Eastender - Cockney, for one

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Eastender - Cockney, e.g Eastender - Cockney, for one Eastender - Certain londoner Eastender - From london that's one of them on show on the air Eastender - Leisure reduced by kind of singular soap Eastender - Bow man? they say he's not tough at all! Eastender - A cockney is only a quarter as vulnerable Eastender - A fowler, perhaps, spoiled rene's date Eastender - He has to drop aitches to offer - himself? Eastender - Someone born within the sound of bow bells? Eastender - Citizen english regarded as sympathetic Eastender - In his own words man deceives nurse? Eastender - Possibly pearly king's aim during festival season Eastender - City dweller disturbed deer, carrying a gun Eastender - Festival holds purpose for cockney Eastender - Cockney resented a move Eastender - Tv character's death disrupting holiday period Eastender - Bound to be seen during festival? one pearly queen surely is Eastender - Athlete's back as sore as one from bow, say Eastender - Pearly king's merchandise finally presented as offer Eastender - Butcher perhaps bearing a small present Eastender - Perhaps someone from wapping dispute's conclusion, when requiring tact Eastender - Eg barbara windsor Eastender - Soap character's finale during festival Eastender - One of a number of londoners boxed regularly Eastender - Cockney festival with hidden aim Eastender - Cockney man's caring for the audience Eastender - Unprotected lease confronting warm-hearted cockney Eastender - Londoner's objective during religious festival Eastender - Cockney resented a scuffle Eastender - London resident, he, as kind to drop 'h'? Eastender - Londoner sea-sick on little boat Eastender - Soap person uses close to face, equally soft Eastender - Cockney engaged originally in the role of nurse
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