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Entered - Signed up for

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Entered - Signed up for Entered - Recorded Entered - Penetrated Entered - Came in Entered - Walked in Entered - Logged Entered - Typed in Entered - Became a contestant Entered - Became involved in Entered - Broke in, e.g Entered - Put down Entered - Put in Entered - Came into Entered - Popped in Entered - Signed up Entered - Put forward formally Entered - Went in Entered - Registered for Entered - Stepped inside Entered - Keyed in Entered - Typed in, as data Entered - In the database, say Entered - Input Entered - Pierced Entered - Came in Entered - Walked into Entered - In the end, the tree has been cut in bits as one came in for it all Entered - It was no go to have chopped up the tree in the end Entered - In the end of the tree is chopped up but not out Entered - In with the beginning of 21 across Entered - Went in and registered as competitor Entered - Enrolled or went in Entered - Go tin? Entered - Having got in with it, it's been posted Entered - In the end the tree in bits gets posted Entered - Not left Entered - Got in for the tree in the end Entered - How ned came in with the tree in bits Entered - Close-bound sickly tree logged Entered - Ten deer (anag) - went in Entered - Worked on, as a log Entered - In the log, say Entered - Signed up for, as a contest Entered - In the journal, say Entered - The egghead rented accommodation and moved in Entered - Just a selection from presenter edited and recorded Entered - Put down books, set in outlying parts of empire, written by socialist Entered - Went into hospital department before daughter Entered - Ten deer (anag.) Entered - Registered with hospital department before taking degree Entered - Stopped being an outsider Entered - Strange-looking tree incorporated in design submitted Entered - Admitted having come onto the stage Entered - Registered Entered - Got into dodgy trend taking double ecstasy Entered - Came into hospital department flushed on ecstasy Entered - Went in and made a record Entered - Enrolled Entered - Went in bearing tender for exchange Entered - In conclusion, tree is chopped up and logged Entered - Was no longer an outsider Entered - Appeared to act? Entered - Correspondent: 'er editor's sandwiches put down on paper Entered - Came onstage Entered - Came in; recorded Entered - Put in the books Entered - Crossed the sill Entered - Crossed the threshold Entered - Recorded theories regularly in conclusion Entered - What metallica's "sandman" did Entered - Went inside Entered - Typed Entered - Went in hospital department with foot in bandage and inflamed Entered - Walked onstage Entered - Eligible to win Entered - Went in hospital department before daughter Entered - Infiltrated Entered - Infiltrated