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Devo - 70's-80's robotic rock group

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Devo - 70's-80's robotic rock group Devo - Red-helmeted rock group Devo - 'whip it' singers Devo - Quirky 70's-80's band Devo - 'whip it' rock group Devo - 'whip it' group Devo - 'whip it' band Devo - Band who wore red plastic hats Devo - Rock group from akron that was a 1980 one-hit wonder Devo - "whip it" band Devo - Rock quintet from akron Devo - Mark mothersbaugh's former group Devo - 'satisfaction' band Devo - "whip it" group Devo - "whip it" rock group Devo - 'q: are we not men? a: we are ___!' (hit 1978 album) Devo - “whip it” band Devo - Mark mothersbaugh's band Devo - Rock group whose members wear red flowerpots on their heads Devo - Punk/new wave band since the '70s Devo - Robotic rock group Devo - Robotic rock group popular in the 1980s Devo - Band that performed the theme song for 'doctor detroit' Devo - 'oh, no! it's ___' (1982 rock album) Devo - Band that performed "whip it" Devo - Band that covered '(i can't get no) satisfaction' Devo - Band that wore flower pots and hazmat suits Devo - 'q: are we not men? a: we are ___!' Devo - "whip it" rockers Devo - Band parodied by weird al yankovic's 'dare to be stupid' Devo - Pluto shervington's debut hit Devo - New wave band with the hit 'whip it' Devo - Band named after a regressive concept Devo - New wave group whose most famous video features a ranch owner whipping the clothes off a woman, which was based on a true story they read in dude magazine Devo - 'whip it' band formed by two sets of brothers Devo - Musical group known for wearing red hats called 'energy domes' Devo - 'whip it' rock band Devo - Band with two cuts on the 'doctor detroit' soundtrack Devo - Mark mothersbaugh band Devo - Band with the hit 'whip it' Devo - 'it's not too late / to whip it / whip it good' singers Devo - Jumpsuit-wearing music group Devo - Musical group with 'energy domes'