President - "my family is first"

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President - Nicholson role in 'mars attacks!' President - "my family is first" President - Eponymous figure in four state capitals' names President - See 19-across President - Top job President - February honoree President - That's the internationally recognised way to try if one can go on strike, perhaps President - Being at the top, one gets soft living there President - At last he would be living there, right at the top President - The top man may lose his head and be living here President - Chief executive of a republic President - It's soft living for him at the top President - It sounds soft for one living there at the top President - The one at the top is living soft there President - At last there's a living there for the top of 11 down President - One is at the top, living there under the piano President - One's at the top where the living sounds soft President - Head of state has a red instep President - Does one live at the top under the piano? President - A soft living for one at the top President - Head of a republic President - Head of a republic - or a club President - Head, of a republic say President - Head of a republic or club President - Our head of state has a strange red instep President - The elected head of a republic President - Leader i'd put in here President - I'd better be buried by existing head President - Grant, say, a minimal amount to occupant President - I'd put in now for a position in society President - Head at hand keeping the same President - Head of us company - tried pens (anag) President - 2's official title President - Head of state of a republic President - The head of state has a strange red instep President - Head of state has an odd red instep President - See 17-, 24- and 36-across President - Quiet citizen becomes chief executive President - Head of college initially patronising local President - Put forward i'd secured top job President - Quiet person living in lincoln, for example President - Trips need to be well-organised for a top man President - Quiet, living in a place such as cleveland? President - Is one living permanently with power? President - Top person in attendance without identification President - Gift i'd packaged for vip President - A head of state President - Us leader President - American leader President - One whose house number is 1600 President - Commander in chief President - A top man's pride sent crashing President - The man at the top's a quiet lodger President - Bush? occupier's after power President - The leader who might deter spin doctor? President - The chief executive of a republic President - Quiet occupant of the white house? President - Head of state's occupant after power President - Ford, e.g., parking next to dwelling President - Coppers take the inmate to be a vip President - Ford perhaps needs parking by hotel guest President - White house boss President - Title held by the people who lent their names to 17-, 24-, 38- and 49-across President - Leader's turbulent priest found outside study President - Leader's gift including driving licence, say President - Leader kind of tense having stolen passport, say? President - Title for the person named at the ends of 17-, 24-, 40- and 51-across President - Top person now harbouring unconscious mass of primitive energies President - Important person's documentation found in here President - Head of state with an odd red instep President - Identification carried by current leader President - See 21 across
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