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Rook - Castle, in chess

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Rook - Castle, in chess Rook - Chess castle Rook - Fleece Rook - Piece for kasparov Rook - Fischer's castle Rook - Piece next to a knight Rook - He's on board and can go straight Rook - Knight's neighbor Rook - Corner piece Rook - Boris spassky's corner man Rook - Pawn taker, sometimes Rook - Hornswoggle Rook - Man in the corner Rook - Rip off Rook - One in kasparov's corner Rook - One that's cornered in chess? Rook - Mobile castle Rook - Man in a corner Rook - Castle Rook - Corner chesspiece Rook - Chess piece Rook - Pawn taker, perhaps Rook - Rank-and-file mover? Rook - Man in the corner? Rook - Chess corner piece Rook - It starts in the corner square Rook - Castle you can handle Rook - Swindle Rook - Piece on all four corners in 7-down Rook - One stuck in a corner Rook - It might threaten the king Rook - Chisel Rook - Corner chess piece Rook - Rank-and-file chess piece Rook - Piece that starts in the corner Rook - Corner piece in chess Rook - Corner chest piece Rook - One might move this castle on board, or in the air Rook - For chess, keep flying Rook - The castle on board Rook - Black bird or chess piece Rook - Chess piece and bird Rook - Black castle on board Rook - Chess piece also called castle Rook - Chess piece or crow Rook - A crow, or a chess piece Rook - Chess piece or black bird Rook - Another name for castle in chess Rook - Crow or chess piece Rook - A black castle may make one crow Rook - Fischer's corner piece Rook - A piece of fleece Rook - Flier's fleece Rook - Birdman? Rook - Villain beheaded bird Rook - Do bird Rook - Jumper reduced at neck end - swindle! Rook - Flying man? Rook - Bird that can't be moved on board, initially Rook - Man to cheat on bird Rook - Chesspiece otherwise known as a castle Rook - Black bird - cheat - chess piece Rook - Bird - castle Rook - Castle -- bird Rook - Bird - chessman Rook - Black bird Rook - Bird - chess piece Rook - Chesspiece Rook - Fleece - bird Rook - According to hearsay, bored corner figure can take to the air Rook - Chess piece that can't move diagonally Rook - Run out roger bird Rook - Fleece jumper put on king Rook - Certain chess piece Rook - Chess piece and black bird Rook - A bird; overcharge Rook - Overcharge man for moving Rook - Swindle; castle Rook - Con man Rook - Poignant, evocative Rook - Rank - and - file man, villain, executed Rook - Swindle (colloq.); bird Rook - Staff losing capital in swindle Rook - Swindle an embattled man Rook - Thus exhibit a certain amount of crookedness? Rook - Man is not at first a criminal Rook - Man on board? it's a bird! Rook - Species of crow Rook - Black bird heading away from stream Rook - What's locked away in carisbrooke castle Rook - Ringing in the ears Rook - Do cornerpiece and also flier Rook - Gregarious crow Rook - Man deployed in rank-and-file movements Rook - Castle, on a chess-board Rook - Bird; castle Rook - Castle; bird Rook - Gregarious black bird Rook - Man's jumper the latest to shrink Rook - Cheat man in marginalised position, initially Rook - Castle on a board Rook - Orthogonally moving piece Rook - Chesspiece that starts on a corner square Rook - Overcharge for a bird Rook - Crow-like bird Rook - Shark seen by man on board Rook - Gregarious species of crow Rook - Black bird in castle Rook - Chess-piece Rook - Fleece a high-flier Rook - Bird one plays with on board Rook - Bird cornered at the start of game Rook - Queen and king circling round, round another piece Rook - Castle in chess Rook - Castle in the air? Rook - Bird in castle Rook - A man with wings? Rook - Overcharge for the bird Rook - Plunder the castle Rook - Criminal decapitated bird Rook - Man with staff blowing top Rook - Fleece one of the four men cornered Rook - Man staff caught out Rook - Jean --, journalist referred to as 'the first lady of fleet street' Rook - Swindle a man moving over rank and file Rook - Criminal executed for swindle Rook - Do, in other words, set up sanction Rook - Cheat and criminal getting caught out -- put in bird Rook - Bird seeking a mate? Rook - Bird; chessman Rook - Fleece man on board Rook - 16 Rook - Steal - castle Rook - Man as a nest-builder? Rook - Bird in small stream first to fly off Rook - Overcharge criminals having case dismissed Rook - Chessboard castle Rook - Starter on square a1, h1, a8 or h8 Rook - Piece that begins in the corner Rook - Defraud; bird; chessman Rook - Part of a chess set Rook - Cheat Rook - Chess piece also called a castle Rook - Rip off - bird Rook - Flimflam Rook - Cheat man on board initially trapped in corner Rook - Swindle money out of man on board? Rook - Cheat that's cornered by knight, initially Rook - Chessboard piece Rook - Chess piece shaped like a castle Rook - Bird; playing piece Rook - One sure to take the straight path Rook - Corner-square piece Rook - Knight's partner on a board Rook - Piece involved in castling Rook - Pull a swindle on Rook - Man on board, occupant of crow's-nest? Rook - One of four on board is cheat Rook - One that can only go straight Rook - Hoodwink Rook - Castle of otranto's walls besieged by kings Rook - Castle on a square Rook - While talking, fold fleece Rook - Jumper cut at back end - rip off! Rook - It starts in the corner Rook - Piece for magnus carlsen Rook - Sell a pup to bird