Intake - Food

Word by letter:
  • Intake - Letter on I
  • 1 - st. word I
  • 2 - st. word N
  • 3 - st. word T
  • 4 - st. word A
  • 5 - st. word K
  • 6 - st. word E

All questions by word:
Intake - (quantity of) new students accepted by school Intake - A k is there, but never 19 across Intake - Accepted quantity Intake - Accepting thanks, marked incomplete batch of students Intake - After ruling, obtain new recruits Intake - Air inlet of jet engine Intake - Air, to a jet engine Intake - Amount absorbed Intake - Amount consumed Intake - Amount eaten Intake - Amount swallowed Intake - Body of new pupils Intake - Channel entrance Intake - Consumed quantity Intake - Consumption Intake - Diet Intake - Dieter's concern Intake - Dietician's concern Intake - Engine part Intake - Engine valve Intake - Entry for air, etc Intake - Exhaust antonym Intake - Exhaust opposite Intake - Exhaust's opposite Intake - Food Intake - Food or air Intake - Fool swapped round new recruits Intake - Fresh pupils maybe showing one new perspective Intake - Fuel opening Intake - Group of new pupils in a school Intake - Group of new students that is absorbing kant in translation Intake - How there's no escape from a k, there Intake - In this entry there's no give Intake - Ingestion Intake - Kind of valve Intake - Kind of valve in a car Intake - Let through misprint -- a keen reader might spot 'absorption' Intake - Modified tank that is circling new recruits Intake - New pupils - vague number - captured in single photograph Intake - New pupils at a school Intake - New recruits Intake - New recruits in army only half eager Intake - New year pupils in remove Intake - Not the output, that is to say, about kant Intake - Number of acceptances as in school Intake - Number of drinks provided by new recruits Intake - Number of people or things accepted or received Intake - One's diet Intake - Outflow's opposite Intake - Passage through which a fluid enters a machine Intake - Pipe opening Intake - Problems at nike with consumption Intake - Quantity consumed Intake - Quantity of food eaten Intake - The opposite of 2 down makes kent a1 Intake - There's a k, it seems, for this sort of draft (6) Intake - There's no escape from tea with one's kin Intake - There's no going out with an ax here Intake - Things or quantity imported Intake - Those joining (for the first time) Intake - Through an opening for a k? Intake - Type of valve Intake - Type of valve or manifold Intake - Valve under the hood Intake - What you eat Intake - What you eat, to a dietitian Intake - What's consumed Intake - What's eaten Intake - What's eaten by new recruits Intake - Where there's a k there's an entry Intake - Where there's no outlet for a weapon for 31 across Intake - __ manifold: engine part Intake - ___ valve (part of an engine)
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