Enclave - Vatican city, to rome, e.g

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  • Enclave - Letter on E
  • 1 - st. word E
  • 2 - st. word N
  • 3 - st. word C
  • 4 - st. word L
  • 5 - st. word A
  • 6 - st. word V
  • 7 - st. word E

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Enclave - Surrounded territory Enclave - Vatican city, to rome, e.g Enclave - Bounded area Enclave - Isolated area Enclave - Isolated region Enclave - Ethnic area, perhaps Enclave - Isolated community Enclave - Times may have produced a leader to back the den round the water Enclave - Enclosed territory, distinct from the one that surrounds it Enclave - Area enclosed within a foreign territory Enclave - Minority culture living within larger group Enclave - Valence for small territory enclosed in foreign state Enclave - Territory enclosed within another one Enclave - Enclosed territory, culturally distinct the one that surrounds it Enclave - Isolated territory enclosed by valence Enclave - Small territory owned by one state but lying within another Enclave - Small territory of one state lying within another Enclave - Thus might n leave c in an isolated position Enclave - Surrounded land Enclave - Vatican city is one Enclave - English class held in part of church forming enclosure Enclave - Part of country surrounded by foreign territory Enclave - Part of country surrounded by another Enclave - Distinct territory within another Enclave - Piece of territory within another country Enclave - Vatican city vis-à-vis rome Enclave - First lady protects clan, roaming isolated part of country Enclave - Land wholly within foreign territory Enclave - Distinct community in french grotto, about fifty Enclave - Region wholly within another Enclave - Country within another Enclave - Group that's surrounded opponents getting stuck once Enclave - In middle of spencer, clean pocket Enclave - Group differing in ethnicity from surrounding people Enclave - Group ethnically different from those around it Enclave - Different clan surrounded by mostly regular? Enclave - Description of isolated group in unwritten clavell work Enclave - Enclosed piece of territory Enclave - Area ethnically different from its surroundings Enclave - Surrounded area of a different ethnicity Enclave - Vatican city, vis-à-vis rome Enclave - Blokes without leader left in pothole in enclosed place Enclave - Fifty found in french cave form a cultural group isolated in the country Enclave - Nation lying in state? Enclave - Enclosure Enclave - Territory within another country Enclave - Surround confused clan during late part of day Enclave - The vatican perhaps achieved clean break with victory in europe Enclave - 150 in eastern part of church in enclosed area Enclave - Enclosed territory Enclave - Enclosure left inside in french hollow Enclave - Country that's in a state Enclave - Barrier foot away around facilities in piece of territory Enclave - Territory for 150 in eastern part of church Enclave - Imprison a hundred for beginning to subvert lesotho for example Enclave - Soldiers beheaded and left in hollow in surrounded area Enclave - Enrolled nurse with word of warning about left tract Enclave - Isolated group Enclave - Lesotho, for instance Enclave - An enclosed area of eastern part of church filled with chlorine Enclave - Wash by middle of fence in enclosed area Enclave - Hail on enclosure occasions reservation Enclave - Country wholly within another Enclave - Rising, oddly drained, leave all i can see in vatican city? Enclave - Some land in valence for redevelopment Enclave - Territoire complètement entouré par un autre Enclave - Vatican city, to rome
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