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Perverse - Wrongheaded

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Perverse - Wrongheaded Perverse - Cantankerous Perverse - Not co-operative in the way of poetry Perverse - Contrary, through poetry Perverse - 19 down through the medium of poetry, it seems Perverse - 'wayward, peevish (8)' Perverse - 'unreasonable, awkward (8)' Perverse - 'contrary to what's considered right, proper or good (8)' Perverse - Unreasonable, awkward Perverse - Disposed to oppose and contradict Perverse - Preserve in order to be stubbornly intractable Perverse - Contrary to what's considered right, proper or good Perverse - Preserve in order to be contrary or intractable Perverse - Contrary through poetry Perverse - 'contrary, through the medium of poetry (8)' Perverse - Unreasonable way of paying a poet? Perverse - Preserve disorder, being obstinate Perverse - Difficult bit of the bible for each to start with Perverse - Difficult way for a poet to make a living Perverse - Contrary Perverse - Wayward Perverse - Cross-grained Perverse - Unreasonable Perverse - Cussed Perverse - Obstinately wrong-headed Perverse - Unreasonable in each lyric Perverse - Wayward, peevish Perverse - Obstinate Perverse - Wayward congressman rejected poetry Perverse - Deliberately unreasonable Perverse - Wayward cleric brought up in cambridge school Perverse - Each part of chapter is intractable Perverse - Contrary to what's accepted for each section of the bible Perverse - Deliberately difficult for every rhyme Perverse - Deliberately contrary Perverse - It can be difficult getting through poetry Perverse - For each part of the bible is wilfully obscure Perverse - It's difficult for retiring congressman briefly to say the lines Perverse - Each poem is wayward Perverse - By getting a rhyme for 'capricious' Perverse - Retired agent, anti-irish and obstinate Perverse - Deliberately wicked by-lines Perverse - Through poetry, becoming irrational Perverse - Wilfully doing wrong according to a number of lines Perverse - A work by 22, perhaps capricious Perverse - Bloody-minded, intrinsically entertaining reverend retired Perverse - Wilful agent sent back poetry Perverse - Unreasonable for each to introduce part of chapter Perverse - Cantankerous salesman's taken up poetry Perverse - Deliberately departing from what is reasonable Perverse - It's deliberately obstinate for retiring congressman briefly to say the lines Perverse - Obstinate exercise by last defender is noted by lineman Perverse - Unreasonable way to pay the bard? Perverse - Corrupt Perverse - It's awkward for a gent raising bit from the bible Perverse - A bit of poetry's deliberately weird