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Tlc - Special attention, for short

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Tlc - Special attention, for short Tlc - R.n.'s offering Tlc - Gentle handling, initially Tlc - Mom's specialty Tlc - Antique car owner's need, for short Tlc - R.n.'s 'touch' Tlc - Extra effort, for short Tlc - Mom's offering Tlc - Restorationist's skill, for short Tlc - 'extreme machines' network Tlc - That special touch, briefly Tlc - Infant's need, for short Tlc - Pampering Tlc - Special touch, in brief Tlc - Affection, in brief Tlc - One hopes for this in an i.c.u Tlc - "waterfalls" singing group Tlc - What rn's are supposed to provide Tlc - Caring handling, initially Tlc - What a hosp. may provide Tlc - Compassionate letters Tlc - Compassionate letters? Tlc - R.n.'s forte Tlc - Rn's dispense it Tlc - Chicken soup accompaniment Tlc - Dr. mom's remedy Tlc - R.n.'s treatment Tlc - Letters of concern Tlc - Mom's specialty, briefly Tlc - Letters of devotion Tlc - What an rn supplies Tlc - Letters of affection Tlc - 'no scrubs' group Tlc - Solicitous attention, briefly Tlc - Good docs practice this Tlc - Dr. mom's remedy, for short Tlc - Devoted attention Tlc - Cable inits Tlc - Pampering, briefly Tlc - An rn gives it Tlc - Nurse’s skill, for short Tlc - Icu patient's need Tlc - It's administered by an rn Tlc - Hosp. patient's need Tlc - Motherly ministering, for short Tlc - What an rn dispenses Tlc - Rnճ forte? Tlc - Mom's forte Tlc - Lots of hugs, in brief Tlc - What patients need, for short Tlc - Home cure-all, popularly Tlc - Mom's forte, quickly Tlc - Rns dispense it Tlc - What rns dispense Tlc - See 19-across Tlc - Patient's need, briefly Tlc - Mom's specialty, for short Tlc - Rn's specialty Tlc - Icu offering, hopefully Tlc - Affection, briefly Tlc - R.n.'s m.o Tlc - What dr. mom administers Tlc - Rn specialty Tlc - "trading spaces" network Tlc - Doting letters Tlc - Pampering, initially Tlc - T-boz's trio, once Tlc - Tender loving care, for short Tlc - Trio that once toured with mc hammer Tlc - Tot's need, often Tlc - Pampering, for short Tlc - Mom-to-baby offering Tlc - "american chopper" network Tlc - Pampering, familiarly Tlc - Special treatment Tlc - Caregiver's acronym Tlc - Group that featured t-boz Tlc - Letters denoting compassion Tlc - Mom's skill, briefly Tlc - Station that showed 'junkyard wars' Tlc - "waterfalls" trio Tlc - Jilted lover's need, briefly Tlc - Letters of compassion Tlc - Spa offering, briefly Tlc - Pampering: abbr Tlc - Extra-close attention? Tlc - Dr. mom's treatment Tlc - Antique restorer's efforts, for short Tlc - 'what not to wear' channel Tlc - Abbreviated attention Tlc - Tot's need, briefly Tlc - Gentle attention, briefly Tlc - A little extra burnishing, maybe, in brief Tlc - Hosp. administration? Tlc - "ooooooohhh.... on the ___ tip" (platinum 1992 album) Tlc - Lots of caresses, e.g., for short Tlc - Nurse's administration, briefly Tlc - Special treatment of a sort Tlc - Dr. mom's forte Tlc - Compassion, for short Tlc - Icu specialty Tlc - Mom's forte, briefly Tlc - Pampering initials Tlc - A kinder, gentler notion Tlc - Special attention for a patient, in brief Tlc - 'waterfalls' group Tlc - Spa benefit, for short Tlc - Antique restorer's need, for short Tlc - Rn's forte Tlc - R&b group with the hit 'ain't 2 proud 2 beg' Tlc - An attentive doc gives it to a patient Tlc - Group once composed of t-boz, left eye, and chilli Tlc - What a recent ex may need Tlc - Special treatment, for short Tlc - Group parodied by weird al in 'phony calls' Tlc - "toddlers & tiaras" network Tlc - 'no scrubs' band Tlc - Rn's offering Tlc - R.n.'s specialty Tlc - Mom's treatment Tlc - Pampering treatment, for short Tlc - Mom's forte, for short Tlc - Mom's provision Tlc - What dr. mom gives Tlc - Mom's skill Tlc - Special pampering for short, Tlc - What mom provides, briefly Tlc - 'ooooooohhh.... on the ___ tip' (platinum 1992 album) Tlc - 'trading spaces' network Tlc - 'toddlers & tiaras' network Tlc - One thing an rn dispenses Tlc - What convalescents need, for short Tlc - Health pro's forte Tlc - Doting initials Tlc - What 67-across provide Tlc - Lpn skill Tlc - Group with the 1995 #1 hit 'waterfalls' Tlc - R&b group named for its three members Tlc - Special handling Tlc - 'la ink' channel Tlc - Mom's 'healing touch' Tlc - Extra-special attention, briefly Tlc - 'crazysexycool' r&b trio Tlc - It's owned by discovery communications Tlc - Comfort from mom, briefly Tlc - Pampering, in brief Tlc - Comfort, briefly Tlc - Discovery sister station Tlc - Mom's forte, in brief Tlc - Dr. mom's specialty Tlc - Patient attention, briefly Tlc - Antique restorer's 'touch,' in brief Tlc - Attention from dr. mom Tlc - "no scrubs" group Tlc - 'toddlers & tiaras' airer Tlc - "cake boss" cable station Tlc - 'what not to wear' airer Tlc - Spa treatment, for short Tlc - "cake boss" airer Tlc - "cake boss" channel Tlc - Network founded by hew and nasa Tlc - New jack swing girl group of the '90s Tlc - Girl group with four #1 hits in the 1990s Tlc - 'here comes honey boo boo' channel Tlc - Treatment from dr. mom Tlc - 'crazysexycool' trio Tlc - 'creep' trio Tlc - Extra-spesh attention Tlc - Doting affection, briefly Tlc - Healing aid, briefly Tlc - Special attention, briefly Tlc - Compassionate handling, briefly Tlc - Something five-star hotels provide, informally Tlc - Come away with me, this ms jones suggested Tlc - Their first uk hit was ain't two proud to beg Tlc - They were crazysexycool Tlc - Discovery sister network Tlc - Nurse's focus, in brief Tlc - 'miami ink' channel Tlc - Something nurse ratched did not dispense Tlc - Treatment for a broken heart, briefly Tlc - 'sister wives' network Tlc - Tender loving care (abbrev.) Tlc - Spa specialty, for short Tlc - Fixer-upper's need, for short Tlc - Soft touch, for short? Tlc - Extra attentiveness Tlc - Rn's rx Tlc - 'ny ink' channel Tlc - Nyc's cab overseer Tlc - R&b group with the hit 'waterfalls' Tlc - "everyone needs a little __" (cable channel slogan) Tlc - Network that aired 'here comes honey boo boo' for two long years Tlc - 'cake boss' airer Tlc - 'cake boss' network Tlc - Doc's warm treatment Tlc - Gentle treatment, briefly Tlc - Help for a sad bff Tlc - Gentle handling, for short Tlc - 'kate plus 8' airer Tlc - Mother hen's offering, for short Tlc - 'sister wives' airer Tlc - Affectionate attention, briefly Tlc - Treatment from a bff Tlc - Mom's skill, for short Tlc - 'return to amish' channel Tlc - Attention that can help healing, briefly Tlc - 'no scrubs' girl group Tlc - Giving chicken soup or a foot rub, informally Tlc - "waterfalls" girl-group Tlc - "no scrubs" girl group Tlc - What michael jackson's "pyt" needs? Tlc - What michael jackson's "p.y.t." needed? Tlc - R.n.'s special touch Tlc - Spa specialty, briefly Tlc - Devoted attention, briefly Tlc - Kid-gloves treatment Tlc - 'outdaughtered' network Tlc - Foot rub or cup of tea, perhaps Tlc - Rn's touch, for short Tlc - Dr. mom's attention, for short Tlc - 'waterfalls' trio Tlc - Close attention, in brief Tlc - Attentive treatment, for short Tlc - Attention in a 50-down Tlc - 'cake boss' channel Tlc - 'no scrubs' trio Tlc - Comfort during a tough time, for short Tlc - Nurse's skill, for short Tlc - 'everyone needs a little ___' (cable channel slogan)