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Add - Raise, with 'to' Add - Contribute Add - Go on to say Add - Do basic arithmetic Add - Say further Add - Supplement Add - Make sense, with 'up' Add - Explain further Add - Use a postscript Add - Sum (up) Add - Use an abacus Add - Put two and two together Add - Recipe word Add - Tack on Add - Put a wing (on) Add - Put together, in a way Add - Combine Add - Build (on) Add - Lengthen, with “to” Add - Tally (up) Add - Stick in Add - Recipe direction Add - Include Add - Arithmetic function Add - Perform an arithmetic operation Add - Hit the + key Add - Check the check Add - Put on Add - Recipe instruction Add - Build on Add - Put in Add - Include, with 'in' Add - Do the math Add - Do sums Add - Tag on Add - ___-ons Add - Get to the bottom line Add - Stir in Add - Annex Add - Insert Add - Augment Add - Mix in Add - Say in a postscript Add - See 74-across Add - Cause an increase Add - Do simple math Add - Throw in Add - Tally Add - Elaborate Add - Subjoin Add - Cookbook direction Add - Take on Add - Put two and two together? Add - Recipe verb Add - Word on a dipstick Add - Continue Add - Say more Add - Lengthen (with "to") Add - Word found on a dipstick Add - Also say Add - Do sum math? Add - Stick on Add - Verb used in recipes Add - Gibe, with 'up' Add - Do sumthing? Add - Factor a sum Add - Interject Add - Way to check the check Add - What summers do Add - Go figure? Add - Perform an operation? Add - Write further Add - Utter parenthetically Add - Make a summation? Add - Append Add - Increase by Add - Contribute (to) Add - Put two and two together, say Add - State further Add - Work with a calculator, in a way Add - Do the math, maybe Add - Speak further Add - Kick in Add - Supplement (with "to") Add - Contribute to the conversation Add - Find a sum Add - Dipstick word Add - Put together Add - Just-water connection Add - Write a p.s., e.g Add - Perform an certain operation Add - Calculate the sum Add - Tot Add - Problem in focusing, for short Add - Toss in Add - Arithmetic directive Add - Chime in Add - Use a plus sign Add - Count up Add - Make a contribution Add - Mention as an afterthought Add - Calculate sums Add - Do some simple calculating Add - Sum up Add - Do a summer's work? Add - Compute, sometimes Add - Write, as a p.s Add - Offer as a bonus Add - Write in a postscript, e.g Add - Calculate the total Add - ___ insult to injury Add - Contribute, as to the conversation Add - Do sum work Add - Get a total Add - Hyperactivity may be a sign of it, for short Add - Do sum work? Add - Get sum? Add - Say "furthermore ...," say Add - Ritalin target: abbr Add - Do simple arithmetic Add - Total (up) Add - Compute a total Add - Throw into the mix Add - Foot up Add - Do the math, in a way Add - Incorporate Add - Word in math class Add - Total Add - Tendency for one's mind to wander, for short Add - Obey the plus sign Add - Include, as a dash of cinnamon Add - Do arithmetic Add - Hustle and bustle Add - Figure a sum Add - Affix Add - Calculate a total Add - Sum Add - Continue talking Add - Lengthen, maybe Add - Continue orating Add - Put into the equation Add - Put in with Add - Use a calculator Add - Put in with the rest Add - Put into the mix Add - Put 2 and 2 together Add - Cookbook verb Add - Toss into the mix Add - Keep talking Add - Do some math Add - Put together with Add - Find the total Add - Attach Add - Write a p.s Add - Tally up Add - Use a '+' Add - With 42-down, extensions Add - Work with numbers, in a way Add - Not the last of an addition Add - For a divine that's a plus Add - After this, with it i've got something more to put in Add - Along with it, i've got an extrabit put in Add - There's no m in us to do this Add - This led to its being bad - even more so Add - Put moron sound Add - Make more of a divine Add - With a bit more it led to its being bad Add - The sort of doctor that could give you 10 across Add - This will give one more of a divine degree Add - And what's more, that led to its going bad Add - How divine to be more than that! Add - Is one's doctorate all put on? (3) Add - Is one so divine? that's more like it Add - Never m in us to do that Add - Put more on what's already divine Add - This will not nonplus one Add - How divine to begin 11 across! Add - That's more like it! Add - How divine to be giving such a start to 28 across Add - Make more of one in church Add - No m in us for this Add - Moron, by the sound of it, might have something to do with this Add - It's a plus for one to be in church Add - What a divine way that might have led to the bad! Add - Does this give one more? how divine! Add - Aggregate or supplement Add - Determine the sum of Add - Put in your two cents Add - Append of tot Add - Toss into the mix, e.g Add - Seems it's a plus to be so divine Add - One divine may make more of this Add - And what's more this could see tea for one of 5 down Add - One might be divine, too Add - How divine to get a bit more to begin 15 down Add - This too led to it's being rotten Add - Get more of a man of god initially Add - Get more of what's divine initially Add - Divine way to get moron sound Add - Put on a bit more like this to make it initially divine Add - That is more then divine Add - How divine to put more on this Add - How divine to make more of it! Add - 'one's got one's 15 down, too (3)' Add - This led to its being bad Add - Confirm, as a friend on facebook Add - Engage in a summer activity? Add - Have sum fun? Add - Calculate column totals Add - Do basic math Add - Also mention Add - Attach (to) Add - Word near the bottom of a dipstick Add - Lack of focus, colloquially Add - Reckon on a clergyman joining Add - Tot worrying dad Add - Put together - append Add - Put together - attach Add - Find 9-across Add - Hook up with, on facebook? Add - Upheaval Add - Combine numbers Add - Mix (in) Add - Build on, with 'to' Add - Do some sums Add - Find the sum Add - Tack on a few extra Add - Run numbers? Add - "just ___ water" Add - Bring numbers together Add - Mention parenthetically Add - Focusing problem, for short Add - Use a 24-down Add - Tally one's scorecard Add - Work on one's figures? Add - Thing one can do on one's fingers Add - Word heard in math class Add - Attach, as a codicil Add - Tack (on) Add - Do the numbers Add - Increase (with "to") Add - Interpose Add - Contribute more Add - Put together (numbers) Add - Tot needs father, first to last Add - What the cricket scorer will do Add - Go further ahead designing shows Add - Count dracula's head on poster Add - Give more, to become a theologian Add - Sum, total Add - Tot's problem for hyperactive children Add - Put on candide - every second of it Add - Combine (numbers) Add - Total is a thousand, equally divided Add - Sum (numbers) Add - Total; put together Add - A thousand split in two, in total Add - Total up Add - Sum together Add - Count Add - Say as a further remark Add - Include article on theologian Add - Combine figures Add - Ancient pyramid builders Add - A divine tot Add - A cleric finding what a computer can do Add - Do a sum Add - Provide extra publicity about director Add - Also say it sounds like a commercial Add - To sum up, dad is odd! Add - Contribute a couple of old pennies Add - A theologian will put two and two together Add - Increase Add - Reason for difficulty learning to do some mathematics Add - Put on halfway through first millennium in rome? Add - Tot; append Add - Tot up Add - Subtract's opposite Add - Hit the plus button Add - Stir in, say Add - Make sense (with "up") Add - Do a grade-school lesson Add - Postfix Add - Say also Add - Calculate, in a way Add - Do a grade school assignment Add - Find sums Add - Put (numbers) together Add - Extend one's fingers, maybe Add - Cause of fidgeting, for short Add - Also include Add - Word on dipsticks Add - Do easy math Add - Write in a postscript Add - Stir into the mix Add - Be the summer? Add - Bring a plus one to? Add - Reckon d notice comes first Add - Say a bit more Add - Sum up a cleric Add - Word on some dipsticks Add - Do an operation where you carry the one, say Add - Recipe directive Add - ___ friend (facebook option) Add - Supplement, with "to" Add - Sum up; say further Add - Violent femmes "___ it up" Add - Violent femmes: "___ it up" Add - System of a down song off "steal this album!" Add - System of a down song about math? Add - Contribute a member Add - Gain a section Add - Ritalin target, for short Add - Bring aboard Add - Use the minus button Add - Do a bit of math Add - Pile on Add - Supplement with Add - Do a kenken operation Add - Recipe sentence starter Add - Inject Add - To gain a section Add - Do very easy math Add - Tack on, as tax Add - ___ line (dipstick mark) Add - Use a 112-down Add - Sum, put together Add - Throw in sample of bread dough Add - Use the "=sum" function, say Add - Tack on song to ipod Add - Do some arithmetic Add - ". . . above our poor power to __ or detract": gettysburg address