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Toast - A raft, in diner slang

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Toast - A raft, in diner slang Toast - Brown Toast - Someone celebrated Toast - Wedding offering to the bride and groom Toast - A goner Toast - Favorite Toast - Oft-burned item Toast - 'to your health!,' e.g Toast - B.l.t. base Toast - Occasion to stand up Toast - See 52-down Toast - One who's a goner Toast - Raise a glass to Toast - Wedding-reception ritual Toast - Tribute of a sort Toast - Breakfast bread Toast - Wedding reception event Toast - It may be french Toast - Melba's breakfast? Toast - Words to a bride and groom Toast - Brown in the kitchen Toast - One who's done for Toast - Raise one's glass to Toast - Table delivery Toast - Skoal, for one Toast - Best man's assignment Toast - "cheers," e.g Toast - Words of honor? Toast - Skoal, e.g Toast - Brown bread Toast - Glass raiser Toast - Wedding reception ritual Toast - Clink glasses Toast - "here's to you" is one Toast - It usually pops up Toast - Lift one's spirits? Toast - 'to happiness!,' e.g Toast - "skoal," e.g Toast - Dedication with glasses Toast - Wedding reception tradition Toast - Something you make standing up Toast - "cheers!" e.g Toast - Breakfast side Toast - Wedding reception highlight Toast - Bread for breakfast Toast - A goner, in slang Toast - Tribute to raise your spirits? Toast - "history" Toast - Breakfast staple Toast - Eggs go-with Toast - "here's to you," e.g Toast - Breakfast order Toast - Breakfast item Toast - Wedding-party ritual Toast - Warm comparative Toast - "here's to you!", for one Toast - Drink at the dais Toast - "skoal" or "prosit" Toast - Chipped beef Toast - Salute with spirits Toast - Done for, slangily Toast - 'here's mud in your eye!,' e.g Toast - Wedding reception speech Toast - "here's to you!" is one Toast - "to your health!" e.g Toast - It's often proposed after the wedding Toast - Proposal with a raised hand Toast - French ___ Toast - Diner "raft," and theme of this puzzle Toast - Cheers or skoal Toast - Pub proposal Toast - "to your health," for one Toast - Breakfast bread that's browned Toast - Utter, 'here's to...' Toast - Acclaim Toast - Best-man ritual Toast - Best man's offer Toast - Best man's responsibility Toast - Hold over the fire, say Toast - Reason for raised glasses Toast - Drinker's salute Toast - Lift a glass to Toast - As good as dead Toast - It gets burnt a lot Toast - Words from the best man Toast - Hot bread Toast - Drinker's proposal Toast - "here's to ..." tribute Toast - Call for high flutes? Toast - Melba ___ Toast - Hot slice Toast - Clink lead-up Toast - "here's mud in your eye!" e.g Toast - Best man's offering Toast - Completely shot Toast - Drink to Toast - Blt base Toast - Club sandwich base Toast - Browned bread Toast - Melba -- Toast - Bread that's browned Toast - 'skoal!,' e.g Toast - Make the burn get drunk Toast - If one is drunk one may get fired Toast - Food and drink Toast - That might make things hot for crosaire today Toast - Gets fired for being drunk Toast - May get drunk or burnt Toast - Food or drink for the good of your health Toast - Drink it while it's hot Toast - A hot drink is healthy Toast - Drink to the health of Toast - Drink to the health of Toast - Being drunk, one might get burnt Toast - One may get drunk by the fire Toast - Drink to the healt of Toast - Make crisp and brown Toast - May be drunk enough to burn it Toast - Gets drunk and may be burnt Toast - Proposal rarely made on one knee Toast - See 90-down Toast - Get heated for the good of one's health Toast - Bread from the oven Toast - Club foundation Toast - "to your health!" is one Toast - 'here's to...' gesture Toast - Utterly screwed Toast - "l'chaim!" is one Toast - One's cheerfully drunk when in drink Toast - Drink the health of a high-minded person? Toast - One's proposed to a good man Toast - Drink to a virtuous character Toast - A drink as drunk by an under-age person Toast - The queen, say, to perfection welcoming head of state Toast - Perfectly describing sun tan Toast - Formally drink a health Toast - It may be eaten (or drunk!) Toast - Drink the health of - brown bread! Toast - It's found under marmalade and butter Toast - Tribute (plus a clinking of glasses?) Toast - Food (that one can drink!) Toast - Grill - clinking of glasses Toast - Wish for someone's continued health Toast - Salute with a raised glass Toast - Breakfast side dish Toast - Speech sometimes read from a crumpled sheet of paper Toast - Honor, in a way Toast - Wedding party ritual Toast - "here's mud in your eye!" is one Toast - Make bread brown and crisp Toast - Breakfast serving Toast - Wedding proposal? Toast - Raise a glass (to) Toast - One who's doomed Toast - Glass-raised salute Toast - Grilled bread - drink (to) Toast - Common breakfast fare Toast - Tribute with drinks Toast - "here's to you!" for instance Toast - Masters something from the kitchen? Toast - Feature of breakfast ... or dinner? Toast - Tavern tribute Toast - Health food Toast - Health drunk Toast - A bit of a bloomer, possibly, making this pledge? Toast - Health food? Toast - It was very hot for streetband in 1978 Toast - It turned streetband into one-hit wonders Toast - Brown by radiant heat Toast - Child eating a second slice of this? Toast - When to get in quantity of spirits? to drink a health Toast - Very precise about second breakfast item Toast - Cook wants oven temperature set to top Toast - Drink, cook Toast - Warm person much admired Toast - Tribute to a good man Toast - Warm, it may be eaten or drunk Toast - 'here's to a very good chap!' Toast - Cook by radiant heat Toast - Raising of glasses Toast - A tribute that's warm Toast - Tribute to one such as paul, george, or john Toast - Drink to one's health Toast - Nicely including son in tribute Toast - Breakfast slice - add a second in Toast - We might possibly grill it, it's proposed Toast - Brown bread for health Toast - The sunday joint? not her meal component Toast - Warm around south, precisely Toast - In perfect way, accepting son's tribute Toast - Tribute specifically for a venerable person Toast - Raise a glass to (someone) Toast - Celebrate breakfast Toast - Warm temperature in front of kiln Toast - Perhaps all the best infant clothing starts with aunt sewing Toast - 9-, 20-, 28-, 37-, 48- or 53-across Toast - "skoal," for one Toast - Diner "raft" Toast - Perfectly embodies the ultimate in courageous soldier material Toast - See 51 down Toast - Tribute or proposal of health or success Toast - Health-giving food Toast - Drink to someone Toast - Drink one's health Toast - Brown bread for tots - a crumbly sort Toast - Brown bread for good health Toast - Drink as in drink and food Toast - Heat bread Toast - Drink to serve with brown bread Toast - Drink to a good man? Toast - Brown raising a glass? Toast - Here's to a venerated person Toast - Defeated party? exactly -- coming about second Toast - Celebratory drink that's perhaps served at breakfast Toast - Drink's consumed when making this Toast - Brown drinks being raised? Toast - Heat these initially on top of oven Toast - Drink to health Toast - Tribute to a holy person Toast - 59-across, after crisping Toast - 'salud!,' say Toast - Banquet tribute Toast - Sandwich request Toast - This often accompanies speaker's thanks, for a start Toast - 'here's to the happy couple!,' e.g Toast - Salute of a sort Toast - Grill Toast - Best man's speech Toast - Brown bread for good health, perhaps Toast - Banquet ritual Toast - 'to kanye: may he finally learn to share his deep and boundless love with another human,' for one Toast - 'l'chaim!' is one Toast - Chipped beef go-with Toast - Part of a wedding reception Toast - Melba or french Toast - Bread that's been browned Toast - Done for Toast - Wedding reception tribute Toast - Brown under a grill Toast - Grilled bread Toast - See 1-across Toast - Burnt archers of loaf song? Toast - Tori amos breakfast song? Toast - One of a series at a wedding reception Toast - Wedding tribute Toast - Child eats a bit of sausage in grill Toast - 'cheers,' e.g Toast - Best man's oration Toast - Wedding dinner speech, often Toast - Dinner tribute Toast - A lost cause Toast - "here's to you," for one Toast - 'here's to the newlyweds!,' e.g Toast - Oft-buttered food Toast - Tribute directed towards john, paul, or george, say Toast - Invitation à boire Toast - Best man's delivery Toast - Something for breakfast, perfectly round crumpets, ultimately Toast - Aural tribute Toast - Tribute to water tester nearly getting endless fizz (5) Toast - Wedding event Toast - Se porte avant de boire Toast - Browned bread; health