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Tot - Preschooler

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Tot - Preschooler Tot - Squirt Tot - Tyke Tot - Little one Tot - Kindergartener Tot - One in a romper room Tot - Sitter's charge Tot - Sprout Tot - Rug rat Tot - Young 'un Tot - Tad Tot - Youngster Tot - Pampered one? Tot - Small amount Tot - One taking a first step Tot - Kid Tot - Wee one Tot - 50-across rider Tot - Moppet Tot - New walker Tot - Wobbly walker, perhaps Tot - Seatmate for santa Tot - One might be on a crib sheet Tot - Trike rider Tot - Rugrat Tot - How some parents count as a warning Tot - Terrible twoster Tot - Little tyke Tot - Three-year-old Tot - Bambino Tot - Small drink Tot - Wee drink Tot - Tiny one Tot - Day care attendee Tot - Nursery moppet Tot - Day-care visitor Tot - Crib sheet user Tot - Little shaver Tot - Two-year-old Tot - One in a stroller Tot - One in a highchair Tot - Blocks manipulator Tot - "dora the explorer" viewer Tot - One could be on a crib sheet? Tot - Real babe Tot - Toddler Tot - Brandy amount, perhaps Tot - Tricyclist Tot - Kiddie Tot - Grocery cart rider, often Tot - Day-care charge Tot - Training-pants wearer Tot - Babysitter's charge Tot - Young one Tot - Two-year-old, e.g Tot - Young'un Tot - Real babe? Tot - New walker and talker Tot - Little kid Tot - Brand new walker Tot - Tricycle rider Tot - Likely "sesame street" devotee Tot - 'sesame street' watcher Tot - Child Tot - Little squirt Tot - 'dora the explorer' viewer Tot - Small child Tot - Peewee person Tot - Calculate, with "up" Tot - Shaver Tot - Dram of liquor Tot - Brand new walker, maybe Tot - Crib sheet user? Tot - Mobile watcher Tot - One of many who are one Tot - Bee child Tot - Young child Tot - One with one candle Tot - One is "cradled" in answers to asterisked clues Tot - Crib denizen Tot - One with blocks in his chest Tot - "sesame street" watcher Tot - Head start beneficiary Tot - Baby Tot - Pre-k enrollee Tot - Elmo fan, maybe Tot - 'sesame street' viewer Tot - Little crawler Tot - Pampers wearer Tot - Toy boat pusher Tot - Pre-schooler Tot - Onesie wearer Tot - Relatively recent arrival? Tot - Add (up) Tot - Two year old Tot - Sandbox fan Tot - Peewee Tot - One in the kiddie pool Tot - Chocolate lover, often Tot - Gerber eater Tot - Anne geddes subject Tot - Tiny tyke Tot - concern Tot - Wobbly walker Tot - Tater ___ casserole Tot - Peek-a-boo player Tot - Tater ___ (lunchroom nugget) Tot - Palindromic peewee Tot - One learning to walk Tot - Huggies wearer Tot - Wee 'un Tot - Tater __ Tot - Day care visitor Tot - Highchair user Tot - Nursery occupant Tot - Infant Tot - Nursery denizen Tot - Fan of barney, probably Tot - Wiggles fan, typically Tot - Little 'un Tot - Small fry Tot - Small kid Tot - Wee bairn Tot - Young kid Tot - This may add up to a tiny little one Tot - Add up, aggregate Tot - Sum for the little one Tot - Little drink for the little Tot - Just one measure for the little one Tot - What a spirited little one! Tot - Drink or add it up to that Tot - That's just a drink for a little one Tot - Some sound, but only a little Tot - That's a spirited start for 18 down Tot - Little to drink for the little one Tot - Little drink for little person Tot - In south africa one gets a hot ten with this drink Tot - A little drink may get 'em back for a pole Tot - Little one for what one knocks back Tot - The little spirit goes up and down Tot - Add this to the top ten in south africa Tot - This adds up to a measure of spirits Tot - Just a tiny tipple Tot - A spirited start to 29 down Tot - 7 down produce your little one (3) Tot - Does this add up to the half of 8 down? Tot - Some sound of drink, just a little Tot - Might a hot ten add up to this sort of a fellow? Tot - Just a little one Tot - This adds to a 25 down drink Tot - Just one tiny drink for one tiny one Tot - Add this to make it a measure Tot - Little drink for little one Tot - A hot ten needs this drink from africa Tot - Either way it adds up to this Tot - A 1 across drink Tot - Up and down little drink for little one Tot - Add up small person for small measure? Tot - Drink it up or get it down Tot - Does this add to making one tight? Tot - A little drink for a little person Tot - Little measure for little one Tot - This all adds up to a little tea Tot - Measure this either way and drink it Tot - Little beginning, up and down, for 12 across Tot - Get the sum of a Tot - Small quantity of alcoholic drink Tot - An arithmetic babe? Tot - Arithmetic for infant Tot - Add up for infant Tot - Add the small child Tot - Small amount of spirits Tot - Add up to the toddler Tot - Not for one that's one over the eight Tot - One little drink for one little one Tot - Add up for a small drink Tot - Add a little spirit back and forth Tot - Santa visitor Tot - Small measure for a small child Tot - Add the little child? Tot - Add up Tot - Get the sum for the toddler Tot - Add up for baby Tot - Add for the toddler Tot - Walker with little experience Tot - "blue's clues" viewer Tot - Aggregate for infant Tot - Add up like infant Tot - Palindrome for small child Tot - What 26 down might do back and forth Tot - The top of 9 across that's tiny Tot - Wine is not coming in this drink Tot - A tiny start for 31 across Tot - That will all add up to one little drink Tot - Either way this may add up to a measure of drink Tot - A little drink for a tiny one Tot - A little drink, a little one Tot - This may add a little drink with a little one, maybe Tot - A little drink will get you up the pole with 'em Tot - Might an adder do this for measure? Tot - A little 22 across for a little one Tot - Find what this comes to up and down Tot - A little drink to start 31 across Tot - Either way to this to be 7 down Tot - Does this add up to make it just a little spirited? Tot - Little spirit for little one Tot - Little one drink for one little one Tot - Thomas the tank engine fan Tot - Pre-k child Tot - Does this add up to a little measure of drink? Tot - In addition, a little drink Tot - One in a onesie Tot - Tater ___ Tot - Add up to one little one Tot - Rattle holder Tot - Playground user Tot - Daycare attendee Tot - Playpen occupant Tot - 'yo gabba gabba!' viewer Tot - One of the small fry Tot - "teletubbies" fan Tot - Add a drink of rum for the toddler Tot - Small drink or small child Tot - Small drink - small child Tot - Child - drink Tot - Small drink - young child Tot - Small child - drink Tot - Child going back and forth Tot - Pull-up diaper wearer Tot - For whom a sitter sits Tot - Wearer of a onesie Tot - Day care youngster Tot - Kindergartner Tot - Little kiddie Tot - Highchair occupant Tot - Sandbox user Tot - Crib-sheet user Tot - Brand-new walker Tot - Shaver, e.g Tot - "sesame street" viewer Tot - Playpen player Tot - Little child Tot - Sum (up) Tot - See 67-across Tot - Stroller rider Tot - Kindergartner, e.g Tot - Wee kid Tot - Playground squealer Tot - Small drink for the toddler Tot - Stroller user Tot - One might be a couple of years old Tot - One taking initial steps Tot - One taking first steps Tot - Unsteady walker, maybe Tot - Kid in diapers Tot - Typical "yo gabba gabba!" viewer Tot - Preschool attendee Tot - Add a small drink of rum for the toddler Tot - Storytime listener Tot - Big bird fan Tot - Add, with "up" Tot - Diaper dampener Tot - Small drink; small child Tot - Add up with two fingers, perhaps Tot - Child's finger, possibly Tot - Child; measure of spirits Tot - Child; add (up) Tot - Calculate Tot - Small drink; accumulate Tot - Slug, a little one Tot - Find sum, a little one Tot - Nip Tot - Child's finger Tot - Add up; child Tot - Nearly closed? time for a quick drink Tot - Toddler starts to trip over things Tot - Very young child Tot - Child, small drink Tot - Drink for a child Tot - Baby slug? Tot - Add; young child Tot - Dram Tot - Child; add up Tot - Nothing to be consumed by abstainer Tot - Drop round time after time Tot - Small drink; child Tot - Nip nipper Tot - Add up; drink Tot - Add (up); child Tot - Child not transformed in looking-glass? Tot - Infant nearly shut out at the back Tot - Add; small drink Tot - Baby bear going without porridge in the end Tot - Nipper Tot - Day-care attendee Tot - Small amount of liquor Tot - "dora the explorer" fan Tot - Playskool product tester Tot - Day care candidate Tot - Candidate for day care Tot - New talker and walker Tot - Infant no more Tot - Spirit measure Tot - Add; small child Tot - Add to tension on the surface Tot - Drink for a youngster? Tot - Youngster; short drink Tot - Drink; child Tot - Dram; small child Tot - Small baby Tot - Add Tot - Tiny child Tot - Teetotaller's round included quantity of spirits Tot - Add whisky? Tot - With ultimate correctness, expelling a small child Tot - Little child in the wrong runs away Tot - For example, a little rum baba Tot - Young child visiting grotto, toddler Tot - A wee dram Tot - Count tips the other two Tot - Bit of brandy Tot - Small handful? Tot - Pre-preschooler Tot - Little one in the nursery Tot - Little drink for the child? Tot - Elmo fan Tot - 'bubble guppies' watcher Tot - "bubble guppies" watcher Tot - Crib kid Tot - Small drink of spirits Tot - Stroller occupant Tot - Bit of liquor Tot - Kid has little drink Tot - One of those 'with their eyes all aglow' in a seasonal song Tot - Nanny's charge Tot - Tentative walker, perhaps Tot - "dinosaur train" watcher Tot - Story time listener Tot - Future tween Tot - Nip or nipper Tot - Child; drink Tot - Nip for nipper Tot - Reckon, with "up" Tot - Nursery schooler Tot - À l'heure des poules Tot - De bonne heure Tot - Spot on to decline a drink Tot - Three-year-old, e.g Tot - Avant le moment normal Tot - Add - youngster - dram Tot - Quick drink Tot - Day care enrollee Tot - See 43-across Tot - Maggie simpson or stewie griffin Tot - Nursery school enrollee Tot - One using a crib sheet? Tot - Typical 'blue's clues' watcher Tot - Typical "blue's clues" watcher Tot - Pas tard Tot - Very small child Tot - Booster-seat user Tot - Player in a playpen Tot - Among prototypes for the count Tot - Typical happy meal eater Tot - Nick jr. watcher Tot - Dès le début de la journée Tot - One in the "terrible twos," maybe Tot - Many a "finding dory" watcher Tot - A l'aube Tot - Munchkin Tot - Nip nipper! Tot - Snowsuit sporter Tot - One in pre-k Tot - Tricycle operator