Agave - Tequila plant

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Agave - Mescal ingredient Agave - Source of sisal hemp Agave - Ornamental plant Agave - Tequila source Agave - Century plant Agave - Mojave plant Agave - Yucca's plant family Agave - Mescal source Agave - Desert plant Agave - Pulque source Agave - Tequila plant Agave - Century plant, e.g Agave - Tequila ingredient Agave - Rope fiber source Agave - Pita source Agave - Mexican desert plant Agave - Yucca relative Agave - Its sap becomes tequila Agave - Member of the lily family Agave - Desert growth Agave - Plant used to make mescal Agave - Spiny-leafed plant Agave - Plant with spiny leaves Agave - Spiny-leaved plant Agave - Yucca's kin Agave - Spiny plant Agave - Plant whose sap is used to make tequila Agave - Plant whose juice goes into tequila Agave - Mesoamerican plant Agave - For the present a made this with 11 across in america Agave - How a made a present of this for sisal Agave - A made a present of sisal from this Agave - For the present, a made sisal from it Agave - How a made some sisal for the present Agave - What was donated by a had blooming spikes Agave - Yucca family Agave - Plant used to make tequila Agave - Plant the first of acorns handed over Agave - Presented with a century plant Agave - ___ nectar Agave - Source of some nectar Agave - Sonoran succulent Agave - Article conveyed what goes into making mexican spirit Agave - Patrón source Agave - Spiny-leafed flower Agave - A gifted native growing up in tropical america Agave - Area yielded source of tequila Agave - Spiky succulent Agave - Succulent; daughter of cadmus Agave - Succulent plant Agave - Plant, source of sisal Agave - Tequila finally yielded its source Agave - Succulent Agave - Century plant, for one Agave - Yucca cousin Agave - A cactus Agave - Succulent plant with rosettes of narrow spiny leaves and tall flower spikes Agave - Leader of academy donated a plant Agave - Tropical plant Agave - Bodega finally provided source for tequila Agave - Academy sacrificed the makings of mexican spirit Agave - Sweetener source Agave - A donated tropical plant Agave - American aloe Agave - Tequila's origin Agave - Desert bloomer Agave - Monocot sapped for a sweetener Agave - It's used to make tequila Agave - You can't make tequila without it Agave - Scrubland succulent Agave - Plant used for making tequila Agave - Plant for jose cuervo Agave - __ nectar: sugar substitute Agave - Tequila maker's need Agave - Plant used in tequila production Agave - Nectar source Agave - Desert plant used to make tequila Agave - Base ingredient of tequila
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