Ruler - King or queen

Word by letter:
  • Ruler - Letter on R
  • 1 - st. word R
  • 2 - st. word U
  • 3 - st. word L
  • 4 - st. word E
  • 5 - st. word R

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Ruler - King or queen Ruler - 12-inch stick Ruler - Schoolbag item Ruler - Mars, to aries, in astrology Ruler - Makeshift punishment device Ruler - What 'henry' means, literally Ruler - It's for good measure Ruler - Straightedge Ruler - Monarch, for one Ruler - Pencil-box accessory Ruler - Rapper in class? Ruler - Desk drawer item Ruler - King or queen, e.g Ruler - King or czar Ruler - Measuring tool Ruler - Drawing help Ruler - Foot-long thing Ruler - Measuring stick Ruler - Crown wearer Ruler - Stick in a desk Ruler - Back-to-school item Ruler - School tool Ruler - Czar or king Ruler - Pencil box top, often Ruler - Sovereign Ruler - Foot of wood Ruler - Back-to-school purchase Ruler - It's a foot long Ruler - 12' stick Ruler - King or emperor Ruler - School desk item Ruler - Regent, for one Ruler - It's often a foot long Ruler - It's made to measure Ruler - One in charge Ruler - Stick in school Ruler - Foot-long school tool Ruler - Head Ruler - Kaiser or czar Ruler - It's used for good measure Ruler - Commander Ruler - Throne occupant Ruler - Monarch Ruler - Measuring aid Ruler - Foot-long stick, often Ruler - Stick for guidance Ruler - Emperor, for instance Ruler - Viceroy, e.g Ruler - Stick for a drawer Ruler - School-bag item Ruler - Yardstick's kin Ruler - Queen, e.g Ruler - Fiat source Ruler - Not a crooked king Ruler - That'll help one to keep in line Ruler - Being at the top, shows one where to draw the line (5) Ruler - That will keep his majesty on the straight and narrow Ruler - Where one might draw the line - being on the throne Ruler - The sort of king that is made to keep one straight Ruler - Straight edge for drawing lines Ruler - Being at the top, this will show you where to draw the line Ruler - Governor or drawing stick Ruler - That's where the one at the top can draw the line Ruler - King, president etc Ruler - King or, president, say Ruler - King, president, etc Ruler - Strip with straight edge to measure Ruler - Drawing stick or monarch Ruler - Monarch or yardstick Ruler - Strip used for drawing straight lines Ruler - King, president, say Ruler - This will help one to draw the line at being president Ruler - Must not be a crooked king Ruler - His majesty will keep one on the straight and narrow Ruler - A straight monarch Ruler - Means of measuring a sovereign Ruler - Authority for government measures Ruler - Governor left with the queen after the game Ruler - Straight strip, guv? Ruler - The measure of authority? Ruler - Drawing instrument found amongst dividers? Ruler - The head may be wooden in school Ruler - Chief law maker ultimately Ruler - One who commands - often seen in the classroom Ruler - Sovereign - support for a firm line? Ruler - Sovereign - support for a firm line! Ruler - Monarch - straightedge Ruler - Emperor - measure Ruler - Strip with straight edges Ruler - Person in charge of country Ruler - Person in power - can draw a line Ruler - Leader Ruler - Aid to drawing straight lines Ruler - Person in charge Ruler - Person in authority Ruler - Aid for a straight line Ruler - Monarch - drafting tool Ruler - Strip used in drawing straight lines Ruler - It helps to draw straight lines Ruler - Shah, e.g Ruler - It could be used to strike a sovereign Ruler - Headpiece in school bag Ruler - Back-to-school shopping purchase Ruler - Something marked off in school Ruler - Sovereign one Ruler - Desk-drawer item Ruler - Can have the measure of most things in the castle Ruler - Use it for good measure Ruler - Has the measure of most things in the castle Ruler - One for drawing lines Ruler - King, one regretting touring loch Ruler - A straight-edge Ruler - Graduated straight-edge Ruler - Thoroughly straight person holding sway? Ruler - Peggy --- (buddy holly) Ruler - Measuring strip Ruler - Eg, king, emperor Ruler - Gregory isaacs is cool one Ruler - Drawing aid Ruler - Leonora, leonora, leonora Ruler - Straight edge; governor Ruler - One governing Ruler - Man in charge of game initially even-handed between sides Ruler - Straight edge Ruler - One regretting installing liberal leader in government Ruler - One in power with regret imprisoning liberal right Ruler - Royal liner? Ruler - Yardstick Ruler - Eg, emperor Ruler - Eg, king Ruler - Eg, a king Ruler - Chief regret is keeping one side before the other Ruler - One in government Ruler - One exercising control in measuring strip Ruler - Stick used by one laying down the line Ruler - The one in the pinafore was once a sweeper Ruler - King, say - one responsible for a line? Ruler - Straight edge; monarch Ruler - Not a subject needed at school Ruler - Person in charge? Ruler - One who has power is left in regret - right? Ruler - Measure taken by a governor Ruler - Governor Ruler - Measuring rod; governor Ruler - Take control first for governor Ruler - King perhaps may be seen sitting on desk Ruler - The chief is straight as can be Ruler - Rigid measure? Ruler - Game the french run for good measure Ruler - Not a subject you'll remember from school Ruler - Measure Ruler - Straight man at the top Ruler - Queen's rigid guide Ruler - Man who may impose a rigid measure? Ruler - ' - - of the queen's navee!' Ruler - The measure of one who has control Ruler - Person commanding Ruler - One measures initial response following decree Ruler - King, say -- one responsible for a line? Ruler - Governor to regret taking in one side and another Ruler - Master game and finally steal queen Ruler - Game and tragic king, not a figure of authority? Ruler - One's caesar salad (undressed) i regret eating Ruler - Being in charge one needs to be straight Ruler - Maharaja, e.g Ruler - 'sheerluck holmes and the golden --', a film in the 'veggie tales' series Ruler - Stationery item Ruler - Monarch; measurer Ruler - Drawing aid from head of state Ruler - Measuring device Ruler - Aid in drawing straight lines Ruler - Planet associated with a zodiac sign Ruler - Potentate Ruler - Measurer; monarch Ruler - Chief measure Ruler - Country's leader Ruler - Monarch is to regret accepting liberal republican Ruler - Has the measure of one of those in charge of 2 down Ruler - Autocrat's measure Ruler - Country's leader Ruler - One exercises dominion Ruler - Queen or emperor Ruler - King or tsar Ruler - The queen of hearts, vis-à-vis wonderland Ruler - It can create long lines Ruler - Liberal dons feel sorry for king ... and queen? Ruler - Band dictator Ruler - Alanis lyric "slap me with a splintered ___" Ruler - Chief Ruler - One measures a big gun, perhaps? Ruler - Sovereign measure Ruler - Sovereign that will keep one going straight Ruler - Common bookbag item Ruler - Measurement tool Ruler - Manager left in regret before start of relegation Ruler - One who holds sway and effects government Ruler - Despot perhaps that should go straight Ruler - It helps keep things straight Ruler - Something made to measure for emperor Ruler - Yardstick, e.g Ruler - Item in a school desk Ruler - Despot, for instance Ruler - Leader - line-drawing aid Ruler - Leader - line-drawing aid Ruler - Czar or kaiser
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King or queen (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - king or queen. word on "R". 1 - st. letter R. 2 - st. letter U. 3 - st. letter L. 4 - st. letter E. 5 - st. letter R.

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