Lascala - It replaced milan's royal ducal theatre

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Lascala - Where 'otello' premiered Lascala - Where renata scotto debuted Lascala - Milan attraction Lascala - House of milan Lascala - Where 'falstaff' debuted, 1893 Lascala - Where verdi's 'otello' premiered Lascala - Milan opera house Lascala - It replaced milan's royal ducal theatre Lascala - A salieri work opened it in 1778 Lascala - Milan opera venue Lascala - Where 'turandot' premiered Lascala - Where "turandot" premiered Lascala - Milan theater Lascala - Italian opening of 1778 Lascala - Venue for seven verdi premieres Lascala - Milan music venue Lascala - Where "madama butterfly" premiered Lascala - Where "falstaff" premiered Lascala - Where 'lucrezia borgia' premiered Lascala - A callas seen in famous milan opera house Lascala - Famous opera house in milan Lascala - A callas may find way to milan's famous opera house Lascala - It opened with 'europa riconosciuta' Lascala - Ideal place for a callas performance? Lascala - Maria getting parts the wrong way round, beginning to astound her fans herein? Lascala - Place in which callas represented norma, ultimately Lascala - Opera house Lascala - Toscanini was its music director in the 1920s Lascala - Opera house in milan Lascala - Milan landmark Lascala - Daniel barenboim's opera house Lascala - Barenboim is its current music director Lascala - Italian opera house Lascala - Where to find callas performing finale of opera Lascala - Here, you may see turandot left as her prince finally fails Lascala - Opera singer swapping parts equally divided a venue Lascala - French writer needing no introduction in los angeles theatre Lascala - Sailor docked west of city where toscanini was musical director Lascala - Milan's opera house Lascala - Milanese opera house Lascala - Callas stirred a famous house Lascala - Where "otello" premiered Lascala - The parisian repeatedly going round south carolina to a famous opera-house! Lascala - Chief opera house in italy, in milan Lascala - Finishes off last call at famous european house Lascala - Callas transformed a famous operatic scene Lascala - Rogue heading to the other side in front of a music venue Lascala - Sailor almost pounds on a music centre Lascala - Callas working on aria's ending in opera house Lascala - Where puccini's 'madama butterfly' premiered Lascala - Where puccini's "turandot" premiered Lascala - Land of the lush borders set originally around theatre Lascala - "otello" premiered there Lascala - Theater originally lit with oil lamps Lascala - Tourist attraction that faces a statue of leonardo da vinci Lascala - Falstaff, maybe, here left drinkers' association imbibing special calories
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