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Obtuse - Far from sharp

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  • Obtuse - Letter on O
  • 1 - st. word O
  • 2 - st. word B
  • 3 - st. word T
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  • 5 - st. word S
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Obtuse - 'dense, slow (6)' Obtuse - (of angle) between 90° and 180° - dull Obtuse - A bit slow hearing beattie in the river Obtuse - A cute opposite Obtuse - A few fries short of a happy meal Obtuse - A stupid angle? Obtuse - Angle between 90 and 180 degrees Obtuse - Angle greater than 90 degrees Obtuse - Angle of density Obtuse - Angle of density? Obtuse - Angle that's greater than 90 degrees Obtuse - Angles could be so boneheaded! Obtuse - Annoyingly insensitive Obtuse - Annoyingly slow old vehicle - about time it reached end of route Obtuse - Annoyingly slow to understand Obtuse - Blunt Obtuse - Blunt - stupid - insensitive Obtuse - Blunt or dull-witted Obtuse - Blunt or unintelligent Obtuse - Blunt, not sensitive Obtuse - Blunt, not sharp or pointed Obtuse - Blunt; dull-witted Obtuse - Boorish Obtuse - Bornée Obtuse - But were the angles so boneheaded? Obtuse - Can't quite see the angle Obtuse - Dense Obtuse - Dense russian flower on far side of bucharest has purpose Obtuse - Dense, dim Obtuse - Dense, dim about the angle Obtuse - Dense, slow Obtuse - Dim baronet falls into river Obtuse - Dim-witted baronet drowned in river Obtuse - Dim-witted baronet stuck in river Obtuse - Dimwitted Obtuse - Doltish Obtuse - Dopey Obtuse - Dull Obtuse - Dull and insensitive perhaps, but so english! Obtuse - Dull or blunt Obtuse - Dull, non-perceptive Obtuse - Dull, stupid Obtuse - Dull-witted Obtuse - Dull-witted baronet drowned in river Obtuse - Dull-witted baronet falls in river Obtuse - Dull-witted, note, after punishing bouts Obtuse - Exaggerate Obtuse - Far from sharp Obtuse - Flexible tube so thick Obtuse - Foolish group of workers, section interrupting award Obtuse - Greater than 90 degrees Obtuse - Greater than 90 degrees, as an angle Obtuse - Hardly brainy Obtuse - Having a few degrees, and intelligent? not so, not so! Obtuse - Hot off the stove top, temperature value is over 180 degrees Obtuse - Incapable of insight Obtuse - Insensitive Obtuse - Insensitive - more than a right angle Obtuse - Insensitive rendering of 'bust' in old english Obtuse - It's a bit thick that it's not acute Obtuse - It's a bit thick to be so confused about us Obtuse - It's a bit thick to be so wide 35 across Obtuse - It's over 90 degrees and dull Obtuse - Kind of triangle Obtuse - Lacking in insight Obtuse - Like an angle greater than 90 degrees Obtuse - Like angles between 90 and 180 degrees Obtuse - Like some angles Obtuse - Make seb out to be thick Obtuse - Mentally slow Obtuse - Mentally slow - kind of angle Obtuse - More than 90 degrees Obtuse - More than 90° Obtuse - More than right to be stupid Obtuse - More than right, but stupid Obtuse - More than right, but stupid! Obtuse - More than right, in triangles Obtuse - None to bright Obtuse - None too bright Obtuse - Not a cute bus to get mixed up with one's toe Obtuse - Not alert Obtuse - Not exactly insightful Obtuse - Not pointed or sharp Obtuse - Not sharp Obtuse - Not too bright Obtuse - Not very perceptive or sensitive Obtuse - Old baronet to employ angle Obtuse - Orchestra; stripe Obtuse - Slow Obtuse - Slow boat unloaded in river Obtuse - Slow boat's edging through river Obtuse - Slow of understanding Obtuse - Slow old coach takes time heading east Obtuse - Slow on the uptake Obtuse - Slow to catch on Obtuse - Slow to use book that's translated Obtuse - Slow, dull Obtuse - Slow-witted Obtuse - Slow-witted; type of angle Obtuse - So, with the tube, you do not get a cute, perhaps, combination Obtuse - Start off job with little time to exercise? that's stupid Obtuse - Stupid Obtuse - Stupid baronet plunged in river Obtuse - Stupid old boy wants boiled suet Obtuse - Stupid wombats periodically take stuff Obtuse - Thick Obtuse - Thick as a brick Obtuse - Thick fat - needs heart replacing by tuesday Obtuse - Thick or blunt Obtuse - Thick russian flower on far side of bucharest has value Obtuse - Thick, blunt Obtuse - Thick, not a cute one, it seems Obtuse - Thickheaded Obtuse - This angle is between 90 and 180 degrees Obtuse - To be thus blunt can be stupid Obtuse - To ring telephones for custom is insensitive Obtuse - Tube so unusually thick Obtuse - Tube so unusually thick Obtuse - Unobservant Obtuse - Wide angle designation Obtuse - Wretched tube, so slow