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Eagle - Old coin

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Eagle - Old coin Eagle - Aldrin's craft Eagle - Colonel's insignia Eagle - Bird on a u.s. coin Eagle - Top scout Eagle - Golfing feat Eagle - American symbol Eagle - Remarkable hole Eagle - It's on a quarter's back Eagle - Lunar lander Eagle - Quarter back Eagle - Boston college athlete Eagle - Coin equivalent of a sawbuck Eagle - Golf feat Eagle - Griffin part Eagle - Two under par Eagle - Scout rank Eagle - Word with bald or eye Eagle - Word with golden or bald Eagle - Sharp-eyed hunter Eagle - It balances out a double bogey Eagle - Links rarity Eagle - 32-down, bandwise Eagle - Aerie builder Eagle - Philly pro Eagle - Golf rarity Eagle - Birdie beater Eagle - Quarter back? Eagle - Great seal bird Eagle - 2 on a par 4 Eagle - Clue for 17-, 25-, 43- and 55-across Eagle - Part of the anheuser-busch logo Eagle - $10 gold piece Eagle - Terrell owens, e.g Eagle - Two below par Eagle - 3 on a par-5 hole, e.g Eagle - Harpy, e.g Eagle - Sharp-eyed raptor Eagle - It landed in july, 1969 Eagle - Holder of 13 arrows on a buck Eagle - Philly footballer Eagle - Subject of a famous landing Eagle - 3 on a par 5 Eagle - It holds 13 arrows on a bill Eagle - Two-under-par score Eagle - It atones for two bogeys Eagle - Links' rara avis Eagle - Two under, on the links Eagle - Creature known for its keen vision Eagle - Henley or frey Eagle - Golfer's feat Eagle - See 14-across Eagle - Boy scout rank Eagle - Usps symbol Eagle - Philadelphia footballer Eagle - Patriotic symbol Eagle - Apollo 11 lunar module Eagle - Course coup Eagle - National bird Eagle - Image on the back of the last american silver dollar Eagle - Apollo 11 module Eagle - Bird on the mexican flag Eagle - Bald hunter Eagle - Uncle sam's bird Eagle - Bald bird Eagle - Many a quarter back? Eagle - Hawk relative Eagle - Donovan mcnabb, notably Eagle - Bird on the great seal of the united states Eagle - Ace on the course, say Eagle - Golfer's delight Eagle - It's well below par Eagle - Top boy scout rank Eagle - Maker of a historic touchdown Eagle - Colonel insignia Eagle - It's seen on the back of a u.s. quarter Eagle - Flagpole topper Eagle - Philly player Eagle - Armstrong's lander Eagle - It's always below par Eagle - Nfc east player Eagle - Hole in one, on a par three Eagle - Word after bald or spread Eagle - Two under par hole Eagle - U.s. mint bullion coin Eagle - Golfer's coup Eagle - "bald" bird Eagle - Ace, on a par three hole Eagle - Apollo 11's lunar module Eagle - Golf coup Eagle - Postal service symbol Eagle - Bird of prey Eagle - Duffer's impossible dream Eagle - Great seal feature Eagle - Philadelphia gridder Eagle - Keen-eyed one Eagle - Old u.s. coin Eagle - Highest-ranking boy scout Eagle - Bird on a dollar Eagle - Two under par, on a hole Eagle - America's bird Eagle - Golf score of two under par Eagle - Muppet sam, for one Eagle - Bald thing in alaska Eagle - See 83-across Eagle - [see grid] Eagle - Boy scout level Eagle - Birdie's better Eagle - Aerie tenant Eagle - Bird on a u.s. quarter Eagle - Any singer of 'hotel california' Eagle - Apollo ii landing craft Eagle - Sharp-eyed bird of prey Eagle - Spread __ Eagle - Sharp-eyed bird Eagle - Nickname for the apollo 11 lunar module Eagle - Reason to celebrate on the green Eagle - First manned spacecraft on the moon Eagle - Great seal symbol Eagle - "hotel california" group member Eagle - Links coup Eagle - 'the ___ has landed' Eagle - Bird on a quarter Eagle - Hole in one, e.g Eagle - Green feat Eagle - Feature of old quarters Eagle - High flier Eagle - American flier Eagle - National symbol Eagle - Patriot's bird Eagle - U.s. symbol Eagle - Patriotic bird Eagle - Two under 1-down Eagle - U.s.a. emblem Eagle - American emblem Eagle - Usa symbol Eagle - Symbol of america Eagle - American bird Eagle - Quarter bird? Eagle - Soaring bird Eagle - Colonel symbol Eagle - Has 'e got a broken leg when one needs a wing? Eagle - Able to fly, even if 'e has a broken leg Eagle - With wings it gets a broken leg at last Eagle - Can fly, even if 'e has a broken leg Eagle - Has `e got a broken leg - or a broken wing? Eagle - No little bird Eagle - Large bird of prey Eagle - That's no little perching bird with a broken leg at last Eagle - While flying 'e got a broken leg Eagle - The bird might have a broken leg at last Eagle - Of course it's two under par in the air Eagle - With glee, a predator Eagle - With glee, a big bird Eagle - Has 'e got a leg broken while flying? Eagle - In the air 'e might get a broken leg Eagle - Has 'e got a broken leg in the air - or wing? Eagle - With glee, a raptor Eagle - Has 'e got a broken leg? wing, more likely Eagle - Will 'e get a broken leg while flying? Eagle - Has 'e a broken leg from flying? Eagle - Has 'e got a broken leg? more likely a wing Eagle - Better than a birdie is a big birdie Eagle - Keen-sighted bird of prey Eagle - Keen-sighted bird of prey Eagle - ____ river, newfoundland Eagle - Two under par in the air of course Eagle - United states postal service symbol Eagle - Symbolic american bird Eagle - Hole goal Eagle - A glee-ful bird? Eagle - Symbolic bird of the us Eagle - The emblem of the us is bald Eagle - Two strokes under par Eagle - Large birds of prey Eagle - Of course that's two below par Eagle - What a glee to be so much under par! Eagle - Has 'e got a broken leg - or wing? Eagle - One predator is below two, of course Eagle - Bigger and better bird than a birdie, of course Eagle - 'fly enough to be a couple under par, of course (5)' Eagle - Well below par and well above ground Eagle - 'two under paris, as one is what this is, of course in the air (5)' Eagle - A flies in glee in a big way Eagle - More largely hawkish than 12 across on the links Eagle - A gale in the air has one well below par Eagle - With glee, a big one on the air Eagle - Presidential seal symbol Eagle - Don henley, once Eagle - Bird in the opening of 'the colbert report' Eagle - Bird in the opening of "the colbert report" Eagle - Two under par, on a golf hole Eagle - Creature on the new york coat of arms Eagle - First off darwin's ship to find the bird Eagle - Word with bald or sea Eagle - *golfer's coup Eagle - Shoot two under Eagle - Egghead, age about 50, a high-flier Eagle - Dog fails to start, being below par Eagle - It keeps a sharp eye on german and american arms Eagle - Tiger's prey, a rare bird? Eagle - Empty-headed dog welcomed on the golf course Eagle - Bird hunter decapitated Eagle - Good shots to point - will get to 50 in time Eagle - Old comic welcomed on the golf course Eagle - American symbol reflecting composer, almost english Eagle - Bird doing well at 22 Eagle - One big bird or two below par Eagle - Standard design on some church lecterns Eagle - Bird that is below par Eagle - King of birds Eagle - Raptor Eagle - Two under in 20 across Eagle - Two under par for a hole Eagle - Keen-eyed bird Eagle - Two strokes under par for a golf hole Eagle - A birdie (or better!) Eagle - Score of two strokes under par on a hole Eagle - "bald" flier in alaska Eagle - Hook-billed bird of prey - old us $10 coin Eagle - Image on pre-1999 quarters Eagle - Bird on old quarters Eagle - Griffin, in part Eagle - Calvin leaves evangelical high-flyer Eagle - Usa's bird Eagle - Highest rank in boy scouting Eagle - Majestic soarer Eagle - Bald, all-american sort Eagle - Beat a birdie Eagle - Sharp-eyed flier Eagle - Bird on u.s. money Eagle - Ace on a par three Eagle - Dog beheaded bird Eagle - Giant rival Eagle - Soaring hunter Eagle - Great seal figure Eagle - Score of two under par Eagle - Apollo 11 moon lander Eagle - Avian symbol of america Eagle - Apollo 11 lander Eagle - Bird on a coin Eagle - Bird in the constellation aquila Eagle - ___ nebula Eagle - Aerie inhabitant Eagle - Score of two strokes under par for a golf hole Eagle - High-ranking boy scout Eagle - First manned mooncraft Eagle - Certain nfl player Eagle - First manned ship on the moon Eagle - High-flyer discovered in swansea glens Eagle - Image on gold coins Eagle - Bird dog losing its head Eagle - Bird dog's not black Eagle - Bird of prey, may be golden Eagle - Large bird experts are putting more than albatross? Eagle - Old comic appears somewhat under par Eagle - Valuable piece that may be soaring Eagle - Bald, golden, bird Eagle - Endlessly keen to hold sovereign or ten-dollar coin Eagle - (hole) two under par Eagle - Eddie under par! Eagle - Golf score two strokes under par Eagle - Lead taken off dog - it's well below par Eagle - Strokes under bird Eagle - Standard, or two strokes fewer? Eagle - Ecstasy par golfer's regularly missing? Eagle - Produced by the high-flying golfer! Eagle - Dog dispensing with lead an achievement, of course Eagle - Standard? this is better than that Eagle - Birdie, or not? Eagle - Hunter and dog heading off Eagle - Small shark dropping black bird Eagle - Hunting dog has lost black bird Eagle - As old comic, one's well below par Eagle - Bird of prey; former children's comic Eagle - Bird decapitated dog Eagle - Standard or good score Eagle - American coin in french play - unlikely to come down tails Eagle - Anxious about length, dropping foot or two under Eagle - Coin made of gold and silver pocketed by english and the french Eagle - Hunter with dog needing no introduction Eagle - Two under par (golf) Eagle - It normally takes two or three shots to shoot this flier Eagle - Achievement by golfer that's noted for keen sight Eagle - Avian symbol of power Eagle - Erne, perhaps, with little energy to fish, dropping any number Eagle - What may be seen coming in above a glen? Eagle - English musician's briefly written up impressive score? Eagle - It may soar partly above a glen Eagle - The ____ has landed, 1977 sutherland movie Eagle - Figure on mexico's flag Eagle - Bird with a hooked beak Eagle - Former us coin Eagle - Three on a 47-down Eagle - Bird - emblem of power Eagle - Hound decapitated by bird of prey Eagle - Large bird Eagle - High-flier gets a good score on the course Eagle - Bird Eagle - Hunt missing leader, a swift seeker of prey? Eagle - Aglee (anag.) Eagle - Bird that bit the head off a dog? Eagle - In golf, two under par Eagle - Golden bird Eagle - Achievement by one on course keen largely to retain lecturer Eagle - Bird -- but not birdie Eagle - A raptor Eagle - Bird plunging into sea, gleefully Eagle - National emblem well under par of course Eagle - Wild glee after securing a great score in golf Eagle - Ex-comic and rock musician Eagle - Bird dog heading off Eagle - Each golfer, oddly, gets a good score Eagle - Bird close to albatross? Eagle - Almost keen to embrace lincoln's first symbol of america Eagle - Eastern gale spoiled a good golf score Eagle - Bird dog with no lead Eagle - One below birdie Eagle - Fine achievement on course standard Eagle - Keen-sighted bird Eagle - Bird on the back of a buck Eagle - Country bird Eagle - Busy legate with no time, high-flier Eagle - Bird on the back of a quarter Eagle - Standard dog slipping lead Eagle - Duffer's dream Eagle - Golf ace, almost always Eagle - One with a keen eye for a golfing achievement Eagle - Hawk cousin Eagle - Double bogey's opposite Eagle - Navy captain's insignia Eagle - Bird of prey biting head off dog Eagle - Bird that's english, almost off course in scotland? Eagle - Bird that soars Eagle - The muppet sam, e.g Eagle - Golfer's quest Eagle - Outstanding golf feat Eagle - Anheuser-busch logo feature Eagle - 'the __ has landed' Eagle - Bird one shot above albatross Eagle - Maker of a famous 1969 landing Eagle - Scouting rank Eagle - Bald __ Eagle - See 73-across Eagle - Explore a glen - the one lurking there may golden Eagle - Flagpole finial, frequently Eagle - Duffer's miracle Eagle - Dog with shaven head, might one be bald? Eagle - Slip lead off dog to fetch bird Eagle - Colonel's silver insignia Eagle - Course feat Eagle - Golden flier Eagle - Miracle for a duffer Eagle - Top boy scout Eagle - Ace on a par three, say Eagle - Two, on a par-4 hole Eagle - Sea ___ (12-down) Eagle - Don henley? Eagle - '01 cake album "comfort ___" Eagle - Steve miller "fly like an ___" Eagle - Hole-in-one, usually Eagle - Two strokes under par on a hole Eagle - Sam the muppet is one Eagle - The steve miller band's 'fly like an ___' Eagle - Philadelphia pro Eagle - Highest level for a boy scout Eagle - "desperado" band member Eagle - Blast out bagatelle's score, of course? Eagle - European composer nearly withdraws good score, of course Eagle - U.s. postal service symbol Eagle - Great seal creature Eagle - Highest boy scout rank Eagle - Symbol of america with links to either part of goldeneye Eagle - Bird on mexico's flag Eagle - Colonel's bird Eagle - Bird on bills Eagle - Bird heading off hound Eagle - Flyer with exceptional sight Eagle - Older quarter-back depiction Eagle - Highest boy scouts rank Eagle - A birdie? no, better! Eagle - America's official bird Eagle - Soaring baldy