Anchorman - "i may interrupt your programming"

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Anchorman - Rather rank? Anchorman - "i may interrupt your programming" Anchorman - Newscast honcho Anchorman - Jim lehrer, for instance Anchorman - He always ends up in the relay race or tug of war Anchorman - With no charm an un­likely broadcaster to get this job Anchorman - Last person in relay race - tv presenter Anchorman - Last runner in a relay race - person presenting a tv show Anchorman - One with breaking news Anchorman - Tv presenter who winds up relay? Anchorman - Crucial participant on a march collapsing before noon Anchorman - Tv_presenter Anchorman - Tv presenter with weight on board? Anchorman - Tv presenter, the one running last in 8 Anchorman - Companion embraced by a fellow presenter Anchorman - Male tv host Anchorman - Maybe last person to run chilly port has staff for a long time? Anchorman - Companion entertained by a french host Anchorman - But his job on programme is to keep things moving Anchorman - Host's charm on recollecting a name Anchorman - Presenter in a 12th-century church near the front Anchorman - Reads the news from cornerstone - it's mostly crazy and to the point! Anchorman - Make stable fellow a tv co-ordinator Anchorman - Newsreader presenting articles about church coming by gold -- millions Anchorman - One broadcasting from a twelfth-century church interior Anchorman - Does he have to be up to get programme under way? Anchorman - He leads speakers on march: an order goes out Anchorman - Tv presenter Anchorman - Tv presenter shows a knight meeting monarch getting excited
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