten in international language Esperanto - Guide operates with northern language Esperanto - Poet's near crazy for made-up language Esperanto - Out-of-shape senator takes exercise, it's said Esperanto - Language operates poorly without noun Esperanto - Artificial language operates badly round north