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Drive - Energy

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Drive - "home, james" Drive - 'pizazz' is a long shot Drive - 2011 film starring ryan gosling, adapted from a novel by james sallis Drive - A disk can be slipped in one Drive - A lighthouse family number Drive - Access road, avenue Drive - Act the chauffeur Drive - Ambition Drive - Ambition - steer Drive - Ambition setter has, to follow doctor Drive - Ambition to run saloon? Drive - Ambition's kin Drive - Approach shot on golf course Drive - Approach shown by a forceful person Drive - Auto gear Drive - Automatic selection? Drive - Automatic transmission gear Drive - Automatic transmission setting Drive - Avenue Drive - Be automotive? Drive - Be in charge of car in motion Drive - Campaign rubbish left to be disposed of Drive - Car journey Drive - Car journey; urge Drive - Car trip Drive - Cars "who's gonna ___ you home tonight?" Drive - Cars' smash ballad Drive - Charity money raiser Drive - Charity money-raiser Drive - Chauffeur needs motivation Drive - Chauffeur's instruction Drive - Club cut short campaign Drive - Compel the dunderhead to split Drive - Compel to be a chauffeur Drive - Computer component Drive - Computer part Drive - Conclude a bargain in a stroke Drive - Control a car Drive - Control and steer vehicle Drive - Coup, au golf Drive - Desire redhead in dodgy club Drive - Determination Drive - Determination from all sides today? Drive - Determination, ambition Drive - Disreputable bar right in a private road Drive - Diver (anag.) Drive - Do a soccer mom's chore Drive - Doctor, i have a stroke, of course Drive - Doctor, i have been in the habit of 17 across Drive - Doctor, i have to have a car Drive - Doggedness Drive - Endless prattle is offensive Drive - Energy Drive - Energy - herd - private road Drive - Energy and persistence - in car? Drive - Energy required for excursion Drive - Force into action, impel Drive - Force redhead into disreputable resort Drive - Gearshift stop Drive - Get-up-and-go Drive - Go by car Drive - Go for an excursion Drive - Handle the steering wheel Drive - Header over defender's foot shows tenacity Drive - Herd Drive - High motivation, ambition Drive - Hit ball with force Drive - Hit from a tee Drive - Hit from a tee, and word that can follow the first words of 20-, 28-, 49- and 59-across Drive - Hit from the tee Drive - Hit golf ball from tee Drive - Hit golf ball with enthusiasm Drive - House approach Drive - I have a motivation to go to the doctor Drive - Impel Drive - Impel; house approach Drive - Impetus Drive - Impetus in charity event? Drive - Impetus; take car Drive - Impulse shown in organised campaign Drive - Initial shot in organised campaign Drive - Initiative Drive - Joyride, e.g Drive - Military offensive Drive - Motivate Drive - Motivation Drive - Motivation i have to go to the doctor Drive - Motivation, energy Drive - Motor i have taken on back road Drive - Neutral alternative Drive - Offensive Drive - Opening shot Drive - Operate a vehicle Drive - Operate an auto Drive - Operate or control a vehicle Drive - Operate, as an auto Drive - Organised campaign's energy Drive - Organised effort has cut short nonsense Drive - Outing in the car Drive - Pilot a 4x4 Drive - Pilot runs into nightclub Drive - Play chauffeur Drive - Plunge right in, displaying energy Drive - Private road; impel Drive - Prndl's penultimate Drive - Propel Drive - Propel or compel Drive - Propel; outing Drive - Push Drive - Push end of finger into joint Drive - Push for access to the house Drive - R.e.m. hit about cars? Drive - Road leading to a house Drive - Road leading to house Drive - Road off main highway in which rubbish gets left out Drive - Road runs into nightclub, maybe Drive - Road submerged by flooded river Drive - Rubbish left out in lane at front of house Drive - Rubbish left out where car is parked, perhaps Drive - Run-producing stroke Drive - Sales campaign - energy - push Drive - See 38-across Drive - Serve as a chauffeur Drive - Shot from a tee Drive - Someone with top degree: i have ambition Drive - Spin Drive - Spin doctor one has to follow Drive - Start of a hole Drive - Starting stroke Drive - Steer Drive - Steer; trip Drive - Stroke from club holding end of putter Drive - Strong motivation, ambition Drive - Sunday excursion Drive - Sunday outing Drive - Take a wooden club to the doctor i have here Drive - Take the car along private road Drive - Talk like an idiot leaving large computer store Drive - Tee off Drive - Tee shot Drive - That's the doctor i have to know what to do with this teething, perhaps Drive - That's the doctor i have, of course, for tea, by the sound of it Drive - The 'd' of prndl Drive - The doctor i have to be at the wheel Drive - The doctor i have to bring by car Drive - The doctor i have to operate on the first of 34 across Drive - Theme of this puzzle Drive - Thrust Drive - Tiger woods's determination? Drive - To tee off needs motivation Drive - Transmission setting Drive - Transport miss daisy, e.g Drive - Travel with an escort Drive - Trip in car - road to house Drive - Urge - herd - road to house Drive - Urge forward Drive - Urge that's mostly utter nonsense Drive - Urge to take a long golf shot Drive - Urge to take the wheel Drive - Urge; approach to house Drive - Use aston martin, say, in first shot Drive - Verdi rewrote something for the cars Drive - Verdi's misplaced energy Drive - Verdi's misplaced energy Drive - With 2-down, allowing customers to stay in their cars Drive - Word to the chauffeur Drive - ___ home