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Refit - Install to new specifications

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  • Refit - Letter on R
  • 1 - st. word R
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word F
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  • 5 - st. word T

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Refit - Install to new specifications Refit - Accouter anew Refit - Update equipment Refit - Install to new specs Refit - Work over, as a ship Refit - Equip again Refit - Equip to new specs Refit - Modernize, as a factory Refit - Refurbish Refit - Go back to the tailor Refit - Equip anew Refit - Make like new Refit - Size again Refit - Get new supplies for Refit - Put back into shape Refit - Adapt for new uses Refit - Ready for another voyage Refit - Renovate Refit - Supply with new equipment Refit - Make ready for use again Refit - Equip with new gear Refit - Do some tailoring Refit - Update the equipment Refit - Tailor anew Refit - Tailor again Refit - Provide new equipment for Refit - An overhaul as the referee gets it Refit - Overhaul the referee with it Refit - Overhaul, as in dry dock Refit - About to attack and make good Refit - About due for a dockyard job Refit - Job in dockyard: whistleblower wants it Refit - Repair - renew Refit - Equip by repairing or replacing parts Refit - Prepare for additional use Refit - Update, as factory equipment Refit - Repair or re-equipping of a ship or shop? Refit - It's about being good enough to replace fittings Refit - Overhaul Refit - Judge heads appeal for restoration of ship Refit - Do repair job on man on field with it Refit - Replace equipment in (a ship, etc.) Refit - Mend so as to fire first time, although badly Refit - Refurbishment (of ship) Refit - Replace ship's equipment Refit - Soldiers attack after provision of new equipment Refit - Official in game appeal to prepare for employment again Refit - The renewal of a ship's systems Refit - Renovate (a ship) Refit - Overhaul partially antiferromagnetic coils Refit - Overhaul (ship's equipment) Refit - Note on qualified dockyard job Refit - Official blowing up computers - this needed? Refit - Fresh supply Refit - Re-equip and make ready for further use Refit - Umpire has item to repair Refit - About suitable for dockyard job Refit - Process of improving equipment Refit - He might send off computers for renovation Refit - Half of rest attack work on renewal Refit - Engineers appropriate for providing a new set of equipment Refit - Whistler's just the thing to renovate Refit - Overhaul (ship) Refit - Fire damaged rear of boat, resulting in this? Refit - Equip for further use Refit - Make usable again Refit - Provide new supplies for Refit - Official object in garage work? Refit - Update a factory Refit - Overhaul, as a factory Refit - New look? man dressed in black often needs it Refit - Judge the aforementioned renovation? Refit - Overhaul fire-damaged car Refit - Overhaul, as a ship Refit - Restoration Refit - Make updates to factory equipment Refit - Repair or re-equip Refit - Ready after engineers work on renewal Refit - Update, as a factory Refit - Make usable again, as machinery Refit - Modernize, as a ship Refit - Update troops before attack