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Dancer - Martha graham, e.g

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Dancer - Martha graham, e.g Dancer - Companion of cupid Dancer - Number two of eight Dancer - Jitterbug, e.g Dancer - Ballerina Dancer - One taking steps Dancer - Certain christmastime courser Dancer - Astaire or rogers Dancer - One of santa's team Dancer - Cupid teammate Dancer - Rockette, e.g Dancer - Northern _____ , first canadian kentucky derby winner Dancer - Chorus-line component Dancer - Famous horse, northern ______ Dancer - One of santa's reindeer Dancer - "soul train" performer Dancer - Degas subject Dancer - Ballerina, for one Dancer - Ballroom pro Dancer - Broadway worker Dancer - Terpsichorean Dancer - Astaire, notably Dancer - Dasher's yokemate Dancer - One inspired by terpsichore Dancer - One who might wear slippers Dancer - One can get into the red if one is in the ballet Dancer - Not the sort of ball-player for the 23 across Dancer - One can get red round for the 24 across (6) Dancer - Not on the ball but at it Dancer - That's one you may get at the end of 29 across Dancer - May not be on the ball but is in it Dancer - Mover to music Dancer - Hundreds may crane to get to do their thing with the ball Dancer - Walt's one for this, by the sound of it Dancer - Comet colleague Dancer - Suggestion of ginger in red can, perhaps? Dancer - See 16 Dancer - See 25 Dancer - Ballet performer Dancer - Need to be on toes to take ink-jet from dinner jacket Dancer - Fred astaire or ginger rogers Dancer - Ballerina or chorus girl? Dancer - One working on steps Dancer - Word with "tap" or "belly" Dancer - Ballroom figure Dancer - Northern ______ (canadian thoroughbred) Dancer - Study backward about part of u.s. for step-taker Dancer - Reindeer found in jordan? certainly Dancer - Eg, ballerina Dancer - Reindeer that performed once in some measure? Dancer - Fergus hume's was in red Dancer - One in the same team as, say, rudolf nureyev? Dancer - Ballerina cared desperately about nureyev's lead Dancer - Entertainer Dancer - Hume's was in red Dancer - Man about to meet the queen - an entertainer Dancer - Ballet- -- Dancer - A christmas present drawer Dancer - Rhythmic performer providing rhyme for answer (and the next one) Dancer - Craned (anag.) Dancer - One takes steps to provide entertainment Dancer - Ballerina, eg Dancer - One moves to music Dancer - Club attendee, maybe Dancer - One of the reindeer Dancer - One in a nightclub Dancer - She may be on her toes Dancer - One having a ball? Dancer - Ball is right for one of those footy types Dancer - Certain broadway wannabe Dancer - Keeps in step with some of the transjordan certification Dancer - Performer in rwandan ceremony Dancer - Perhaps fonteyn cared desperately about nureyev at first Dancer - One taking steps in time