Yearned - Did some wishful thinking

Word by letter:
  • Yearned - Letter on Y
  • 1 - st. word Y
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word A
  • 4 - st. word R
  • 5 - st. word N
  • 6 - st. word E
  • 7 - st. word D

All questions by word:
Yearned - Hankered Yearned - Had longings Yearned - Did some wishful thinking Yearned - Thirsted Yearned - Longed Yearned - Longed (for) Yearned - Really hoped to get, with 'for' Yearned - Craved (with "for") Yearned - Pined (for) Yearned - Had a yen Yearned - Pined Yearned - Had a hankering Yearned - After twelve months, ned did long Yearned - Longed to have deserved to have been beheaded Yearned - One so wanted to have twelve months with edward Yearned - You would have been wanting to be about to get some pay Yearned - Did long to have so long with the boy Yearned - Was much in want of twelve months with edward Yearned - Did long for twelve months with edward Yearned - After a time edward got to long Yearned - Longed, hankered Yearned - After twelve months it made him so long Yearned - Longed to be in deanery Yearned - Longed for in deanery Yearned - Wanted so much to have twelve months with edward Yearned - For a time edward longed for his pay at last that he'd worked for Yearned - Had a longing Yearned - Doctors deny ear ached Yearned - Desired for rejection of reject, noted discrimination admitted Yearned - Longed for time to take up study Yearned - Longed for Yearned - Desired - longed (for) Yearned - Ached (for) Yearned - Desired study reversed after a long time Yearned - Engaged in wishful thinking Yearned - Craved Yearned - Longed for the old composer to conduct at the centre Yearned - Yen acquired - had one? Yearned - Felt longing (for something) Yearned - Longed (for something) Yearned - "the child –– to be out of doors" (the old curiosity shop) Yearned - Period keneally's kelly pined Yearned - Was wistful Yearned - Longed to have deanery converted Yearned - For several months edward had a craving Yearned - With listening device installed, refuse backing wanted Yearned - Longed for time to take wildlife refuge over Yearned - After twelve months edmund itched Yearned - Deanery (anag) Yearned - Deanery conversion had been craved Yearned - Longed to have made some money by the end of may Yearned - Wanted time, study having got put back Yearned - Did long renovation of deanery Yearned - Ached Yearned - Had strong urge to repair deanery Yearned - Deanery (anag.) Yearned - Final instalment of pay, deserved and desired Yearned - Had strong desire to restore deanery Yearned - Yankee made money and felt nostalgia Yearned - Did long november come early within accounting period? Yearned - Longed to be scholarly, given new head Yearned - Was lovesick, say Yearned - Did long period of time set back study? Yearned - Desired Yearned - Longed to convert deanery Yearned - Panted Yearned - Desired strongly and persistently Yearned - Pined for salary received in japan?
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