Awards - Oscar and obie, for two

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Awards - Oscar and obie Awards - Plaques, maybe Awards - Edgar and hugo, e.g Awards - Medals and trophies, e.g Awards - Cups, at times Awards - Grammys, e.g Awards - Trophies and such Awards - Oscar and obie, for two Awards - Plaques and trophies Awards - Stars and crosses Awards - Some arbitration decisions Awards - 66 across, for example Awards - Bestows Awards - Nna word Awards - Formal honors Awards - Edgar and tony Awards - Tournament wrap-up Awards - Edgar and hugo Awards - Oscars and such Awards - Arbitration decisions Awards - Kind of ceremony Awards - Some ribbons Awards - Oscar and tony Awards - Tony and oscar Awards - Prizes Awards - Tonys, e.g Awards - Obies, e.g Awards - Gives officially as prizes or penalties Awards - The body being religious, cut across and bury it Awards - As being around in the hospital, they may be won Awards - What is in the hospital may be prized Awards - Prizes or honours Awards - How a bit of the hospital has got the prizes Awards - They're won as it's about one place in the hospital Awards - This is where one must be patient with such prizes Awards - They may be won by fighting at first Awards - What's in the hospital's got the prizes Awards - That's what's so sad about the battle decorations Awards - A bit of the hospital is where the prizes go Awards - Atrophy's one of them, perhaps Awards - Prizes for merit or accomplishment Awards - Prizes or merit payments Awards - Symbols of achievement Awards - Confers upon, gives prize Awards - Prizes and trophies Awards - Prizes or tributes Awards - Decisions or prizes Awards - Prizes found in a sad war, strangely Awards - Official prizes or payments Awards - Gives officially as prize Awards - Prizes and presentations Awards - Prizes and honours Awards - Prizes like academy oscars Awards - Prizes and payments given for merit Awards - Prizes like oscars Awards - Payments or prizes given for merit Awards - As it's about to draw up for prizes Awards - Presents them in a hospital is there Awards - A part of the hospital is where the prizes are Awards - As it's about to draw up it gets the prizes Awards - One is in hospital and they are won Awards - A bit of the hospital's for 19 across Awards - Gives as official payment or prize Awards - Conflict in publicity for oscar, tony, etc Awards - Grants a minor point Awards - Open hostility in publicity for tony, oscar etc Awards - Struggle to fill commercial breaks with prizes Awards - Payments - prizes Awards - Trophies and medals Awards - Military medals, e.g Awards - They're always given out at grant's Awards - Obies and oscars Awards - Oscars and tonys Awards - Accolades Awards - Medals and trophies Awards - Emmy, oscar et al Awards - Grants Awards - The prizes put up are attractive when set out Awards - Gives battle, terribly sad about Awards - When the charge is recorded in, gives to Awards - Commercials about conflict medals Awards - Cups and plaques Awards - Honours patients collectively as nurses Awards - Hugo and edgar, e.g Awards - Tony, oscar and emmy Awards - Edgar and hugo, notably Awards - Oscars, e.g Awards - Pulitzers, e.g Awards - Hugo and oscar Awards - Tony and edgar, for two Awards - Big stars have grammy ones Awards - Some are grammys Awards - Tony and oscar, for two Awards - Honours Awards - 13-down and others Awards - It's a drawback with some initial settlements Awards - Damages upcoming attraction in african country Awards - Ribbons, e.g
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