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Ives - "as i was going to st. ___ " Ives - "blue tail fly" singer Ives - "blue tail fly" singer burl Ives - "central park in the dark" composer Ives - "concord sonata" composer Ives - "the camp meeting" composer Ives - "the unanswered question" composer Ives - "three places in new england" composer Ives - "variations on 'america'" composer Ives - 'a little bitty tear' hit maker, 1962 Ives - 'a little bitty tear' hitmaker, 1962 Ives - 'a little bitty tear' singer Ives - 'a little bitty tear' singer, 1962 Ives - 'as i was going to st. ___ ...' Ives - 'blue tail fly' singer Ives - 'calcium light night' composer Ives - 'calcium light night' composer charles Ives - 'central park in the dark' composer Ives - 'concord sonata' composer Ives - 'concord' composer Ives - 'concord' sonata composer Ives - 'emerson concerto' composer Ives - 'funny way of laughin" singer, 1962 Ives - 'holly jolly christmas' singer Ives - 'o for a thousand tongues' composer Ives - 'riders in the sky' singer, 1949 Ives - 'the celestial country' composer Ives - 'the unanswered question' composer Ives - 'the unanswered question' composer, 1908 Ives - 'three places in new england' composer Ives - 'universe symphony' composer Ives - 'variations on 'america" composer Ives - 'venus in fur' playwright david Ives - Actor burl or composer charles Ives - American composer charles Ives - American composer of lively dances, all but the first recorded Ives - American composer who pioneered in polytonality Ives - American who scored heroin leaves busy places Ives - Andromeda's mother has star quality Ives - Balladeer burl Ives - Best supporting actor winner after buttons Ives - Big daddy player on 1950s broadway Ives - Big daddy portrayer Ives - Big name in lithography Ives - Big name in rural lithography Ives - Burl --, us folk singer 1909-95 Ives - Burl --, us folk singer who won a grammy for 'a little bitty tear' (1961) Ives - Burl of "east of eden" Ives - Burl of ballads Ives - Burl of folk Ives - Burl of song Ives - Burl of stage and song Ives - Burl the "rudolph" singer Ives - Burl who sang about rudolph Ives - Burl who told the story of rudolph Ives - Burl who won an oscar for 'the big country' Ives - Burl with a 1959 oscar Ives - Burly burl Ives - Charles -, american composer Ives - Charles -, american composer (the unanswered question) Ives - Charles -, us composer Ives - Charles ---, us composer Ives - Charles is beheaded Ives - Composer as source of 'oney Ives - Composer championed by copland and bernstein Ives - Composer charles Ives - Composer is beheaded Ives - Composer of emerson, hawthorne, the alcotts and thoreau Ives - Composer of the 1906 'central park in the dark' Ives - Composer of three places in new england, d. 1954 Ives - Composer offers no introductory key Ives - Composer takes the plunge, skipping intro Ives - Composer yields not a note Ives - Comprehensive school's resident composer Ives - Connecticut's state composer Ives - Cornish saint had one half of the ship Ives - Credit on "a home in the wilderness" Ives - Currier and -- Ives - Currier and __ Ives - Currier and __ print Ives - Currier and ___ Ives - Currier cohort Ives - Currier collaborator Ives - Currier colleague Ives - Currier partner Ives - Currier's art partner Ives - Currier's colleague Ives - Currier's companion Ives - Currier's parter in lithography Ives - Currier's partner Ives - Currier's partner in lithography Ives - Currier's partner in printmaking Ives - Currier's printmaking partner Ives - Eeee for the saint of england Ives - Eminent lithographer Ives - First major publisher of board games in the u.s Ives - Folk singer burl Ives - Folk singer participating in live sessions Ives - Folk-singer burl Ives - Folksinger burl Ives - Frederic who invented halftone photoengraving Ives - He played newman's dad in 'cat on a hot tin roof' Ives - He told the story of rudolph Ives - Holy place where painters go for 'oney? Ives - I have a son who is a composer Ives - I have son who composed music? Ives - Iconic lithographer Ives - Important lithographer Ives - Introductory part missing from quintets he composed Ives - Ivettes Ives - James merritt ___, pioneering lithographer Ives - Jimmy crack corn singer Ives - Labiées à fleurs jaunes Ives - Lithograph signer Ives - Lithographer james Ives - Lithographer of americana Ives - Lithography legend Ives - Modernist composer charles Ives - Musician burl or charles Ives - Name on many prints Ives - Noted 19th-century lithographer Ives - Noted americana lithographer Ives - Noted composer charles who, in his lifetime, few even knew Ives - Noted lithographer Ives - One of a noted lithographic pair Ives - One of the "publishers of cheap and popular pictures" Ives - One's south american staff writer Ives - Oscar winner burl Ives - Oscar-winning actor burl ___ Ives - Partner of currier Ives - Printmaking partner of currier Ives - R.l. stevenson book, "st. ___" Ives - Rudolph storyteller Ives - Saint associated with barbara hepworth Ives - Saint in name of a cornish and a cambridgeshire town Ives - Saint is beheaded Ives - Saint of a children's rhyme Ives - Saint of cornwall or cambridgeshire Ives - Saint with polygamous inhabitant could follow 11 Ives - See 1 Ives - Singer and actor burl Ives - Singer burl Ives - St -, cornish resort Ives - St. in a children's rhyme Ives - St. ___ (cornwall resort town) Ives - St. ___ (cornwall resort) Ives - St. ___, cornwall Ives - St. ___, place in a children's rhyme Ives - Surname on "maple sugaring" and" the sleigh race" Ives - Us composer Ives - Us composer into percussive sounds Ives - Us composer, charles Ives - Us composer, d. 1954 - us folk singer, d. 1995 Ives - “central park in the dark” composer
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