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Alms - Poor offerings

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Alms - Relief, of a sort Alms - Charitable donation Alms - Bygone request Alms - Money for the poor Alms - Beggar's request Alms - Gifts for the poor Alms - Handout Alms - Something for the poor Alms - Charity Alms - Charitable contribution Alms - Charitable donations Alms - Charitable offerings Alms - Beggars want them Alms - Poor box filler Alms - Salvation army collection Alms - They may be given in church Alms - Offering Alms - Gifts to the poor Alms - Money for the needy Alms - They're given to relieve the poor Alms - Charity for the poor Alms - Panhandler's income Alms - Poor-box contents Alms - Help for the poor Alms - Money for mendicants Alms - Poor box donations Alms - Charitable offering Alms - Church donation, often Alms - Supplicant's request Alms - Welfare of sorts Alms - Mendicant's want Alms - Poor box contents Alms - Help Alms - Generous giving Alms - "___ for the poor!" Alms - Charitable contributions Alms - Poor offerings Alms - Poor reception? Alms - Charitable collections Alms - Charitable gifts Alms - Some donations Alms - Panhandler's desire Alms - Poor contributions? Alms - Donations Alms - Mendicant's request Alms - Gifts Alms - Charitable goods Alms - Church collection Alms - Poor support Alms - Some church collections Alms - Some charity Alms - Charity of a sort Alms - Handouts of a sort Alms - Beggar's word Alms - Poor help? Alms - Poor returns? Alms - Charitable offer Alms - Beggar's cry Alms - Offerings to the poor Alms - Donations for the poor Alms - Donations to the needy Alms - '___ for the poor' Alms - Charitable collection Alms - Boon for a beggar Alms - Beggar's quest Alms - Boons for beggars Alms - Poor offering Alms - Handouts Alms - Funds for the less fortunate Alms - Handouts for the poor Alms - Money for the needy Alms - Poor-box donation Alms - Charitable gift Alms - '-- for the poor!' Alms - Gifts for the needy Alms - Contributions to the poor Alms - Donations to the poor Alms - Money given to poor people Alms - Charitable gifts - slam them Alms - Old word for money given to the poor Alms - Slam with charitable gifts Alms - Help for the hapless Alms - Poor request? Alms - Poor-box filler Alms - Help for the needy Alms - Beggar's returns Alms - Benevolent donations Alms - Aid to the needy Alms - A left hand writing for the present Alms - Almost lost to charity Alms - Handout for a defunct railway Alms - A former railway charity Alms - A way for schools to organise money for charity Alms - Relief from a long illness Alms - Money given to the poor Alms - Donations for the needy Alms - "___ for the poor" Alms - Form of relief Alms - American city returns manuscript to charity Alms - Something for the needy Alms - Charity donations Alms - Charitable donations to the needy Alms - Poor food is a relief Alms - Donations for the destitute Alms - Poor box deposit Alms - Funds for the poor Alms - Hand-outs Alms - Poor box donation Alms - Source of relief Alms - Charitable donation(s) Alms - Old-fashioned charity Alms - Charity offering Alms - Charitable giving Alms - Charitable donations to poor Alms - Small, confused student dropped out, needing help Alms - Charitable aid to poor Alms - Third pillar of islam subject Alms - Charitable relief Alms - One old railway charity Alms - A very old railway gets gifts Alms - Proceeds from alan's manuscript given to the poor Alms - They're given to those who beg for weapons, we hear Alms - Relief for the poor Alms - Ashmolean regularly reviewed charitable donations Alms - Charity for poor Alms - Aid to the poor Alms - Maiden captured by gangster's offering financial help Alms - Relief given to the poor Alms - Penniless receivers of money handed over as charity Alms - __ box Alms - Kind offering Alms - Money given for the poor Alms - Money donated to the poor Alms - Collection for the poor Alms - Poor box contributions Alms - Donations for the disadvantaged Alms - Gifts the edge's alternative albums Alms - Mendicant's plea Alms - Some charitable donations Alms - Palm sunday's collection for gifts for the poor Alms - Gift for the poor Alms - Handouts to the poor Alms - Donations to those in need Alms - Charitable collections for the poor Alms - Contributions for the poor Alms - Charitable handouts Alms - Charity for the needy