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Item - List member Item - Bit of gossip Item - Column couple Item - News bit Item - List component Item - Detail Item - Agendum Item - Twosome Item - Columnist's squib Item - Particular Item - Checklist part Item - Object of gossip Item - Part of a list Item - Thingy Item - Point Item - One-inch news story Item - Big-ticket ___ Item - Topic of gossip Item - Whatsis Item - Newsbreak Item - Tabloid twosome Item - Twosome in the gossip columns Item - Line-___ veto Item - Piece of news Item - Part of an agenda Item - News dispatch Item - Article Item - Gossip tidbit Item - Gossip column squib Item - Squib Item - Docket entry Item - Part of a checklist Item - Column bit Item - Secret couple, in gossip Item - Thingamabob Item - Ledger entry Item - It's on the agenda Item - Entry on a list Item - Gossip blurb Item - Checklist bit Item - Passionate pair Item - Agendum, e.g Item - Couple in a column Item - Some thing Item - Romantic duo Item - Agenda element Item - Gossip topic Item - Bullet point Item - Couple in a gossip column Item - Checklist unit Item - Entry Item - Tabloid tidbit Item - Checklist line Item - News clipping Item - One in an express checkout count Item - Inventory unit Item - Agenda unit Item - One thing among several Item - List part Item - Squib, say Item - Agenda part Item - Gossipy tidbit Item - Couple Item - Agenda component Item - Newsy bit Item - Matter to be discussed Item - Couple of stars together, e.g Item - Tabloid pair Item - Pair Item - List unit Item - Short news bit Item - Couple, to tabloids Item - Bit of a list Item - Inventory entry Item - Bit of news Item - Couple of the week, e.g Item - Gossip column bit Item - Couple in the news Item - Columnists tidbit Item - Bullet accompanier Item - One counted in an express checkout Item - Newspaper piece Item - Doohickey Item - News flash Item - List entry Item - It's introduced with a bullet point Item - Celebrity pair, usually Item - Tidbit of gossip Item - One on a list Item - Part of a supermarket list Item - Romantic couple Item - Two stars dating, e.g Item - Birth announcement, e.g Item - Piece in the paper Item - Society page duo Item - Inventory listing Item - Liz smith squib Item - It may have a bullet by it Item - Line-___veto Item - Tabloid couple Item - Any thing Item - New couple in the news Item - Couple, in "star" Item - Line on a list Item - Nugget of news Item - It may have a bullet next to it Item - Line-__ veto Item - Hot couple Item - Action __ Item - Celebrity couple, in the tabloids Item - Tabloids couple Item - Thing, in an express checkout Item - Couple in the tabloids Item - Thing Item - Account entry Item - Tabloids twosome Item - Dating pair Item - Thing on a list Item - News article Item - Line with a bullet, maybe Item - Auction unit Item - Agenda entry Item - Couple, in the tabloids Item - Gossip unit Item - Social note Item - Thing next to a bullet Item - Two in the news Item - To-do list entry Item - He and she in a gossip column Item - Gossip column duo Item - It may be next to a bullet Item - It might get a tick on a list Item - Tabloid couple, e.g Item - Agenda detail Item - Agenda line Item - Gossip column tidbit Item - Duo in the news Item - Agenda listing Item - Canoodling couple, maybe Item - Hollywood pairing Item - News release, e.g Item - Newspaper clipping Item - Supermarket-line unit Item - Something newsworthy Item - Hollywood couple Item - Agenda thing Item - Topic of gossip, sometimes Item - Checkout-counter unit Item - Gossip column subject Item - List bit Item - Couple, in gossip Item - Thingum Item - Line- --- veto Item - Express lane unit Item - One in a grocery cart Item - Supermarket-checkout unit Item - Talked-about twosome Item - Collector's ___ (rarity) Item - Unit-pricing unit Item - Bulleted listing Item - Checkout-line unit Item - Unit Item - Scandalous bit Item - Agenda addition Item - Gossip column pair Item - People seeing each other Item - News piece Item - Gossip's subject Item - Tabloid subject Item - Bit of e! channel news Item - Checklist detail Item - Ben and j. lo, once Item - Short article Item - Shopping-list entry Item - News __ Item - Hot pair Item - Thing on the schedule Item - Tomkat or brangelina, e.g Item - Bullet follower Item - Brangelina, e.g Item - See 62-down Item - Checkout lane unit Item - Supermarket checkout unit Item - One often follows a bullet Item - Short news piece Item - Prop, really Item - Something on the agenda Item - Big-ticket __ Item - Commodity Item - Couple, to 3 down Item - Hollywood couple, perhaps Item - Unit on a 2-down Item - Unit on a list Item - Bit in a newspaper Item - News tidbit Item - Discussion point Item - Express line unit Item - Line of a list Item - It's up for bid Item - News story Item - One may be next to a bullet Item - Something on a list Item - Couple on a gossip page Item - Short newspaper piece Item - News squib Item - Laundry-list component Item - It may follow a bullet Item - "big-ticket" thing Item - Gossipy news Item - Publishable snippet Item - Newscast segment Item - Menu selection Item - Subject for gossip Item - Supermarket express lane unit Item - Line ___ Item - Tmz twosome Item - Couple in people Item - Gossiped-about couple Item - New couple in people, e.g Item - National examiner couple Item - Gossip subject Item - Gossip bit Item - Object Item - Gossip-column subject Item - Couple, in a gossip column Item - Gossip-column entry Item - Couple, to tmz Item - Couple, to a gossipmonger Item - Twosome, in a gossip column Item - Twosome, to tmz Item - Agenda bit Item - Checklist component Item - Couple, to gossipers Item - Time for kkk? Item - There's a lot of advice from the unaspirated on how to hit them Item - What a lot of advice from the unaspirated to strike out at them! Item - I met up with a lot like this Item - What a lot of advice from the unaspirated to strike them! Item - In turn, came across one lot of this Item - One lot encountered one back here Item - Came across one up here quite a lot Item - What a lot of advice to the cockney to defend himself! Item - A lot of unaspirated advice to knock them? Item - A lot met up with one Item - I met up with a lot of this Item - By the sound of it allot it to them Item - A lot came across one back there Item - Such a lot of time! Item - A lot of unaspirated advice to hit them Item - There's a lot of it with Item - This encountered one up quite a lot Item - How one met up with one bit of the list Item - A lot of time Item - What a lot of it there is with them Item - Back here, came across one, and that's the lot Item - It might be a mite that there's such a lot of Item - It takes a lot of time to make it Item - A lot of this encountered one up here Item - That's the thing over them on the list Item - Met up with one quite a lot Item - What a lot of that thing with 'em! Item - It takes a lot for it to get me up Item - What a lot like this i met up with! Item - The thing is there are lots more like this with them Item - Where there's a lot, i encountered one on the back here Item - What a lot of time it takes! (4) Item - Here is a lot i met up with (4) Item - Back to have come across one that's on the list (4) Item - There's such a lot of it that i came to one of it up here Item - There's a lot of it with them Item - Met up with one when the cockney came to blows with them Item - Met up with one a lot Item - Met up with one and a lot of it Item - Lots like this one came across one up Item - There's a lot like this Item - A lot of time is needed to make this Item - Encountered one back there quiite a lot Item - There's a lot of this Item - There's lots of it with them Item - There's a lot of it where one came across one Item - There's a lot of it going back as i encountered one Item - There's a lot of it here - came across one back there Item - Only one thing, yet there's a lot of it for sale Item - A lot of time to have encountered one back there Item - One of this is a lot of it with them Item - One thing on a list Item - Single thing, poor mite Item - One thing, poor mite Item - Individual article or unit Item - 'one thing, poor mite (4)' Item - Separate object or unit Item - 'just one thing, the mite (4)' Item - Came across one - or a lot up here Item - One unit on a list Item - Unit or distinct part Item - Single unit Item - There's a lot of this on the list Item - One unit Item - Twosome, tabloid-style Item - New couple Item - A single thing, poor mite Item - Brangelina, for one Item - Indivual unit Item - Individual unit in a list Item - Just one thing, poor mite Item - Seperate article in an enumeration Item - Single article on a list Item - Romantically involved couple Item - Individual unit Item - Met up with one, quite a lot Item - It takes a lot of time to get it back with them, in short Item - Encountered one the wrong way a lot Item - Came across one of a lot back there Item - One met up with a lot of this Item - A lot of it with me back at last Item - A lot of this i met up with Item - There's a lot like this one has met up with Item - One lot of time came across one up there Item - Get it with them - a lot of it Item - Met up with one of a lot Item - Came across one of them up there with the whole lot of it Item - Me and what's it are a couple Item - Came across a lot of one such back here Item - Encountered one up for a lot of it Item - This lot met up with one Item - Came across one lot of this back here Item - The lot came up and encountered one Item - Two who smooch, say Item - Pair in the tabloids Item - Twosome in a gossip column Item - Express-checkout unit Item - One lot of time to make Item - "big ticket" thing Item - Collector's ___ Item - Couple subject to gossip Item - Menu listing Item - List line Item - Piece of news i encountered on return Item - Novel timepiece Item - Going steady? let 'em 'ave it! Item - 24 i came across on the way up Item - One side without a thing Item - Time to manoeuvre to gain entry Item - A couple in the news? Item - Report: give it to me in turn Item - Couple with something on the agenda Item - Retired police inspector's heading unit Item - Particular couple Item - Couple came together, one facing the ceiling? Item - A couple in one piece Item - Shakespeare's second best bed for a couple? Item - Feature a couple Item - Came across single turning into a pair Item - Article on computer science needs space … Item - Couple emerging from exit seem half-cut Item - Detail - entry Item - One thing among many Item - Article (on list or in news) Item - Article in list Item - One of a series (or a couple!) Item - One thing - two people, perhaps Item - Two people? Item - News morsel Item - Separate article Item - Couple, to a gossip columnist Item - Dating stars, perhaps Item - Gossip page pair Item - Time to unveil unit Item - Paparazzi's target Item - Gossip column couple Item - Two people, romantically linked Item - News nugget Item - Shopping list entry Item - Some news, a bit of excitement Item - Part of many a column Item - Two stars, maybe Item - Piece of news? Item - Listing on ebay Item - Gossip column note Item - Something i force backwards Item - A bullet often precedes one Item - See 6 Item - In time for constituent Item - Public pair Item - Canoodling couple, in the tabloids Item - A bit of news? Item - Twosome in the news, or the news itself Item - Tabloid fodder Item - Short news clip Item - Entry in a gossip column Item - Gossiper's topic Item - Twosome you read about Item - Agenda particular Item - Tidbit for the tabloids Item - Gossiped-about pair Item - News note Item - Couple of stars, say Item - Bookkeeping entry Item - Line on a shopping list Item - Two in a romantic relationship? Item - Object or unit Item - Menu option Item - Story leaders in the express monitored Item - News blurb Item - Newsy note Item - Two movie stars dating, e.g Item - Component found going around itsy-bitsy system Item - Shopping-list addition Item - Gossip-column couple Item - Unit; detail Item - Bit of news also out of date Item - I'm penning note for entry into account Item - Component Item - A single piece of information, or a couple Item - Individual article Item - Piece of information for partners Item - One entry in ledger book, or a couple Item - Entry (in an account) Item - Detail in meticulous return Item - Extract from quite moving article Item - Time for a sporting accessory Item - Piece of information Item - Piece (of news) Item - An article or two with a link Item - Some sharp writers who mustn't be crossed Item - Piece changed in time Item - Couple participating in white magic Item - Report - one the police sent over Item - One article, or a couple? Item - Romantic couple's bit of news Item - Article, unit Item - One article or two, romantically linked Item - See couple run out of ceremony, having got married Item - Sixteen's would be rare indeed Item - Couple i encountered going north Item - Couple's story Item - They're romantically tied - that's the thing Item - Child the result had this couple married much earlier Item - Something i came across, looking up Item - Individual object Item - Couple got together over on island Item - Syrian capital Item - They are as one together - that's the thing with them Item - Couple become tired, going over houses Item - Piece of gossip Item - Is that enough money for leader's constituent? Item - Distinct piece Item - Something on a grocery list Item - It's checked when it's done Item - "hot" merchandise Item - Magazine piece Item - Couple with some intention to entertain marriage? Item - Dating celebrities Item - Time (anag.) Item - A piece of news in a newspaper Item - A particular time should be fixed Item - Satisfied i got a write-up in the article Item - I settled back for a bit of news Item - Article i paid up for Item - Book-keeping entry Item - The object is to make news Item - Novel time piece Item - The point is one joined up Item - Unit in a list Item - Thing on list Item - Thing in list Item - Two lovers with sex appeal taking me aback Item - Object in a list Item - Couple carrying on? the thing that's upset me Item - The thing i bumped into, turning Item - Piece of news i encountered on rising Item - The thing, these days, to call a couple Item - Settled back with independent article Item - Individual thing, element, matter, initially Item - Two lovers as one Item - Thing, that, reversing, ran into one Item - On return, confronted one with the article Item - Something in list gone over by site manager Item - One of a list Item - Thing in a list Item - An article or just a snippet in the news section Item - Independent answered back after article Item - An article or just a few lines in the newspaper Item - Detail one came across on the way back Item - Was introduced to a single, returned as a couple Item - It takes little space in the newspaper Item - Couple missed opening of ceremonial mass Item - Thing that time changes Item - Couple killing time Item - Object i bumped into, turning Item - One thing, or a couple Item - It gets me upset in the newspaper Item - About time for a piece of news Item - Bit of excitement for pair possibly including ... Item - Detail (in a list) Item - A thing or two of interest to gossip columnists Item - Piece of news i came across on the way back Item - Pair feature in news bulletin Item - Couple with sex appeal repel me Item - Piece of news one came across on the way back Item - Thing i encountered upon retirement Item - Feature i encountered on rising Item - Notice that bloke in 'eastenders' consuming endless cuppas Item - Feature scrap with male going down Item - Piece in paper -- that article gets the writer upset Item - Something on list Item - Couple in piece on bulletin Item - Couple with little one delay getting married Item - News story, 'sex appeal and the writer', getting sent up Item - Celebrity couple, slangily Item - A particular variation of time Item - Anything on 48-across Item - Romantic couple despite marriage fraying at the edges Item - Thing on an agenda Item - One of 10, say, in an express checkout lane Item - Story the author collected from the south Item - Object; piece Item - Gossip twosome Item - Loving couple Item - Twosome in the news Item - Listed thing Item - One piece of news, or a couple Item - Two people in people, maybe Item - Particular about kite mark? quite the reverse Item - Collector's __ Item - Bit of news to broadcast Item - Couple from india backing police Item - Gossip page couple Item - Dating celebrities, to a tabloid Item - Couple from india encountered on the way back Item - A bit of excitement for people dating? Item - One of 10, say, in a supermarket's express checkout lane Item - Gossip nugget Item - Part of white mountains seen in detail Item - News feature given bad time Item - Device usually obtained about halfway through a 'legend of zelda' dungeon Item - Account for lost time Item - Couple from italy got together on the rebound Item - Kimye or 17-across, e.g Item - Feature Item - Invite me to cover story Item - Dating duo Item - A couple in the end misbehaving, all kicking off Item - A couple one bumped into on the rebound? Item - A couple of gossip columns Item - Newspaper article Item - Bad time for news channel Item - Agenda bullet Item - Pair in a gossip mag Item - Time out feature Item - Power couple Item - Newsy nugget Item - Article, object Item - Couple came up against independent review Item - Tabloid pair, maybe Item - Shopping-list line Item - The pair from independent weather service review Item - Piece of news: unit Item - Topic covered up in the excitement Item - Independent sub's unfinished story Item - En outre Item - One or a couple? Item - Time out with one of the constituents Item - Individual unit, or a couple Item - Twosome on tmz, e.g Item - Tout élément d'un ensemble Item - Rock star couple Item - Pamela anderson and tommy lee, once Item - John and yoko, for one Item - Couple, in tabloids Item - David bowie and iman, for one Item - What chrissie hynde and ray davies were Item - Cd in amazon cart Item - Star pair Item - Romantic stars seen together Item - Star couple Item - Star might buy a big-ticket one Item - Rock star twosome Item - Star twosome Item - Rock star pair Item - Thing on a tour rider Item - Anything on a list Item - Bulleted list entry Item - Matter distributed evenly across lift beam Item - Express checkout lane unit Item - Object, detail Item - Individual unit on an agenda Item - Single detail on an agenda Item - Newsworthy couple Item - cart unit Item - Gossip column twosome Item - Paragraph in the newspaper, say Item - Unit next to a bullet point Item - Any listed thing Item - Collector's __ (rarity) Item - What dating rockers are Item - Destroy Item - Whole individual unit Item - Sexual attraction beginning to evaporate with married couple Item - Two stars, perhaps Item - A-rod and j-lo, in march 2017 headlines Item - Newscast part Item - See 31-down Item - Brangelina, once Item - 'big ticket' thing Item - Couple of the characters in 4 down upset Item - Subject for gossips Item - Menu component Item - Runs out of terminus with bit of news Item - It might follow a bullet Item - Question d'un test Item - Hot ___ Item - Unit in an online cart Item - Couple i came upon heading west Item - Thing i encountered on the way back Item - Nurse isn't among mutineers or detail Item - De plus Item - Compiler satisfied about detail Item - Two people romantically linked Item - Brody dalle and tim armstrong were one for a while Item - Thingamajig Item - Follower of a bullet Item - Thing marked off a list Item - Celeb pair Item - Checkout line unit Item - Checkout line unit Item - Élément minimal d'un ensemble Item - See 67-across Item - See 67-across