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Intro - Opening Intro - Prelim Intro - Prologue Intro - Preface Intro - Musical vamp Intro - Emcee's forte Intro - Opener Intro - Words from an emcee Intro - Emcee's spiel Intro - Opening words Intro - Prelude Intro - Mc's spiel Intro - Preamble Intro - Opening remarks Intro - Foreword Intro - Foreword, for short Intro - Conclusion's opposite Intro - Emcee's task, often Intro - Proem Intro - Musician's lead-in Intro - Emcee's job Intro - Lead-in, briefly Intro - Emcee's task Intro - Opening statement Intro - Emcee's opening Intro - Opening bars Intro - Exordium, informally Intro - Freshman course Intro - Lead-in Intro - Foreword, e.g Intro - Preface, for short Intro - Emcee's text Intro - Emcee's kickoff Intro - Chap. 1 preceder Intro - Short preamble Intro - Jazz singer's cue Intro - Musical lead-in Intro - First words Intro - Mc's job Intro - Emcee's delivery Intro - Starting words Intro - Freshman course word Intro - It may begin with "here's" Intro - Opening speech Intro - Keynote precursor Intro - Emcee's remarks Intro - "101" class, briefly Intro - "heeeeere's johnny!" is one Intro - Emcee's line Intro - "in this corner ..." begins one, briefly Intro - Emcee's words Intro - Speaker's need Intro - Opening remarks, briefly Intro - Short opening speech Intro - Emcee's offering Intro - First paragraph Intro - 'he-e-ere's johnny!,' e.g Intro - It may begin "and now ..." Intro - Conclusion's opposite, briefly Intro - "snl" host's monologue, e.g Intro - Starter Intro - Dj's concern Intro - First few bars Intro - Foreword, briefly Intro - 101 class, briefly Intro - Musical start, for short Intro - Speaker's lead-in Intro - Words about a speaker, briefly Intro - Many a freshman course Intro - First song on an album, perhaps Intro - Low-level course Intro - 101 course, generally Intro - 'ladies and gentlemen ...,' e.g Intro - Proem or prelude Intro - Words before the talk show guest enters Intro - Preliminary remarks (abbr.) Intro - First album track, perhaps Intro - Many a frosh course Intro - Up-front material Intro - Song part before the opening line Intro - “101” course Intro - Song's opening bars Intro - Emcee's duty Intro - Overture Intro - Prolog Intro - Opening remark Intro - Opening passage Intro - Song starter Intro - Preliminary comment Intro - Performance lead-in Intro - It could be four bars Intro - Short beginning Intro - Opening lines Intro - Emcee's opening remarks Intro - Brief opening statement? Intro - Prefatory words Intro - During a bit of trouble, start the music Intro - In truro, remove the old city for a start Intro - Start coming back in a fortnight Intro - Paint roller covers passage initially Intro - Opening bars, take penny off drink and bar won't close Intro - Keen on involving retailers' leader in opening bars Intro - Paint room - what's first action to be incorporated? Intro - Opening location of the iliad, but not the ending Intro - Passage which opens right into houses Intro - Opening bars (abbr) Intro - (short) section before chapter 1, say Intro - Instrumental part at start of song Intro - Opening instrumental passage of song Intro - First few bars of music Intro - First bars of a musical composition Intro - 101 course, typically Intro - Opening words, for short Intro - First lines Intro - Beginning bars Intro - Musical beginning Intro - Brief opening Intro - A brief account of nitro liquid Intro - Part of the front matter Intro - Initiation into nitro liquid Intro - Deeply involved with capturing rook in opening Intro - Speech starter Intro - Preface, briefly Intro - "in this corner ..." begins one Intro - Type of opening Intro - Emcee's speech Intro - Short track to start an album, perhaps Intro - Prologue, for short Intro - Keynote preceder Intro - Prelude, for short Intro - Opening bars to a piece of popular music Intro - A short musical overture Intro - Emcee's opening words Intro - Starting bars Intro - Cue for a singer Intro - First bars of a piece of popular music Intro - Opening (abbr.) Intro - 101 course, briefly Intro - Conclusion's opposite (abbr.) Intro - New trio flounders in opening passage Intro - I may gain control, having shaken off depression, for a start Intro - Opening passage in prayer left by italian Intro - Part of piece giving chopin trouble to some extent Intro - Enthusiastic about right to be introduced - it's a start Intro - Opening section is not the raciest of openings Intro - Opening paint-roller, removing packaging Intro - Very keen about capturing right start to a piece Intro - Opening passage (of music) (colloq.) Intro - Early music piece? it's not the right one, initially Intro - Opening bars is not that risky - only initially Intro - Preliminary section; it's not at the end of the anthem Intro - Short prelude certain troubadours pen Intro - Interested in gripping reading, say - this may get one started Intro - Beginning where the wooden horse was not unknown Intro - Beginning (colloq.) Intro - Preliminary section (of music) (colloq.) Intro - Opening benefit cheque heading off to deposit account of jesus Intro - Preliminary section Intro - Keen on inserting right preface Intro - Passage in borodin trombone part Intro - What starts improvised nonstop trad? right on Intro - Beginning (informal) Intro - W h at may be opening shortly? Intro - First section (of piece of music) Intro - The start - literally, of Intro - Opening box with tons inside Intro - Start! - one's torn off Intro - Where king priam came to an end, not finishing overture Intro - Opening of number covered by funky trio? Intro - Beginning Intro - Only some fortnightly returns? it's a start Intro - Heading for interior across river, for a start Intro - Portion of plain trout used as a starter Intro - Opening fortnightly set back stores Intro - Up against rook in this opening Intro - Some mountain troops opening passage Intro - Ravel trio including new opening Intro - Opening section Intro - Start batting and almost get a run Intro - Joint, rolled then trimmed for a start Intro - First class Intro - Emcee's task, for short Intro - Task for 5 across Intro - Opens irish national theatre revival in the middle of the importance of being earnest with short preface Intro - Emcee's assignment Intro - Church anthem - it's lacking jazzy element Intro - Digging around river's opening? Intro - Instrumental lead-in Intro - Opening passage, it was left out of anthem Intro - A short preface Intro - It left anthem opening passage Intro - Enthusiastic about monarch opening bars? Intro - First bars of cast iron holding temperature Intro - Short, opening passage in trombone solo Intro - Opening bars of a song Intro - Nitro (anag.) Intro - Opening in resort, nightclub's backed Intro - First bars of wrought iron retaining temperature Intro - Enjoying taking in right song's first part Intro - Start occupying 21 rooms Intro - Opening passage of music Intro - Where wooden horse was placed without end or start of piece Intro - Musical opening Intro - Opening bars the wrong way to fill stockport nightclub Intro - Opening bars is popular with half of troops Intro - Passage opening covered by paint roller Intro - Keen on crossing river -- it's a short passage Intro - Enthusiastic about including mahler's last opening bars Intro - ...keen on catching queen opening Intro - Enthusiastic about accepting river passage at the outset Intro - Trio working around new opening Intro - Opening number covered by jazzy trio Intro - Opening bars of 8? take it away Intro - Church anthem not with it -- jazzy piece wanted Intro - Start to strain? Intro - Opening music Intro - Part of piece using berlin trombone section Intro - 101, say Intro - Toastmaster's opening Intro - Emcee's opening lines Intro - Opening bars from barbarin, trombonist Intro - Opening of main trombone piece Intro - Start of many course titles Intro - Effort nicely back in, opening score Intro - Emcee's specialty Intro - Early karaoke bars Intro - Opening comments Intro - First notes in report nicely written up Intro - Knowledgeable about securing right opening Intro - Brief beginning? Intro - 101 title word Intro - Opening passage (abbr) Intro - Course that might be labeled '101' Intro - It's just for starters Intro - "101" class, for short Intro - Emcee's start, for short Intro - Emcee's lines Intro - First class, for short Intro - Keen on captivating start to rameau prelude Intro - Nailed, for short Intro - Casual opening Intro - Preface, essentially Intro - One set of good books registered to order from the beginning Intro - Not the outro Intro - Beginning of song Intro - It's a start Intro - First remarks Intro - Ace cast with this opening passage could get reaction Intro - What an emcee will provide Intro - Common course for a frosh Intro - It could feature four bars Intro - Prelude written in airport niftily when going north Intro - College freshman's course, often Intro - Opening fortnightly shows up Intro - Emcee's opener Intro - 'snl' host's monologue, e.g Intro - Start Intro - Preliminary measures Intro - Beginner's course Intro - Emcee's ritual Intro - Opening passage, briefly Intro - Brief passage to start a piece of popular music Intro - Song's lead-in Intro - Penning memoir finally, enthusiastic about the first few words Intro - Opening words or bars Intro - "ladies and gentlemen," for one Intro - Word in a "101" course title Intro - Opening notes Intro - Opposite of a conclusion, briefly Intro - Captivated by paint, rothko's beginning Intro - Speech opener Intro - Keen on covering queen's opening bars? Intro - First part of a song Intro - Award show opener Intro - Starting words, for short
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